Top 10 Best Printers to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

9. Epson Expression Home XP-330 

Document? Research paper? Voucher? One thing that would be convenient to have at home is a printer. Sure we go to the shop to have something printed, but with Sony, Canon, or Brother releasing great printers, why would we do that?

Owning our own printer not only saves us money but also time and energy. There are several types of printers to choose from, each catering to different needs, so we’ve prepared this guide to make sure you find the right printer.

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How to Choose a Printer in the Philippines – Buying Guide

There’s more to choosing a printer than meets the eye, so read on to better understand.

Choose a Type of Printer Based on What You Plan on Printing

There are two main types of printers that you’re probably familiar with, inkjet and laser printers.

Inkjet Printer for Printing Illustrations and Photographs

Inkjet Printer for Printing Illustrations and Photographs

Inkjet printers are compact and highly versatile home-use printers. It accurately reproduces color when printing pictures or illustrations. Most inkjet printers are affordable, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

But then let’s not forget that you’ll have to purchase ink cartridges for inkjet printers. It won’t cost you a lot in the long run, but if you plan on printing a large volume, then we suggest the double-checking how much the cartridges will cost.

If you don’t plan on printing frequently, we have to warn you that inkjet cartridges tend to dry up if not used. Inkjet printers are recommended for people who often print in small batches. If you don’t plan on using your printer a lot, then a laser printer might be the better option.

Laser Printer for Large Volume Printing

Laser Printer for Large Volume Printing

Laser printers used to only be marketed for offices in the past, but now they’re also available for at-home use. Text or images printed on a laser printer stand better against water too. The main unit is quite big will cost a lot, but they’re ideal to purchase if you need to print in large quantities.

There are two types of laser printers: color and monochrome. Color laser printers can print both colored and black and white documents or pictures, while monochrome ones only print in black and white. So make sure you choose according to your needs.

If you mainly want to print pictures, we suggest getting an inkjet printer as they print better resolution photos. If you’ll be printing a lot of documents and maybe need to print colored images now and then, you might want to invest in both a monochrome laser printer and an inkjet printer.

Choose a Printer With or Without Extra Features

Some printers only print, while others do more. Some printers were specifically designed for printing pictures, while others aren’t. Let’s take a look at what extra features you might need.

Single Function Printer for Printing Only

Single Function Printer for Printing Only

As single function printers on print, these are the cheapest type to purchase. It’s simple and easy to use; plus, it’s considerably smaller than all-in-one printers.

Although no extra features are included, you can still print pictures, illustrations, etc. If you don’t need a scanner, a fax, or a copier, then this is the printer for you.

Print Photos Anywhere with Compact Photo Printers

Print Photos Anywhere with Compact Photo Printers

Photo printers, as you probably already know, print photos. They’re designed in a way that makes it possible for you to print pictures from your phone or camera even without a computer. These printers are usually small and portable, so they can only products postcard-sized 4″x6″ prints.

Multi-Function or All-in-One Printers that Can Copy, Scan, and Fax

All-in-One Printers that Can Copy, Scan, and Fax

All-in-one or multifunction printers can copy, scan, or fax documents. They’re popular because they can do more than print. Some recent models even allow you to print without the use of a computer, which makes them all the more convenient.

These printers tend to be bulky because of how much they can do, but they’re all kind of a space saver since you wouldn’t be needing a separate fax, copier, or scanner. Scanners are also handy in that you can easily save documents as PDF files. We recommend these for people who’ll be needing to do more than just print.

Check What Cartridge the Printer Uses

Printer manufacturers have recently lowered the cost of their units, but let’s not forget about the cartridges, which you’ll have to replace when they run out of ink.

Single Color Cartridge for Easy Replacement

Single Color Cartridge for Easy Replacement

Monochrome printers will only need one cartridge, so you won’t have much of an option. But for color inkjet printers, you’ll need to choose between one that uses a single color cartridge and one that uses separate color cartridges.

Single color cartridges are mainly used for small photo printers, but some regular printers do carry them. They’re easier to replace, but the problem is if one color runs out, you’d have to replace the whole cartridge. This would be a disadvantage for people who print similarly colored documents or photos.

This can cost you more in the long run, but if you’re not planning on using your printer heavily, then single color cartridges would be suitable and less of a hassle, especially for people who dislike having to replace a lot of cartridges.

Cost-Effective Multiple Color Cartridge Printers

Cost-Effective Multiple Color Cartridge Printers

The cartridges for each color are separated for multiple color cartridge printers. These make it more cost-effective since you’ll only have to replace the color that has run out. You also wouldn’t be wasting any ink in the process. These are recommended for people who print large batches in color.

