Top 7 Best Kid’s Lunch Boxes to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

2. Zojirushi SL-GH18 Lunch Jar

Making sure your child grows up healthy is easier said than done. It’s almost impossible to keep an eye on our children 24/7, and the least we can do is make sure they’re eating right even at school.

Of course, what we use to pack their lunch is also important. Will the lunch box keep the food warm until lunch? Can it survive being dropped or tossed around by your child? These are just some of the things we need to pay attention to when picking our kid’s lunch box.

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How to Choose a Kid’s Lunch Box in the Philippines – Buying Guide

One of the ways to make sure your child eats healthy is by choosing a lunch box in which you can pack the right meals for them. Let’s take a look at the few factors you need to take note of when choosing a kid’s lunch box.

Choose the Right Sized Lunch Box; Look for Ones with Dividers

Choose the Right Sized Lunch Box; Look for Ones with Dividers

There are a few things to consider when choosing the size of your kid’s lunch box. To figure this out, ask yourself a few questions. How much does your child eat? Does it fit inside their school bag?

Filipinos usually eat at least one main dish and rice, so we recommend getting a lunch box with separate containers or dividers–you wouldn’t want your ulam already getting mixed with your rice, would you?

Lunch box sizes are usually expressed in mL (milliliters), which corresponds to how much volume it can hold. For reference, 1 cup of rice is 250mL, so think about how much your child usually eats or needs to eat and determine what size to get. Also, make sure that it’s not too bulky, so your child also won’t have a hard time carrying it around.

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes are Durable, Plastic Ones are Lightweight

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes are Durable, Plastic Ones are Lightweight

Lunch boxes can be made of stainless steel, plastic, or both. They have their pros and cons, so you can pick one that suits your needs or budget.

Stainless steel is the most durable, but it’s also significantly heavier than plastic. It’s easy to clean and is stain-resistant, so those tomato-based dishes like afritada or caldereta won’t be a problem. However, stainless steel lunch boxes aren’t leakproof, unless they have some kind of silicone sealing. It’s also more expensive than plastic lunch boxes.

Plastic lunch boxes are lightweight and easy to carry around. They’re usually leakproof with a silicone sealing on the cover’s rim. There are also more designs available for plastic lunch boxes, so it’ll be easier to find something your child will love. The problem is plastic isn’t stain-resistant and can be quite flimsy, so we don’t recommend them for children who are rough.

If you do choose to get a plastic lunch box, make sure to check whether or not it’s BPA-free as this is a chemical that can be harmful to the body.

Is the Lunch Box Insulated or Does it Come with an Insulated Bag or Case?

Is the Lunch Box Insulated or Does it Come with an Insulated Bag or Container?

For foods to stay cold or warm until lunchtime, the lunch box will need to have some sort of insulation or come with an insulated bag or container.

Vacuum-insulated lunch boxes will have a double-walled stainless steel construction, but don’t necessarily have to be only made of stainless steel. Some lunch boxes can have a plastic exterior and stainless steel interior.

If you’re familiar with Zojirushi or Tiger, you’ve probably seen their lunch boxes with vacuum-insulated stainless steel jars and plastic food containers. These kinds of lunch boxes can effectively keep your food warm for up to 6 hours.

Another option is those lunch bags which have a foil interior and a foam inner layer to keep your food warm or cold. You can also purchase these separately and are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Although, they aren’t as effective at keeping your food’s temperature.

Top 7 Best Kid’s Lunch Boxes to Buy Online in the Philippines

Now that you know what to look for in a lunch box, let’s check out some of the best ones we could find online.

7. Cartoon Healthy Lunch Box Cute Kids Microwave Boxes

7. Cartoon Healthy Lunch Box Cute Kids Microwave Boxes

View Shopee for more details

Price: ₱235

Super Cute Two-Tiered Bento Box

Your kids are sure to look forward to lunch when their lunch box is this cute! It also comes in four cute designs your child can choose from too. It’s also two-tiered with the top layer divided into 2 sections. However, it wasn’t stated whether or not this lunch box was BPA-free.

