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Top 10 Best Indoor Plants in the Philippines 2021

Plants have been an enormous part of our yards and gardens. We have always been taught even in our school years that they help filter toxins in the air and give out oxygen. Together with the fast rise of the tech industry, issues regarding environmental preservation, agriculture, and human health emerged as well.

This is why a lot of groups advocate for greener technology and indoor plants are starting to become hit across the globe. Indoor plants are also starting a buzz in the country for homes and office spaces as well. They are more than just decorations, they have other benefits as well. This article intends to guide you and recommend great indoor plants that you can shop online.

  • Last updated: 04-08-2021
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Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are well-received because of the good things they give us. They are not only used in homes but also in schools, offices, and hospitals. Several scientific studies have also proposed that having indoor plants have a physiological and psychological effect on humans and animals. Here are some benefits:

Boost Mood, Productivity, Concentration and Creativity

Boost Mood, Productivity, Concentration and Creativity

Sometimes when our mood is not so great, we feel restless. Our concentration starts to fade away and our creative juices do not come out. But as we look around, plants catch our attention and make us feel relaxed. It is highly recommended to look at green objects such as plants to relax your eyes and mind after an hour of working or looking at computer screens.

Plants help rerun our imagination once again and be more active to finish our work or task. Studies also show that greenery in the office boosts productivity by 6% and can increase employees’ well-being by 15%.

Clean Indoor Air

Clean Indoor Air

Formaldehydes are pollutants from wood materials such as furniture, floorings, and other building materials. Benzenes can be found in nail polish, paint strippers, cleaning products, and adhesives such as glues. Microbes can come from anywhere in the house. These, in one way or another, affect our homes and our health.

Indoor plants absorb these harmful toxins so placing them indoors would help us breathe fresher air. In some hospitals, they are also placing indoor plants in patients’ rooms to hasten their recovery. Three to six plants are enough to absorb such toxins in a room.

Add Life to Rooms

Add Life to Rooms

It is commonly taught in our Art Appreciation classes that green is the color of life – as depicted by plants. Evergreen pine trees are decorated during winter because it can thrive during the cold weather maintaining its green color – bringing life to what is supposed to be a gloomy season.

No wonder, Christmas and Mardi Gras include green as one of the color motifs of the celebration. So ornamenting plants inside rooms of any establishment brings life and beauty. Indoor plants are also helping reduce noise levels hence, there is an increase in privacy and promoting a sterile environment.

Flavoring and Healing

Flavoring and Healing

Indoor plants can be a source of culinary ingredients. Some indoor herbs can be used for food flavoring in steaks and desserts – basil, chives, peppermint.

Some serve as natural home remedies too! They are used as natural medicines for colds, cough, sore throat, and the like.

How to Choose an Indoor Plant - Buying Guide

Not all plants can survive indoors. Here are the things to consider when choosing an indoor plant that will thrive. 

Inspect the Foliage and Leaves

Inspect the Foliage and Leaves

Green and good-shaped leaves indicate healthy plants. Check for any sign of plant disease such as brown or yellowish spots and insect bite marks or holes. Overly shiny or polished leaves are also a red flag because these plants may contain chemicals or fertilizers.

It is also recommended to purchase with new buds of leaves or flowers because they are healthier. Asking the seller would be great to avoid hassles of returns if you are not satisfied.

Consider the Space Where You Will Put the Plants

Consider the Space Where You Will Put the Plants

Space must be carefully considered because you do not want a plant that is too big for your room. It will create more inconvenience than comfort. Space will be a determinant of the number of plants you will place especially if you are after for filtering toxins.

The light amount is also a factor because some plants even indoors would still need a ray of sunshine. Check the room if there would be spots for sun exposure – bright, low, or direct sunlight.

Research for Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Research for Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

For beginners of indoor plant gardening, it is highly recommended to start with low maintenance indoor plants like aloe vera and peace lily

These indoor plants would need low to moderate light and watering frequency would not be often. Depending on the light exposure, research on the right plant suitable for the room. Along with light, water is also essential in their photosynthesis to produce more oxygen.

Some plants can thrive even with once-a-month watering. These are also recommended for plant lovers but are not a green thumb or no time to water due to your hectic schedule. Make sure to choose plants that you can maintain the schedule of bringing them out under sunshine and watering them for a “recharge”.

Choose According to Your Purpose and Interest

Choose According to Your Purpose and Interest

It would be a good idea to have indoor plants that are multi-purpose and suit your interest. Choose culinary herbs if you are into cooking – you will save a lot of money from herbs bought from stores such as parsley and mint. Purchase flowering plants if you are into home designs – they are naturally beautiful like the peace lily.

