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6 Best Vacuum Sealers in the Philippines 2021

Since most of us are trying to limit our grocery runs during this pandemic, buying in bulk seems like a smart approach. However, it's easy for food to go bad without proper storage, even when placed in the fridge or freezer. If you want to keep your foods fresh for longer, then it's probably a good time to invest in a vacuum sealer.

Vacuum sealers work by creating an airtight seal to prevent meats, fresh produce, and other foods from spoiling fast. But with several models available on the market today, how do you know which one to get? We've made things easier for you by reviewing some of the top-rated vacuum sealers available in the Philippines today.

  • Last updated: 06-07-2021
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Why Use a Vacuum Sealer?

Whether you're a professional chef or an experienced home cook, vacuum sealers offer a wealth of benefits that make them a must-have kitchen tool.

Preserves Food Longer

Preserves Food Longer

Vacuum sealers greatly increase the shelf life of food such as meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, crackers, and more. Vacuum sealers remove oxygen to curb the growth of mold and bacteria, thus preserving food three to five times longer than when stored in traditional plastic bags or containers. 

Exactly how long your food lasts when vacuum sealed boils down to your storage method - whether your items are placed in the freezer, refrigerator, or kitchen pantry.

Retains Freshness and Taste

Retains Freshness and Taste

When vacuum sealed, your food has added protection from outside elements, making them resistant to dehydration and freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when dry air inside your freezer gets into your food, causing discoloration and dryness. 

Vacuum sealers also lock in food's goodness by helping retain their nutrients, flavor, and natural juices. Since vacuum sealers offer an air-tight environment for your food, you can rest easy knowing your food will still taste fresh even after months of storage.

Easy Resealing for Future Consumption

Easy Resealing for Future Consumption

Preserving food with a vacuum sealer can also be handy for leftovers. Having a vacuum sealer in your kitchen helps you quickly seal any leftover food for future consumption instead of simply throwing them into the garbage bin. You can even reseal previously opened food products, such as chips, cookies, and other kinds of packaged snacks. 

How to Choose a Vacuum Sealer - Buying Guide

What should you look for when choosing a vacuum sealer? Here are some tips to bear in mind before making the big purchase.

Pick Between a Chamber or External Vacuum Sealer

Pick Between a Chamber or External Vacuum Sealer

Chamber vacuum sealers have a larger vacuum capacity than external vacuum sealers and contain different suction levels, so they're an excellent choice for frequent sealing of liquids and larger food batches. 

Though typically more expensive than external vacuum devices, chamber sealers offer versatility and better performance, saving you higher costs in the long run. 

Pick Between a Chamber or External Vacuum Sealer

External vacuum sealers are best for those who plan to seal food occasionally and not seal any liquids. Costing less than chamber machines, external vacuum sealers are easy to use and require little maintenance.

If you're only just starting to try vacuum sealing or know you won't need a heavy-duty model, then an external vacuum sealer is for you.

Consider Your Kitchen Space

Consider Your Kitchen Space

When buying a vacuum sealer, take into account the available space in your kitchen. Depending on size, vacuum sealers can take up a lot of space in your countertop, so it's important to know if they will fit before purchasing.

You must also take note as of where you will store your vacuum sealer in between uses. Some machines can be stored vertically or horizontally, and most come with built-in accessory compartments and cord wraps for easier storage.

Choose Which Functions are Important to You

Choose Which Functions are Important to You

Aside from vacuum packing, some machines have built-in roll holders and cutters, while others have antibacterial drip-free trays that catch liquids and food particles that have been extracted during the vacuum process. Most machines also feature hands-free automation for easier and faster packaging without the fuss. 

Before purchasing, you should also consider the size of the food you plan on sealing. Some vacuum sealers can work with sealer bags of up to 15 inches, while some models can only handle less than this size.

6 Best Vacuum Sealers to Buy Online

We've pulled together a list of some of the top vacuum sealers you can buy online. From best-selling models to more affordable picks, these are the best vacuum sealers that will give you the most bang for your buck.