Material Plastic BPA-Free
Volume 700mL Leakproof No
Colors Yellow, Black, Blue, Green Insulated No

6. Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

6. Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱287.10

Basic Lunch Container Available in Different Sizes

If you prefer not to have any separate layers or compartments, this lunch box is perfect. It’s simple, plus it can keep your food warm for a few hours. It’s also completely leakproof, so you can also use it for soups or lugaw. Of course, you can purchase more than one container since it comes in different sizes.

Material Stainless Steel, Plastic (Cover) BPA-Free Yes
Volume 350mL, 550mL, 850mL Leakproof Yes
Colors Insulated Yes

5. Multi Layer 1/2/3/4 Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Box

5. 3 Layer Stainless Steel Lunch Box

View Shopee for more details

Price: ₱259

Stackable Lunch Box You Can Customize

If you aren’t sure how much you plan on packing for your child, why not try out this stackable lunch box? You can choose to buy a 1, 2, 3, or 4-tiered lunch box set. Just take note that the bottom layers won’t be leakproof as they won’t have any silicone sealing.

Material Stainless Steel (Interior) BPA-Free
Volume 700mL (1), 1400mL (2), 2100mL (3), 2800mL (4) Leakproof Yes (Cover)
Colors Yellow, Black, Blue, Green Insulated Yes

4. Slique Lunch Box Set

4. Slique Lunch Box Set

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱699

Affordable Insulated Lunch Jar

Insulated lunch jars can be quite expensive, especially if they’re from a well-known brand, but this one is quite affordable despite having vacuum insulation. It may look small at first, but each of those containers can actually hold up 700mL of food each! It also has a built-in handle, so it can easily be carried to school.

Material Stainless Steel (Jar), Plastic (Containers) BPA-Free
Volume 1.4L Leakproof Yes (Jar)
Colors Yellow, Black, Blue, Green Insulated Yes

3. YUMBOX MiniSnack

3. YUMBOX MiniSnack

View Lazada for more details

Price: ₱1,090

Perfect Lunch Box for Sandwiches and Snacks or Ulam that Needs Sauce

This lunch box has an ingenious design. Its three compartments are separately sealed off with just one cover! It also has a small compartment just for sauces. You can pack sandwiches and fries, veggie sticks and mayo, even rice and pork chops–the possibilities are almost endless. What’s more; it’s easy to use and clean as the main compartment is detachable.

Material Plastic BPA-Free Yes
Volume Leakproof Yes
Colors Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Red Insulated Yes

2. Zojirushi SL-GH18 Lunch Jar

2. Zojirushi SL-GH18 Lunch Jar

View Shopee for more details

View Zojirushi for more details

Price: ₱2,112

Heavy-Duty Insulated Lunch Jar with a Built-in Strap

This lunch jar actually doesn’t need a bag for it since it has a strap directly attached to it! Also, you won’t have to worry even if your child accidentally drops this because the jar is made of durable 18/8 grade stainless steel. Just make sure to seal everything tightly to make sure the food stays warm until lunchtime.

Material Stainless Steel (Jar), Plastic (Containers) BPA-Free Yes
Volume 590mL (Rice), 400mL (Side dish), 280mL (Soup) Leakproof Yes (Jar)
Colors Insulated Yes (Jar)

1. TIGER Lunch Jar LWR-A072 PG

View Lazada for more details

View Tiger for more details

Price: ₱3,150

Durable and Compact Lunch Jar that Comes with a Free Bag

This lunch jar can keep your food warm for up to 6 hours. It’s more compact compared to our item at #2 and is suitable for children with smaller appetites. Although, it does come in a bigger size that includes a soup jar in case you want to pack more food. It also comes with a free bag that has enough space to fit a slim thermos or water bottle.

Material Stainless Steel (Jar), Plastic (Containers) BPA-Free Yes
Volume 320mL (Rice), 230mL (Side dish), 210mL (Soup) Leakproof Yes (Jar)
Colors Pink, Champagne Gold Insulated Yes (Jar)


Which lunch box you use for your child’s meals is almost as important as what they eat. We hope you can keep our tips in mind the next time you shop for your kid’s lunch box.

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