There are also indoor plants that can shoo away mosquitoes and other harmful insects – e.g. citronella. Choose medicinal plants if you want to have first aids or natural home remedies – e.g. aloe vera. With all these interests, make sure to consider the health benefits you will receive.

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants in the Philippines

Here are our top recommended indoor plants that you can buy online.

**Prices may vary depending on the website and their campaign period**


Echeveria Green Abalone Succulent

From ₱200

Scientific NameEcheveria Crassulaceae
Light Exposure3 hours direct sun
Watering Frequency1x / week
Soil MoistureSandy
Scientific NameSpathiphyllum wallisii
Light ExposureLow - Medium Indirect Sunlight
Watering Frequency2x / week
Soil Moisturewell-aerated, all-purpose soil
Scientific NamePetroselinum Crispum
Light Exposure5 hours of Direct Sunlight
Watering Frequency2x - 3x / Week
Soil MoistureMoist, Rich soil
Scientific NameChlorophytum Comosum
Light ExposureBright Light
Watering Frequency1x / Week
Soil MoistureWell-drained soil
Scientific NameMentha Spicata (Spearmint), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint)
Light ExposureDirect Sunlight
Watering FrequencyDaily
Soil MoistureHumid soil
Scientific NameDracaena Trifasciata
Light ExposureLow Light
Watering Frequency2x - 8x / Week
Soil MoistureWell-Drained Soil

Rubber Bush

From ₱3,500

Scientific NameFicus elastica
Light ExposureMedium - Bright Indirect Light
Watering Frequency2x - 3x / Week
Soil MoistureWell-drained Soil
Scientific NamePachira Aquatica
Light ExposureDirect Sunlight or Partial Shade
Watering Frequency2x - 3x / Week
Soil MoistureSandy, Peat-moss-based soil
Scientific NameAloe Barbadensis Miller
Light ExposureLight Shade of Sunlight
Watering Frequency1x / Week
Soil MoistureSandy or Gravelly soil

Neon Pothos

From ₱299

Scientific NameEpipnemnum aereum neon
Light ExposureMedium - Low Light
Watering Frequency5x / Week
Soil MoistureWell-draining potting soil

Compare the Best Indoor Plants

Echeveria Green Abalone Succulent 1

Peace Lily 1

Parsley 1

Spider Plant 1

Mint 1

Snake Plant 1

Rubber Bush 1

Money Tree 1

Aloe Vera 1

Neon Pothos 1


Echeveria Green Abalone Succulent

Peace Lily


Spider Plant


Snake Plant

Rubber Bush

Money Tree

Aloe Vera

Neon Pothos


The Natural Oxygen Wonder

Peaceful Color for Peace of Mind

A Healthy Garnish

The Superhero Plant Without the Web

Cool for Desserts and Drinks

The Student-Friendly Plant

Adding Gloss Into Your Homes

When Health Is the Real Wealth

The Edible and Medicinal Gel

Air Cleaner and Eye Chiller

Price Starts at₱200₱550₱35₱399₱94₱249₱3,500₱450₱249₱299
Scientific NameEcheveria CrassulaceaeSpathiphyllum wallisiiPetroselinum CrispumChlorophytum ComosumMentha Spicata (Spearmint), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint)Dracaena TrifasciataFicus elasticaPachira AquaticaAloe Barbadensis MillerEpipnemnum aereum neon
Light Exposure3 hours direct sunLow - Medium Indirect Sunlight5 hours of Direct SunlightBright LightDirect SunlightLow LightMedium - Bright Indirect LightDirect Sunlight or Partial ShadeLight Shade of SunlightMedium - Low Light
Watering Frequency1x / week2x / week2x - 3x / Week1x / WeekDaily2x - 8x / Week2x - 3x / Week2x - 3x / Week1x / Week5x / Week
Soil MoistureSandywell-aerated, all-purpose soilMoist, Rich soilWell-drained soilHumid soilWell-Drained SoilWell-drained SoilSandy, Peat-moss-based soilSandy or Gravelly soilWell-draining potting soil

More Stuff for Green Thumbs

More Stuff for Green Thumbs

Here are some articles from our website that would further hype your interests in plants and gardening:


Indoor plants are designed not only for beautification but also for our convenience. They give a taste of nature in the comforts of our homes. It is nice to know that we still have this connection with nature courtesy of these indoor plants. 

While we are getting benefits from them, let us not forget that it is only possible if they are well-taken care of. Right plant choice will help us maintain that calm heart, creative mind, and productive hands.

Author: Roel Pillas Malubay

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