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  5. 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More
  • 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More 1
  • 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More 2
  • 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More 3
  • 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More 4
  • 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More 5

10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in the Philippines 2023 | Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. and More

Discover a new and different world only to find yourself lost in a make-believe reality. Fight formidable opponents to be the best among the rest. Solve mind-boggling puzzles to get the much-coveted prize at the end. Sounds familiar, right?

That is the magic of modern video games. In times like these, where most are home-quarantined, there’s plenty of time to get busy with video games. But before picking up your Nintendo Switch, let’s take a quick look at the games we came up with to take your adventure to another level. But first, you must know how to choose the right game to play.

Last updated 08/19/2022
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How to Choose a Nintendo Switch Game – Buying Guide

Now that you've just recently purchased a Nintendo Switch system for your family, it’s time to choose the games that will be the most enjoyable for them. 

Yet, sometimes it’s hard to determine which are the best games for Switch. Take into consideration the following details before purchasing a game.

① Look for Age-Based Ratings

Look for Age-Based Ratings

All information on age-based ratings is required to be put on the game package to assist parents or guardians to discern which games are appropriate for certain age groups. It’s essential to prevent younger players from immersing into a game with mature content and vulgar language, as not to influence their minds at a tender age.

Typically, the Pan European Game Information in Europe (PEGI) standards, or in the United States, Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings does the regulation. They usually do bans on games that have extremely unsuitable for all ages and have strict guidelines that most video game developers adhere to when creating their content.

② Choose the Game Content That You Want

Choose the Game Content That You Want

When it comes to teens and adults, it’s a different story. Most would want a much-complicated storyline with detailed graphics and challenging missions to keep them entertained for hours. They usually crave for stimulating gameplay that requires problem-solving on role-playing games or combo attacks on fighting games. 

Multi-player games are very fitting for family game nights or cooperative team-playing between siblings. Everyone could join the fun and it’s a good way to develop family bonding.

③ Take Time to Learn About Online Playing

Take Time to Learn About Online Playing

One of the perks of online subscription is the ability to back up your saved games into the cloud in case your unit bogs down and your progresses get erased. But these saves will be automatically removed after six months once your subscription lapses.

Install the Nintendo Switch Online app into a mobile device to chat and communicate with other players, which is available on Android and iOS platforms. But remember to keep the kids in check when talking or chatting with other users while playing online.

④ Opt for a Game That Has Longer Entertainment Value

Opt for a Game That Has Longer Entertainment Value

Gamers nowadays have shorter attention spans so they get bored easily with redundant gameplay. Not only should the game be spectacular in terms of graphics, it should be immersive and glitch-free.

Some games catch one's attention for longer periods because of a great storylines on role-playing games or tons of playable characters in case of fighting games. This way, it remains fresh and enjoyable as the day it was bought. 

Another factor is that it must be replayable with variations each time. For example, if the game was finished the first time and the player wants to have another go, it will be more difficult on the next round to offer some sort of challenge in finishing it on harder mode. This will surely keep them glued to the game for a long time.

10 Best Nintendo Switch Games to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1枚目

A Whimsical Game for City Builders



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1枚目

Brawlers Will Love this Game



Overcooked! 2

Nintendo Overcooked! 2 1枚目

A Great Option for Family Game Night



Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!

Nintendo Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together! 1枚目

A Fun and Enjoyable Game for Kids



Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 1枚目

The Best Game for Adventure-seekers



Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey 1枚目

An Irresistable Must-have for Super Mario Fans


Team Cherry

Hollow Knight

Team Cherry Hollow Knight 1枚目

A Glorious Treat for 2D Platform Lovers



Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 1枚目

The Best Racing Game for All Ages



Pokemon Sword & Shield

Nintendo Pokemon Sword & Shield 1枚目

Pokemon Lovers Will Give This a Thumb's Up



Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure 1枚目

The Perfect Physical Game to Sweat it Out

Product details

NintendoAnimal Crossing: New Horizons

From ₱2,795

A Whimsical Game for City Builders

Escape for a moment into the world of your own making with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You are sent to an island of your choosing, where you are free to make your own new life and more. Start out with just a tent and some tasks to help you create a thriving community as you progress throughout the game. 

