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  4. 10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach
  • 10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach 1
  • 10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach 2
  • 10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach 3
  • 10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach 4
  • 10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach 5

10 Best Exercise Mats in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Fitness Coach

Exercise mats are great as stand-alone exercise equipment. They can be used for low-intensity activities such as static bodyweight exercises like isometric push-ups and planks to high-intensity workout sessions. They can also be used for commercial or home gym use.

Exercise mats allow you to have a more comfortable workout by cushioning your knees, elbows, spine, and other body parts. In this article, we discuss the things you should consider before purchasing an exercise mat in our buying guide, fact-checked by fitness coach Michelle Estuar. To narrow down your options, we also made a list of our top exercise mat picks.

Last updated 03/07/2023
Michelle Estuar
Fitness Coach
Michelle Estuar

Michelle Estuar is the Head Coach of one of the indoor cycling studios in Metro Manila. She trains individuals interested in becoming cycling coaches. She also designs and develops programs to meet fitness goals. To add to that, she is a former triathlete, running coach, and ultra-marathoner, and has completed long-distance events such as a 102km run and a 10km open water swim. Michelle is addicted to anything related to sports and fitness as well as diet and nutrition. She has tried (and will keep on trying) the latest trends in diets, apps, equipment, gears, and accessories—she will do anything to stay fit and healthy.

Michelle Estuar's Profile
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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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What's the Difference Between Yoga Mats and Exercise Mats?

What's the Difference Between Yoga Mats and Exercise Mats?

It is important to first differentiate a yoga mat from an exercise mat. There are misconceptions that an exercise mat is interchangeable with a yoga mat, but it is not. Exercise mats will vary depending on the exercises you will perform on them. Pilates workouts, for example, require a surface that your body can slide on.

Exercise mats have low friction and, therefore, a low to medium gripping surface. Bodyweight exercises, static or dynamic, your strength to maintain or execute the movement; this is what separates an exercise mat from a true yoga mat.

Yoga mats, on the other hand, are supposed to be sticky. The surface should have at least a medium grip to allow you to hold different yoga positions. This allows for a progressive and gradual change in your form.

How to Choose an Exercise Mat - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Figure out the size that you need.
  2. Determine the mat thickness your exercises require.
  3. Consider the material it is made from.
  4. Opt for the most portable and convenient mat.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Figure Out the Size That You Need

Figure Out the Size That You Need

The exercises you plan on doing determine the size. Some might require a small area such as yoga or Pilates even bodyweight exercise like glute bridges and burpees. Smaller ones tend to be 180x61cm on average in size forming a rectangular shape, which is the most common size and shape for exercise mats. 

Big ones, those that can have a 243x243cm in total size, are great for plyometrics, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, and crossfit-type movements. Big exercise mats are more often than not interlocking ones and, hence, are sold in packs.

② Determine the Mat Thickness Your Exercises Require

Determine the Mat Thickness Your Exercises Require

There is a big difference in the usage of dense and soft mats. Dense mats are great for high-impact workouts with explosive movements, grappling movements for MMA, and flips for a gymnastics routine. High-density mats are great at absorbing shocks, reducing noise, and protecting the flooring.

Soft mats are great for people who like having a cushioned surface in performing ground-based movements. It might be a mobility stretching routine, pilates, or a simple plank—some people will want more padding than others. Whichever you prefer, make sure that it is thick enough to absorb shock that may damage your knees, ankles, neck, spine, or head.

③ Consider the Material It Is Made From

Consider the Material It Is Made From

The surface is the most important part of an exercise mat. You should consider how sticky you want your mat to be and how much grip it can give you. Most exercise mats will have a rubber base. The base can either be natural or synthetic, which are known for elasticity and flexibility. These provide great foundational padding. 

Foam is the most common material for exercise mats. They can range from soft to firm. Polyurethane foam is a great top layer as it gives the best grip. It is moisture-wicking provides more grip as the surface gets more moist or wet.

Cork is a natural, wood material. It is lightweight and springy, plus it is able to resist bacteria and moisture. It gives a good grip, but it can easily wear and degrade over time since it is made from natural materials. Lastly, Thermoplastic elastomer is essentially synthetic rubber. It is tougher and more protective. Plus, it is moisture-resistant, which makes it more durable than other materials.