High-Yield Toners for Laser Printers

Toners for Laser Printers

Laser printers, on the other hand, use toners instead of the regular ink cartridge. It costs more, but it can print a whole lot more. This will save you money in the long run.

One more thing you’ll have to replace in laser printers are drum units when it starts to malfunction. Drum units are responsible for holding the image that needs to be printed. So before buying a laser printer please make sure you’ve considered future costs as well.

Compare Cartridge Prices Between Different Brands

Compare Cartridge Prices Between Different Brands

The prices of ink cartridges will differ per manufacturer, so it will be important to compare the prices of cartridges. Manufacturers tend to make cheaper printers require expensive cartridges so be careful.

You’ll also have to check how much the ink cartridge can print. Cheaper ones just might contain less ink, which will cost you more in the end.

Choose the Type of Ink According to What You Want to Print

Printer inks can be divided into two types: dye and pigment. Some printers only support one or the other while others are compatible with both.

Dye Ink for Printing Photographs

Dye Ink for Printing Photographs

Dye inks are water soluble. They’re ideal for printing photographs, as the ink penetrates well into the paper producing vibrant colors and a glossy finish.

However, there is one disadvantage. Dye inks take longer to dry, and they aren’t waterproof, so once your paper gets wet, your print will be ruined. Do take note that while pigment ink dries faster than dye ink, you still need to be careful not to touch both types of ink before allowing them to dry.

Pigment Ink for Clear Document Printing

Wi-Fi Compatible Printing, No Pesky Wires

Pigment ink has large particles and doesn’t penetrate into the paper. It only stays fixed on top of the paper. The advantage is that letters can clearly be printed making them ideal for documents. It also won’t easily dissolve in water, so you won’t have to worry about the letters getting smudged by a highlighter.

Although, when it comes to printing in color, you might be disappointed, as dye inks do much better in this regard. Pigment ink only printers are recommended for people who mainly need a printer for text documents.

Pigment Ink and Dye Ink Compatible Printers for the Best of Both

Pigment Ink and Dye Ink Compatible Printers for the Best of Both

If you’ll be needing to print text documents, colored images, or maybe even image-heavy documents, don’t worry because there are printers that are compatible with both types of ink. You can purchase black pigment ink and colored dye ink for your printer. You won’t have to worry about your photos being dull or your documents getting ruined.

Wi-Fi Compatible Printing, No Need for Cables

Wi-Fi Compatible Printing, No Pesky Wires

Do you tend to move around the house? Do you own a laptop instead of a computer or maybe you have both? Then maybe a Wi-Fi compatible printer is right for you. You won’t need to connect or disconnect wires in order to print, and you’ll be able to move freely around your house.

In case your Wi-Fi starts malfunctioning, don’t worry since you can still opt to connect your computer using a cable to print.

Top 10 Best Printers to Buy Online in the Philippines

Wondering what the best printers are on the market? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best printers you can get online in the Philippines for your perusal.

10. HP Deskjet 1112 Printer

2. HP Deskjet 1112 Printer 

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱1,990

A Simple Compact Printer for Simple Needs

For those of you who don’t really need to scan, copy, or fax documents, this affordable inkjet printer is for you. It can print black and white documents at 7.5ppm and colored ones at 5.5ppm. You’ll only need to purchase two cartridges for this one too, a black and a tri-color one. It saves you the trouble of having to purchase multiple things.

Its paper tray can hold up to 60 sheets, which isn’t a lot, but for people who don’t need to print a lot of things, this is enough. It, however, doesn’t support wireless printing, and you’ll have to purchase a separate USB cable.

9. Epson Expression Home XP-330

9. Epson Expression Home XP-330 

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Price: ₱11,610

Inkjet Printer for Printing High-Resolution Images

This inkjet printer’s high-resolution printing makes up for its not so fast printing. Producing 760 by 1440DPI black and white or colored prints would naturally take some time, right? To be exact it can churn out colored prints at 2.5ppm and black and white ones at 9ppm.

This printer uses instant-dry ink to ensure your prints are smudge, fade, and water resistant. You can also print your pictures wirelessly by connecting to the printer through Wi-Fi Direct which allows you to connect without a router.

8. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

8. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱4,990

Affordable Monochrome Laser Printer

This laser printer is perfect for individuals that work at home or maybe have a lot of school papers to print. It can dish out prints at up to 19ppm. However, it can’t print on both sides of the paper.

