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  • 10 Best Stylus Pens in the Philippines 2023 1
  • 10 Best Stylus Pens in the Philippines 2023 2
  • 10 Best Stylus Pens in the Philippines 2023 3
  • 10 Best Stylus Pens in the Philippines 2023 4
  • 10 Best Stylus Pens in the Philippines 2023 5

10 Best Stylus Pens in the Philippines 2023

Tablets, smartphones, and several laptop computers have a touch screen feature to give users options on how they want to manipulate devices. With the current setup of having online work and classes, many would require a digital signature, handwriting, or drawing. And the best solution for this? A reliable stylus pen!

Stylus pens give greater comfort for touch screen users. They give more precise and control than using our bare hands, producing sweat and natural oil that results in low accuracy and the need for constant cleaning of the gadget. In this article, we want to help you choose the best stylus pen for you with our buying guide and recommended products.

Last updated 08/24/2022
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Products or services listed have been independently ranked by the mybest Editorial Team based on the points mentioned in our thoroughly researched buying guide as of 01-16-2023.

How to Choose a Stylus Pen - Buying Guide

Stylus pens are beneficial not only to regular students or employees. Digital artists can optimize them for creating their artworks - more accurate lines, shapes, and figures. They are a great, convenient tool as well for those with orthopedic or motor skill conditions. Here are some considerations in purchasing a stylus pen.

① Pick Between Active or Passive Stylus Pen

Pick Between Active or Passive Stylus Pen

Stylus pens are either active or passive. The main difference between the two is the electronic parts inside the active stylus pens that the passive ones don't have. 

Active stylus pens offer more precision and are highly sensitive to pressure - hence, digital artists prefer them more. They usually look like the Apple Pencil, and some include an eraser mode.

On the other hand, passive stylus pens are dependent on our fingers' electrical charge to interact with the screen, and they have no direct communication with the gadget. They usually have a rounded tip to mimic your fingertips.

② Look at the Compatibility With Your Device's Touchscreen Type and Operating System

Look at the Compatibility With Your Device's Touchscreen Type and Operating System

Touchscreens in devices may be classified as either resistive or capacitive. Capacitive touchscreens are glass layers with conductive material that allow multiple touches and a constant input. More current touchscreen devices have a capacitive glass touchscreen that can respond to gentle taps of both active and passive stylus pens. 

It is likely that the device you have now has a capacitive touchscreen, and most stylus pens available in the market today cater to this type of touchscreen. Meanwhile, resistive touchscreens are a bit dated and made of plastic layers that need consistent pressure to receive user input. They can only accommodate one input at a certain display.

Another thing to consider is if the stylus pen is suitable for the operating system of your device. Several stylus pens are strictly compatible with Windows, Android, or Apple, while others are versatile and can cater to at least 2 operating systems.

③ Select a Stylus Tip According to Your Purpose

Select a Stylus Tip According to Your Purpose

Every stylus tip has a specific function, and it is wise to purchase a stylus pen with a tip that you have to use regularly. For best and optimal usage, choose a multifunctional one, preferably with a replaceable tip, and comes with multiple replacement nibs out of the package.

A round or flat tip simulates almost identically with your finger actions, so it is suitable for the device's normal navigation. For sketches, drawings, or penmanship functions, use the fine tip or nib end stylus pen. There are also various styles of copy brushes for more detailed digital artworks.

④ Consider Comfortable and Durable Stylus Pens

Consider Comfortable and Durable Stylus Pens

Although getting a stylus pen with a durable nib and a sturdy build is advisable, stylus pen tips naturally break down after frequent use. As we said in the previous sections, to save yourself from buying a new pen, invest in one that comes with multiple replacement nibs. This will lengthen the service life of your stylus pen.

Check the product reviews to assess them thoroughly in terms of these two aspects to guarantee an excellent stylus pen. It will make any activity more enjoyable with enhanced output quality.

⑤ Check for Extra Features Like Bluetooth, Laser Pointers, and More

Check for Extra Features Like Bluetooth, Laser Pointers, and More

Giving something extra on top of the regular function is definitely an edge of stylus pens. If you want to connect it to several devices, it must have a Bluetooth feature to coordinate with other gadgets successfully. Keep in mind that these stylus pens would require AA, AAA, or rechargeable batteries to operate. 

In terms of storage, it is vital that stylus pens can be kept and found easily whenever needed. Some have magnets to stick with the device for instant storage; others have a clip for easy tracking of the pen, while the rest includes a hoop to hang.

Laser pointers are another feature that is useful when presenting during meetings or reporting in classes. Others come as pen attachments, which you can use to write on physical paper while its head serves as the stylus pen for tech devices.

