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10 Best Halloween Costumes for Kids in the Philippines 2023

Since Ber months have already started, Halloween is just around the corner. Apart from preparing candies and other sweets, to level up your kids' trick and treat, why not let them dress up as different characters? You can do just that with the use of Halloween costumes for kids.

Choosing the right outfit takes patience. This is why we are here to help. This article will guide you in selecting the perfect Halloween costume for kids and even throw in our top 10 costumes that will genuinely make your kids' or younger relatives' Halloween complete.

Last updated 03/03/2023
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Editorial Team

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How to Choose Halloween Costume for Kids – Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Identify the type of costume your child prefers.
  2. Decide between a solo or group costume.
  3. Make sure it's the right size.
  4. Consider your budget.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Identify the Type of Costume Your Child Prefers

Identify the Type of Costume Your Child Prefers

Depending on your kids' interests and hobbies, they might already have something in mind for their Halloween costume, so consider that as the first step and ask what they like. If they're still unsure, you can research and let them choose from the many costume ideas available online.

Halloween costumes can be scary, funny, cute, or cool. Apart from the design itself, it would help if you also considered the clothing style your kid is comfortable with. This can be a dress, skirt, pants, or a onesie. Putting all that into consideration, it allows you to narrow down costumes and pick the best one.

② Decide Between a Solo or Group Costume

Decide Between a Solo or Group Costume

The fun thing about Halloween is dressing up. As mentioned, there are many costume ideas to choose from, ranging from solo to group costumes; this means you can dress up your child or younger relative into a solo character or dress up with them.  

A solo costume is best if the kids opt to dress by themselves or choose an outfit that can stand alone. However, if the siblings or parents want to dress up, you can find a costume that goes well with each other, matching, complementary costumes, or characters from the same show.

③ Make Sure It's the Right Size

Make Sure It's the Right Size

Shopping online could be difficult, especially when it comes to clothes. The downside is you can't see if it is a perfect fit; you can only base it on the size chart. To avoid sizing mistakes, take measurements of each body part needed for the costume. From that, look at the store's size chart and check the child's closest size.

Also, do not forget to add an allowance for the measurements because it is better to get a costume in a bigger size rather than a smaller one that won't fit at all. It allows you to alter the ensemble if the size is bigger. 

④ Consider Your Budget

Consider Your Budget

Costumes have varying prices, which can go from cheap to expensive. In selecting your costume, determine if the costume comes with add-ons such as wigs, belts, and accessories, which is a good deal because you are buying all you need for the price of one

On the other hand, some costumes only offer the outfit itself without any accessories. It is up to you to determine if the costume is worth the price. It is best to set a budget beforehand to ensure you do not splurge and go overboard on spending.

10 Best Halloween Costumes For Kids to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Superhero Muscle Costumes

 Superhero Muscle Costumes 1枚目

Perfect for Your Little Superhero Fanatic


Sailor Moon Costume

 Sailor Moon Costume 1枚目

Defend the Villains With Your Little One


Pennywise Costume

 Pennywise Costume 1枚目

A Scary Clown Costume Perfect for a Spooky Trick or Treat


Harry Potter Costume

 Harry Potter Costume 1枚目

A Magical Costume for Witch and Wizard Wannabes


Unicorn Dress for Girls

 Unicorn Dress for Girls 1枚目

Let Your Kid Stand Out as a Colorful Unicorn Princess


Mario and Luigi Costume Family Set

 Mario and Luigi Costume Family Set 1枚目

Turn Your Family Into A Nintendo Classic



Vampire Boy's Costume

Lucida Vampire Boy's Costume 1枚目

A Fun and Comical Way to Dress Up on Halloween


Star Wars Rey Costume for Kids

 Star Wars Rey Costume for Kids 1枚目

Guard the Galaxy as A Jedi Knight


Kids Princess Dress Costume

 Kids Princess Dress Costume 1枚目

A Dress That Turns Your Kids Into a Disney Princess


Princess Anna Dress

 Princess Anna Dress 1枚目

Let It Go and Embrace Being a Princess

Product details

Superhero Muscle Costumes

From ₱650

Perfect for Your Little Superhero Fanatic

Every kid has surely dreamt of being a superhero at least once, so this is a perfect costume to suit your kids with. It comes in a wide range of variations, so your child can pick out heroes from the Avengers or Justice League. This can also be a good group costume because they can dress up as different heroes.

The costumes come with masks and other accessories to complete your kid's superhero look. Reviews also mention that the costumes are of good quality, but you have to be careful about the sizing. It does not include shoes, too, so make sure to find one that complements the outfit.


Sailor Moon Costume

From ₱2,850

Defend the Villains With Your Little One

This Sailor Moon costume is ideal for your little girls. Since there are different characters to choose from, they can also choose to dress up with their siblings or friends. Another great thing about this is that it comes with a headband, gloves, high socks, and a choker to finalize the look.

If you feel like dressing up alongside your child, adult sizes are available too! However, it does not come with their respective wig and wands, but it is recommended to purchase them to complete the fashionable superhero ensemble. Plus, you need flashy shoes to go well with the outfit. 


Pennywise Costume

From ₱1,211

A Scary Clown Costume Perfect for a Spooky Trick or Treat

If your child aims to be a scary character this year, then this costume is the one! Pennywise taps into the fears of children, and this costume will surely give others a fright. Transform your child into a scary clown with this costume, which comes in three colors- gold, silver, and light gray. 