It’s also one of the smallest laser printers in the world, as it occupies a space that’s slightly larger than an A4 paper. You can also easily connect to Wi-Fi or use the smartphone app to print wirelessly.

7. Epson L6170 3 in 1 Wireless/Duplex with ADF Printer

1. Epson L6170 3 in 1 Wireless/Duplex with ADF Printer

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱14,899

Conveniently Scan or Copy Pages with an Automatic Document Feeder

This heavy-duty printer is small enough to be used at home; it’s just a bit pricey. Although, it does have a few convenient features that might be of interest. You can scan or copy up to 30 sheets with ease just by placing them in its ADF.

It supports Wi-Fi direct which allows you to connect up to 4 devices without the use of a router. It has a refillable ink tank system and low-cost ink bottles, so while the unit may cost a lot, it can save you money in the long run.

6. Canon MG3070S 3 in 1 Wireless Printer

5. Canon MG3070S 3 in 1 Wireless Printer 

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱2,928

All-in-One Inkjet Printer for Your Daily Needs

This all-in-one printer is perfect for people on a budget but still need the features of a copier, a scanner, and a fax machine. It’s not a heavy-duty printer, but it should be enough if you’re only using it for tickets, vouchers, and documents.

This printer also supports wireless printing, but it might be a bit complicated to set up. Sadly, it doesn’t offer duplex printing, so you won’t be able to print on both sides unless you manually flip the page.

5. Epson L4150 3 in 1 Wireless Printer

4. Epson L4150 3 in 1 Wireless Printer

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱10,688

All-in-One Inkjet Printer the Size of Two Shoeboxes

This all-in-one inkjet printer is pretty compact. It’s just around the size of two shoeboxes, but it can scan, copy, and fax. It also churns out black and white draft prints up to 33ppm. Unlike other printers in the market, it’s easy to set up and install.

It also supports high-resolution printing with 5760DPI outputs. It’s also capable of borderless printing up to A4 size. You can print via Wi-Fi, Google cloud print, or the Epson mobile app.

4. HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535

3. HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱5,420

Design Greeting Cards and Calendars with Fun Filter Effects

This all-in-one printer not only allows you to print, scan, and copy but also lets you design greeting cards and calendars with the filters in its application. Its quality printing produces sharp text and vibrant images.

It prints black and white documents at 9.5ppm and colored ones at 6.8ppm. Scanning will take around 20 seconds for a monochrome page and 26 seconds for a 300DPI colored page. You can print via Wi-Fi or through the smartphone app for convenience.

3. Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

6. Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱8,500

Easily Print Photos On-The-Go with This Portable Photo Printer

With the invention of the digital camera and smartphones, printing photos have become less of a need and more of a novelty. But sometimes it’s still nice to see our photos on paper rather than social media. This compact photo printer allows us to do just that–without the hassle.

This portable photo printer allows us to easily connect our cameras, smartphones, or computer so that we can print wirelessly anywhere and anytime. You can buy a separate battery for it, so you wouldn’t need to plug it in. It’s small it can print postcard-sized photos.

2. Brother DCP-L2540DW Wireless Compact Laser Printer

7. Brother DCP-L2540DW Wireless Compact Laser Printer

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱10,450

All-in-One Monochrome Laser Printer Packed with Advanced Features

This all-in-one laser printer can print out black and white documents at 30ppm. Printing speed is also adjustable if you’d prefer quieter but slower printing. It also has a paper tray that can hold up to 250 sheets, so you won’t have to keep on feeding it paper.

Its toner cartridge can also produce up to 2,600 pages. We’re sure it will be a while before you need to buy a new one. You can also save paper with its automatic duplex printing. Not only that but it can scan both sides on a page in one go too!

1. Epson L565 Multi-Function Printer

10. Epson L565 Multi-function Printer 

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱13,688

Low-Cost Printing Recommended for Frequent Usage

This all-in-one printer comes equipped with an ink tank system which allows you to refill as needed with ink bottles instead of the usual cartridges. The main unit might be pricey, but the high-yield ink bottle refills will only cost you around 300 pesos each.

These ink bottles can print up to 7,500 colored pages and 4,500 black and white ones. Printing is also speedy at 33ppm for drafts and 15ppm for colored ones. Other features include wireless printing and an automatic document feeder, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.


Choosing a printer sure is tough, but once you understand your needs, you’ll be able to find the right one. Whether it be a high-end, low-cost, or cost-effective printer, there’s surely one for you.

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