④ Opt for the Most Portable and Convenient Mat

Opt for the Most Portable and Convenient Mat

Exercise mats, generally, can be rolled, folded, or stacked. Bigger mats tend to be stacked. For smaller mats, they can have attached or detached straps, so you can carry them to and from places with ease. 

This is why it is important for you to consider how much are you going to be moving around with your exercise mat. If you travel a lot with your mat, opt for a more compact one—a mat that is easily foldable or rollable.

If you plan, however, to keep the mat in your home gym, then you can opt for larger, preferably interlocking mats that do not need constant moving. When choosing the correct size and thickness, always consider when, where, and how often you will use it.

10 Best Exercise Mats to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Extra Thick Exercise Mat

EiderFinch Extra Thick Exercise Mat 1枚目

Great for Newbies and Exercise Program Hoppers



Yoga and Exercise Mat

Ensayo Yoga and Exercise Mat 1枚目

Easy-to-Hang, Locally-Manufactured Exercise Mat


Gym Outdoor Waterproof Rubber Mat

 Gym Outdoor Waterproof Rubber Mat 1枚目

Heavy Duty Mat that Can Take on the Toughest Exercises



Non-Slip Sports Mat

Camel Non-Slip Sports Mat 1枚目

Thick Exercise Mat for Optimal Cushioning



Low Density Large Puzzle Mats

Ensayo Low Density Large Puzzle Mats 1枚目

Extra Large Mats for All Exercises


Extra Thick Gym Flooring

 Extra Thick Gym Flooring 1枚目

Thick, Interlocking Gym Flooring



Cork Yoga Mat

Lixada Cork Yoga Mat 1枚目

Cork Yoga Mat for the Eco-Savvy



Extra Large Shock-Absorbing Exercise Mat

IKU Extra Large Shock-Absorbing Exercise Mat 1枚目

Extra Large Exercise Mat for the Athletes-in-Training


Two-Side Mat for Grip or Slide

 Two-Side Mat for Grip or Slide 1枚目

Environmentally Friendly Dual Surface Mat


Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat

 Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat 1枚目

A Thick yet Soft Exercise Mat

Product details

EiderFinchExtra Thick Exercise Mat

From ₱379

Great for Newbies and Exercise Program Hoppers

This is thicker than the usual exercise mats you would find on the market. It is made from a synthetic rubber called nitrile-butadiene or NBR which is known for its water, but more so its oil-resistance. Therefore, it is long-lasting as it does not allow the seepage of liquids that accelerate the degradation of materials.

This mat has a great compression set. It goes back to its original shape and thickness sometime after use. It has a good grip which middles between a sticky yoga mat and a less grippy Pilates mat.

For its price, it will give you great value for your money. This is excellent for beginners who have the tendency to jump from exercise niche to another.


EnsayoYoga and Exercise Mat

From ₱1,393

Easy-to-Hang, Locally-Manufactured Exercise Mat

The eco-friendly TPE material of both its layers provides you with the best grips, on the floor, and on your skin. It is built as an all-around exercise mat you can use for stretching, core exercises, bodyweight exercises, and plyometric workouts. It is water and sweat-resistant, therefore, cleaning it is as simple as wiping it down after a session.

Its unique reinforced hanging-holes allow you to let it air and dry out completely. It removes the probability of forming creases as you would if you were to hang them on a clothesline which can also damage your exercise mat. This mat is for gym-goers or at-home trainers alike, regardless of your type of training.


Gym Outdoor Waterproof Rubber Mat

From ₱590

Heavy Duty Mat that Can Take on the Toughest Exercises

It is a thick and dense exercise mat that can take on any weight and impact inflicted upon it. It can take heavy barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, even during your most extreme workouts. For its reasonable price, it is extremely durable.

This product is highly recommended for anyone serious about their home workouts. It is built for the high-intensity athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, or crossfitter. It will protect both you and your flooring.

It has an awesome surface grip strength. However, the roughness of the surface might be too much for stretches and crunches.