**Prices may vary depending on the website and their campaign period**

TylrVacuum Sealer

2020 Model

From ₱3,995

Features3-step automatic operation
Accessories IncludedRemovable drip tray

EGcellent Life SolutionsCommercial Vacuum Sealer

From ₱13,999.75

FeaturesContinuous operation
Accessories IncludedBuilt-in cutter

AobosiYVS-102 Vacuum Sealer

From ₱2,696.9

Accessories IncludedVacuum hose and seal roll

RonegyeHousehold Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

From ₱2,599

Features3 layers of security
Accessories IncludedSealant strips

XiaomiXianli Vacuum Packing Machine

From ₱3,106

FeaturesThin design for easy storage
Accessories Included10 free storage bags

YongteliHousehold Vacuum Packaging Machine

From ₱1,027.9

FeaturesSimple and compact
Accessories IncludedBuilt-in air exhaust seal

Compare the Best Vacuum Sealers

Tylr Vacuum Sealer  1


EGcellent Life Solutions Commercial Vacuum Sealer 1

EGcellent Life Solutions

Aobosi YVS-102 Vacuum Sealer 1


Ronegye Household Food Vacuum Sealer Machine 1


Xiaomi Xianli Vacuum Packing Machine 1


Yongteli Household Vacuum Packaging Machine 1



Vacuum Sealer

Commercial Vacuum Sealer

YVS-102 Vacuum Sealer

Household Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

Xianli Vacuum Packing Machine

Household Vacuum Packaging Machine


Versatile Vacuum Sealer for Food and Non-Food Items

A Big Investment for Bigger Food Savings

Best for the Budget Conscious

The Vacuum Sealer that Puts a Prime on Safety

The Lean, Mean Food-Saving Machine

The No-Frills Vacuum Sealer for Your Basic Kitchen Needs

Price Starts at₱3,995₱13,999.75₱2,696.9₱2,599₱3,106₱1,027.9
Features3-step automatic operationContinuous operationStain-resistant3 layers of securityThin design for easy storageSimple and compact
Accessories IncludedRemovable drip trayBuilt-in cutterVacuum hose and seal rollSealant strips10 free storage bagsBuilt-in air exhaust seal

Get the Most Out of Your Vacuum Sealer!

Get the Most Out of Your Vacuum Sealer!

Once you've purchased a vacuum sealer, you'll soon realize how it makes cooking and meal prepping a breeze. From storing leftovers in the fridge and ingredients in the pantry, vacuum sealers can seal in food's freshness, flavor, and goodness without the fuss.

While vacuum sealers are generally easy to operate, it's best to remember these tips if you're a newbie user, so you can keep your vacuum sealer in top-top shape and get the best performance out of your machine.

  1.  Use the right vacuum sealer bags. Most vacuum sealers are designed to work only with certain types of plastic pouches, so make sure to get one that is compatible with your vacuum sealer model. Otherwise, your plastic bags may not seal right or could get jammed in the device.
  2. Leave some extra space. When it comes to vacuum sealing, remember not to overfill the bag. Leave at least four inches of space at the top of the bag so you can reseal or make adjustments in case your first seal is unsuccessful.
  3. Protect sharp items before sealing. If you're planning to vacuum seal sharp-edged items such as dried pasta or meats with bones, it's ideal to wrap them with a soft material such as paper kitchen towels to avoid damaging the bag and letting in air unknowingly.
  4. Regularly clean your vacuum sealer. It goes without saying that a key step in properly maintaining your machine is to clean it after every use.
  5. Vacuum sealers deal with different kinds of solid and liquid food that will inevitably leave traces of dirt, oil, and grime. After making sure your machine is unplugged, remove the drip tray and toss out the remaining residue. Then using a damp cloth and a mild detergent, simply wipe over your machine and let it dry thoroughly before your next use.

Other Kitchen Essentials for Easier Cooking at Home

Other Kitchen Essentials for Easier Cooking at Home

In this time of social distancing, most of us have developed new and creative hobbies while stuck at home. Many have found comfort in the kitchen, trying out new recipes, recreating restaurant favorites, and experimenting with the latest food trends. If you're a budding quarantine chef yourself, then feel free to check out our other recommended kitchen essentials:


Vacuum sealers are one of the handiest tools to have in the kitchen. From meat and deli products to fruits and vegetables, vacuum sealers can keep foods fresh from days or weeks to months. Whether you're new to the world of vacuum sealing or looking for an upgrade to your old machine, we hope our recommendations helped you in choosing which vacuum sealer to get for your home.

Author: Marion Angeli Flores

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