You can also choose to purchase the mask to top off this scary look. If you are not fond of the mask, you can experiment with makeup or face paint to encapsulate the killer clown look. Most of the reviews mention how they are satisfied with the costume because of its quality.


Harry Potter Costume

From ₱398

A Magical Costume for Witch and Wizard Wannabes

This Harry Potter costume is perfect for kids who love potions, spells, and all things magical. It comes in different Hogwarts house robes, so your kid can freely choose which house they belong in. Although the only thing included in the outfit is the robe and necktie, the inside outfit can be easily improvised.

All you need is a buttoned-down white shirt, vest, and pants or skirt, plus your wand, and voila, your witch or wizard look is complete. Buyers also highly recommend this costume because the sizes are accurate, which made the outfit perfectly fit their kids.


Unicorn Dress for Girls

From ₱838

Let Your Kid Stand Out as a Colorful Unicorn Princess

If unicorns and rainbows excite your child, this unicorn princess costume is the one! This costume captures the unicorn theme with its soft pastel colors. It also comes with a headband to complete that magical theme. Another great thing about it is that several reviewers say that its quality is excellent for its price.

To elevate the look, you can also decorate your daughter's hair with glittered and colorful accessories to add more flair to the costume. The only thing to remember when buying this costume is that it's best worn with a petticoat to add more volume to the dress and not drag it on the ground.


Mario and Luigi Costume Family Set

From ₱317

Turn Your Family Into A Nintendo Classic

Super Mario Brothers is a popular Nintendo franchise that is well-loved by both kids and adults. With this costume, you can dress your family up in the famous Mario and Luigi combo because it comes in sizes for both kids and adults.

The costume consists of a onesie with pants or a skirt, hat, and signature mustache. You can simply add gloves to conclude the look. Just remember to add allowance when getting one for your child, so it can be easily altered!


LucidaVampire Boy's Costume

From ₱799

A Fun and Comical Way to Dress Up on Halloween

If your kid does not have any preferred character to wear for Halloween, you might want to check this very fun costume. Instead of being cute or scary, it stands very comical as it gives the illusion that the wearer is being hugged or dragged by an alien

With that said, it's the perfect pick if your child is joining Halloween parties! While wearing this, your kid can act as if they're really being dragged by the alien to make the experience more fun. For parents out there, no need to worry, too, as this inflatable suit is lightweight and easy to wear


Star Wars Rey Costume for Kids

From ₱699

Guard the Galaxy as A Jedi Knight

Awaken the force as Rey Skywalker from Star Wars! This costume is ideal for kids who love space, science fiction, or are huge fans of the Star Wars. Its size ranges from small to medium, which can fit kids ages four up to 10 years old. The costume includes a jumpsuit, arm warmers, and a belt.

A lightsaber is not included, but having one will surely make your child a true Jedi Knight. Your family can also join in the fun by dressing up as different Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca and if you have an infant, dress them up as Baby Yoda!


Kids Princess Dress Costume

From ₱440

A Dress That Turns Your Kids Into a Disney Princess

It is safe to say that every girl has dreamt of being a Disney princess at least once. Make your child's fairytale dream come true with this costume! Your child will have an array of dresses to choose from, so they can select their favorite princess. The different characters available can also make it perfect as a group costume.

They can choose from Snow White, Cinderella, Sofia the First, Rapunzel, and Aurora. You can simply complete the costume with a wig, a shiny tiara, and a wand. You'll also love that many reviews mention how their kids love the dress because the outfits look so much like the princesses' dresses.


Princess Anna Dress

From ₱349

Let It Go and Embrace Being a Princess

If your kids have overplayed Frozen and Frozen 2 at home, this costume is perfect for them. Indeed, many kids will think of being Elsa for Halloween, so why not dress up like her sister, Princess Anna? With this, your kid will be unique and still stick with the Frozen theme.

Several reviewers praise this costume for its quality and design, which were not compromised despite its affordable price. However, note that this does not include shoes or accessories, so consider buying to complete the Princess Anna look. Also, learn how to tie your kids' hair just like how it was in the movies to capture the character perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

What Are Some Good Group Costume Ideas?

There are several costumes that are perfect for groups. To give you some ideas, you can dress up as minions with your friends if you want something cute, while you can also choose to be the henchmen on Squid Games with your friends if you want to be on trend. You can also find some ideas on our list above that will let you dress as a group of superheroes or sailor guardians

Where to Get Halloween Costume for Toddler and Baby?

You can find and buy them from local toy stores, while you can browse various E-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee for cheap yet high quality Halloween costumes for your toddlers and babies. 

What Are Some Ideas for Funny Halloween Costumes for 10 Year Olds?

It can be tricky to choose a costume for a 10-year-old kid since it's an age where they usually feel like they're "too old" to dress up like their favorite cartoon characters already. As a solution, you can resort to fun costumes they'll surely enjoy, like the inflatable alien and kid costume on our list above. There are also other fun inflatable costumes they can choose from. 

Spend More Quality Time With Your Kids

Now that more people are choosing to stay home in their free time rather than go out, it's easy to get bored. But thankfully, there are a lot of games and activities you can do at home to strengthen your bond with your kids. Don't know which game to play? These articles will help you out!

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Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Kids

No. 1Superhero Muscle Costumes

No. 2Sailor Moon Costume

No. 3Pennywise Costume

No. 4Harry Potter Costume

No. 5Unicorn Dress for Girls

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