CamelNon-Slip Sports Mat

From ₱1,031

Thick Exercise Mat for Optimal Cushioning

For the starters, this mat gives optimal cushioning while you accustom your body to floor-based movements. No one likes ending up with bruises after exercising as that may deter you from going into your next exercise session. 

This will give you a well-padded surface to start with, especially if you are only starting out. The simple horizontal line designs on its surface offer medium-level grip strength. Made from NBR, it is resistant to water, oil, and even grease.


EnsayoLow Density Large Puzzle Mats

From ₱4,224

Extra Large Mats for All Exercises

This mat has a very large surface area and is great for people with large spaces. They can be used both as a mat for exercise or mat for protecting your floor from exercise equipment. It is great for general exercise, MMA, aerobics, yoga, Zumba, and more.

Its interlocking tabs allow for a seamless surface preventing shifting on the floor and separation of the mats. An advantage of this mat is that you do not need to set it all in place. One mat is enough for an individual, stationary workout session.


Extra Thick Gym Flooring

From ₱2,670

Thick, Interlocking Gym Flooring

This 6-piece exercise mat can take on heavy and intense workouts. But, it has a surface gentle enough to do your yoga and Pilates exercises. It is great for your Jiu-jitsu and other grappling sessions too.

It has a wide range of use, from low to high-intensity training sessions. As a floor protector, it reduces noise and vibrations if you plan on putting exercise equipment on top of it. It is also water-resistant, making it easy to clean.

This gym flooring is great for home gym beginners as its size is easily adjustable. It allows you to adapt to the currently available space and expand the area when needed.


LixadaCork Yoga Mat

From ₱1,399

Cork Yoga Mat for the Eco-Savvy

This product is great for the green living people who love to be, in one way or another, in-touch with Mother Nature. Corks are harvested sustainably without incurring damage to the trees. This mat is the nature-loving choice to make.

This yoga mat's cork surface is sweat absorbing. So, there are no sweat pools that can cause you to slip. And, it has a TPE bottom that allows for a strong grip; the mat would not shift on the floor while you try to maintain your balance in different positions.


IKUExtra Large Shock-Absorbing Exercise Mat

From ₱6,138

Extra Large Exercise Mat for the Athletes-in-Training

This mat gives you a very large area to exercise in. Being so, it is great for plyometric exercises such as single-leg hops and v-jumps. For combat sports, it is great for circuit training such as combining a core movement, shadowboxing, and rope-skipping, all doable within this mat's area.

This mat is excellent for your commercial gym and your home gym. It combines the portability of smaller-sized mats with the size and durability of bigger exercise mats. It is thick and dense but has a top-layer conducive enough for ground-based stretches and movements.

It is best for individuals who like to move a lot during their training sessions and make use of or combine different exercises into one workout.


Two-Side Mat for Grip or Slide

From ₱659

Environmentally Friendly Dual Surface Mat

This exercise mat is made from a newly-formulated type of thermoplastic elastomer or TPE. This makes the mat environmentally-friendly as it will degrade over time. Do not worry though, it does not mean it will disintegrate under your feet. It will last, but it is formulated to decompose over time.

One side gives you a great grip while the other side lets your limbs and other body parts slide. Hence, it will fit whatever low-intensity exercise you plan on doing, be it Pilates, yoga, or sit-ups.


Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat

From ₱3,639

A Thick yet Soft Exercise Mat

This is great for gymnasts who like to practice their flips or MMA enthusiasts who like to practice on their ground game. This thick foam exercise mat provides an excellent cushion to protect from potential injuries to the head and body, in case you miss a flip or become unnecessarily rough during a takedown.

This mat is not advisable, however, for other forms of exercise such as explosive ones like burpees or ground-based ones like butterfly kicks. For the former, it does not provide rebound making the exercise unnecessarily hard. And for the latter, it will provide too much support, negating the purpose of the exercise.

Add These Equipment to Your Exercise Arsenal

Author: Petre Baliton

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Top 5 Exercise Mats

No. 1EiderFinchExtra Thick Exercise Mat

No. 2EnsayoYoga and Exercise Mat

No. 3Gym Outdoor Waterproof Rubber Mat

No. 4CamelNon-Slip Sports Mat

No. 5EnsayoLow Density Large Puzzle Mats

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