You can collect, hunt, fish, and build items to sustain the construction of bigger and better homes for yourself and your animal neighbors. Also, you will learn the economics of island life as you earn and pay your debts in Bells, the currency of the island.

As reviewers have said, this game is highly addictive and will keep you riveted for hours. With it's added option to play online, you can get to visit your friend's island and see what's going on there. It offers endless possibilities on how you want the game to end up and fans of Animal Crossing will surely enjoy this for years.


NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate

From ₱2,690

Brawlers Will Love this Game

Want to see your Nintendo heroes and villains battle it out in the arena? Here's the game you've been waiting for. With over 74 fighters from different games, 108 stages, almost 1300 Spirit characters to collect, and a single-player adventure mode to unlock more fighters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers far more than any of its four predecessors. 

Its more active combat, different items, unique attacks, and new defensive options will keep the battle exploding whether you're at home or on-the-go. The game's abundance of fighters, stages, and modes have taken the fighting genre into another level. Plus, you can get to slug it out with your friends and join live tournaments online. 

The absolute number of options and modes to pick from can keep you and your buddies busy for hours or days. Just don't forget to tackle World of Light to unlock spirits for a much broader choice of characters to use.


NintendoOvercooked! 2

From ₱1,400

A Great Option for Family Game Night

Dive into the world of kitchen madness and chaos with Overcooked! 2. Its gameplay is almost exactly the same as its forerunner, playing as a cook in the kitchen where orders are continuous until you progress onto the next level. 

The gameplay still involves providing meals by cutting ingredients, cooking it, plating them, and serving promptly to maximize points. With over 45 stages which feature a variety of it taking place in magical castles, Japanese restaurants, the street, and even outer space. 

Playing with family or friends is a great way to experience this game. Because of the multiple Joy-Con controllers that Nintendo Switch offers, you could do co-op play through the story mode making it easier with the help of friends. Also, you could play in arcade mode the game randomly choose levels and a versus mode that pits you against other chefs.


NintendoSnipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!

From ₱1,975

A Fun and Enjoyable Game for Kids

Snipperclips is a lovely game perfectly suited to puzzle-solving multiplayer gaming. The game has two characters, who use the form of their bodies to snip each other into the shapes required to solve different puzzles. 

Being given so few instructions prompt you and whoever you’re playing with to think creatively. Experimentation is so satisfying because there no single correct method for solving a puzzle. 

The colors and background are reminiscent of your kindergarten classroom where your basic idea of fun and learning started out. The player characters’ ridiculous facial expressions only add to the silly nature of your tasks as you snip your puzzle solutions. 

Snipperclips is more fun when playing with others, especially with kids. Though everything can be completed in solo-play, the four-player challenges can often be more wearisome than entertaining when snipping solo. Its control scheme is also simple and easy to grasp, so having two built-in controllers with the Joy-Cons makes it an advantage. 


NintendoLegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

From ₱2,200

The Best Game for Adventure-seekers

Unravel a completely different game experience with this addition to the growing variant of Legend of Zelda games. It's a world of discovery and adventure as you travel across fields and mountains peaks to set your own path to find out what has become of the ruined kingdom of Hyrule. 

You get to battle enemies, hunt wild beasts, and solve puzzles as you progress on the game. Climb up towers and mountain peaks in search of shrines where special items could be recovered, that is if you can get past the traps hidden inside. This game is a fantastic experience for gamers. 

Breath of the Wild focuses much more on world exploration and should possibly be one of the first games that you'd buy for your Nintendo Switch. It’s a single-player adventure and you will surely get around 60 - 100 hours of gameplay — and maybe even more if you love to replay games for a different experience.


NintendoSuper Mario Odyssey

From ₱2,495

An Irresistable Must-have for Super Mario Fans

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch with the addition of new concepts and mechanics to a 3D version of well-established series. Its massive, open-world, and gameplay experiences make the exploration worth it. The variation of in-game challenges and puzzles is highly entertaining to superfans and new players of the Super Mario series.

Like the other excellent Mario games, the ending is where the fun begins. Many elements of the entertainment are unlocked after finishing the game. Going back to collect the hundreds of Power Moons you may have missed will keep you fixed on the game for hours and there’s plenty of brand new things to discover. A true masterpiece that every Super Mario fans won't be able to resist.


Team CherryHollow Knight

From ₱2,064

A Glorious Treat for 2D Platform Lovers

If you love 2D adventure games with traditional animation and skillful gameplay, then this will be an absolute treat for you. Journey to the endless and ancient underground kingdom of Hallownest, occupied by a myriad of strange insects and bizarre monsters. 

The hero will need to explore ruined cities, forests of fungus, temples of bone, and other fantastic lands, as he forges his way to uncovering an old mystery. Hollow Knight is not an easy game for the uninitiated, but it’s not super hard to get a good grasp of its gameplay. 

Your hero's death can come quickly during combat, just as fast and as enjoyable it is. The art design, animation, and soundtrack are excellent with lots of different moves and abilities for battling enemies, plus a sprawling in-game world. 


NintendoMario Kart 8 Deluxe

From ₱2,495

The Best Racing Game for All Ages

Nintendo brought this game from the Wii U version to the handheld system where it looks better than expected. You get to choose from 42 Nintendo-themed characters to be your racer, including ones like Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy from Splatoon. Pick from a variety of go-karts and bikes to be raced on colorful, varied tracks also lifted from other Nintendo games. 

The mechanics of driving, drifting, and using items to perplex other players is unchanged from the original Mario Kart 8. The game supports split-screen racing for up to four players on one Switch for local multiplayer. Have races up to eight players with local Wifi, that is if all players have their own Switches. 

An online multiplayer is also an option if you want to compete with your friends in different locations. The best Mario Kart game ever gets even better and its multiplayer modes make it even greater for family game nights or party gaming.


NintendoPokemon Sword & Shield

From ₱2,695

Pokemon Lovers Will Give This a Thumb's Up

Pokemon Sword and Shield succeeded in bringing some new ideas such as stadiums with cheering crowds and the wonders of exploring the Wild Area which redefines the game series. With the addition of new and fantastic Pokemon designs, you still can collect and train on now bigger gyms with challenges to tackle while you improve on the game. 

Then there's Dynamaxing where your Pokemon could get incredibly huge for a few turns when in battle or in gyms. The option to access your Pokémon Boxes anytime you wish even when you’re not in a battle or a gym is available. You can also make a Pokémon remember a move or forget a move.

The Pokemon franchise has been around for almost two decades now and hasn't lost its touch on their newer outings. It's relatively a solid start to usher in the HD generation of Pokémon games for all fans to enjoy.


NintendoRing Fit Adventure

From ₱7,495

The Perfect Physical Game to Sweat it Out

What else could you do during this quarantine is to exercise at home? This game might be the best option to keep you off the couch. 

To play it, you’ll have to buy a physical copy of the game with a bundled Ring-Con. It’s a circular peripheral that you manipulate to complete certain exercises with an adjustable resistance setting in the game. By slotting the right Joy-Con into the ring and the left Joy-Con strapped to your thigh, the Nintendo Switch can correctly sense many of your movements.

The mix of role-playing and exercising makes it a very interactive game because each level is just a few minutes long and you can get in a quick workout any time of the day. The game also supports multiple accounts, so you can have many players in the same family using it. It can track record their efforts and customize the activity to suit their needs. 

Looking for a Good PC Game?

Why not take a break from your work-from-home routine. Have a refreshing one-hour rest from what you’re doing and engage yourself in a game that you’ve been wanting to play for a long time. Below is a link to some of the PC games that will surely transport you someplace without leaving your workstation.


Choosing the right game to play in Nintendo Switch will all depend on your preference and interest. There are hundreds of game genres to choose from and they are all equally good. Whether you love adventure, role-playing, or strategy games, video game developers got you covered. 

In moments like these, where we are on community quarantine because of the pandemic, there's always a family game where everyone could join the fun and enjoy together.

Author: Chafi Lacson

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