10 Best Stylus Pens to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Capacitive Stylus Pen

Baseus Capacitive Stylus Pen 1枚目

A Stylus Pen with Longer Battery Life and Intelligent Power Saving



Pencil 1

Apple Pencil 1 1枚目

Create Excellent Output with Precise Pixel Points



Stylus Touch Pen

Joyroom Stylus Touch Pen 1枚目

An Excellent Tool for Digital Calligraphy and Artwork



Dash 3 Fine Point Stylus Pen

Adonit Dash 3 Fine Point Stylus Pen 1枚目

An Elegant Stylus Pen for Digitally Signing Virtual Documents and More



Active Stylus Pen

Lemonbest Active Stylus Pen 1枚目

A Rechargeable Stylus Pen Suitable to Any Digital Art Application



Universal Stylus Pen

GOOJODOQ Universal Stylus Pen 1枚目

Draw, Write and Paint With Light Strokes



Stylus Pen

ESR Stylus Pen 1枚目

Adapting Professional Stylus Technology for Newer Apple iPads



High Precision Touch Stylus Pen

MicroBang High Precision Touch Stylus Pen 1枚目

Do Any Activity With Sensitivity and Precision



2 in 1 Universal Stylus Touch Pen

Fonken 2 in 1 Universal Stylus Touch Pen 1枚目

Multipurpose Stylus With Removable and Replaceable Tips



4-in-1 Stylus Pen

Kebidumei 4-in-1 Stylus Pen 1枚目

Multipurpose Stylus Pen With an Affordable Price

Product details

BaseusCapacitive Stylus PenACSXB-A0G

From ₱2,499

A Stylus Pen with Longer Battery Life and Intelligent Power Saving

Do you have frequent all-nighters because of the workload in the office or school requirements? Baseus' stylus pen can last up to 18 hours of continuous usage when it is fully charged, so you know it won't let you down when you need it most! It also has an intelligent power-saving feature that shuts down the pen when it has been idle for 5 minutes. 

Enjoy it as soon as you open the package - no connection setup is needed. No issues when your palm touches the screen because it will not be mistakenly recognized as the pen, and with the anti-skid feature, the pen will smoothly follow the hand without accidental slips that may scratch the screen. 

It is an aluminum magnetic pen that you can attach to the device for storage. It highlights compatibility with Apple devices, but it works well with other operating systems as well! If the current nib tip wears out, don't worry! The product is packed with a replacement tip on standby for a quick change.


ApplePencil 11st Gen

From ₱5,890

Create Excellent Output with Precise Pixel Points

Undeniably, Apple is a trusted and reliable brand for manufacturing different tools to improve its loyal users' efficiency and productivity! Besides pressure sensitivity, you can tilt the stylus at certain angles to achieve certain shades, strokes, and artistic effects - a delight to all illustrators and artists.

It uses a pairing technique to detect an Apple device, ready for use instantly. Also, it has a lightning connector that can be connected to another Apple device for charging if a power outlet is not available. The body has a smooth and comfortable grip. For storage, you can attach it to the device since it has a magnetic body.  It also has a magnetic cap to prevent loss. 

The 2nd gen Apple Pencil became available in 2018, and being the latest version, it has more advanced features. However, you would need the most recent iPad models to use that one. We still recommend the older Apple Pencil since you'll have a broader range of options for different devices and a cheaper price tag.


JoyroomStylus Touch PenJR-BP560

From ₱349

An Excellent Tool for Digital Calligraphy and Artwork

Do you love intricately designed artworks such as fashion design and calligraphy? Joyroom stylus is the best fit for you! It has a slim nib and silica gel disc that gives high precision movement and brush strokes to achieve the desired line and figure thickness. 

It is also notably effective for writing notes and playing games - 50% more efficient! It also comes with a spare tip hidden in the body if the currently used tip is damaged. The body is made from magnesium alloy, offering sturdiness and a comfortable grip. It has a magnetic cap for the quick covering of the pen. 

It is a universally compatible pen that can cater to most touchscreen devices with Apple or Android operating systems. Buy now and enjoy a protective glove available as a gift for a limited time only.


AdonitDash 3 Fine Point Stylus Pen095

From ₱3,100

An Elegant Stylus Pen for Digitally Signing Virtual Documents and More

The first time you will see this stylus pen, it really shows elegance in terms of form and color. This Adonit pen features a dainty 1.9 mm fine-tip pen - guaranteeing precision for signing documents and even doing artworks with intricate details like fashion and architectural sketches. It also works well as a highlighter for e-books.

It is lightweight as if you are using an ordinary pen. Its click-and-go feature makes it more convenient because you do not need to set up a connection. It has a clip for easy storage too! Available in black, silver, and bronze, any color will give that professional appeal. 


LemonbestActive Stylus PenDRSXB

From ₱560

A Rechargeable Stylus Pen Suitable to Any Digital Art Application

This stylus from Lemonbest is a delight to all digital artists and certified artsy. It has a superfine elastic tip to draw even the smallest details with accuracy to any touchscreen device. It is made of copper, an excellent conductive material for stylus pens that creates a fast and interactive workspace to produce a digital masterpiece.

The tip also works fine for taking notes - ideal for students, teachers, and field reporters. It comes with a built-in battery that lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use, and the LED indicator will turn red if it needs recharging. Just plug its USB cable into a power bank, outlet, or device to charge for 20 minutes, and you're good to go!


GOOJODOQUniversal Stylus PenCD3236

From ₱756

Draw, Write and Paint With Light Strokes

This universal stylus pen highlights its workability with the common brand of devices in the Philippines - Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Aside from Apple and Android, it can also work with Microsoft-based devices, such as touchscreen laptops! Its smart chip allows using it to different devices immediately.

It has only the fine writing tip, but it does wonders in navigating apps and design architectural structures or artistic sketches in real-time! Its texture is similar to an Apple pencil - safe from scratching your gadget screen. Plus, no worries about being misplaced - it is magnetic, so you can attach it to the device for storage.


ESRStylus Pen

From ₱1,623

Adapting Professional Stylus Technology for Newer Apple iPads

This ESR stylus pen supports a range of Apple iPad products with iOS 12.2 or newer versions. It has a Professional Stylus Technology for precise and real-time writing and app manipulation on your iPad - following the pixel details accurately.

It also has Palm Rejection Technology, so you can relax your hand on the iPad while using the stylus pen without the hassle of having unwanted markings on your work due to your palm contact on the screen. No need for pairing rituals! Open it, and it is ready for use as long as you have a compatible device. 


MicroBangHigh Precision Touch Stylus Pen

From ₱189

Do Any Activity With Sensitivity and Precision

In terms of versatility and portability, the MicroBang stylus pen is a great item! It is compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems and many mobile phones and tablets. Plus, it highlights having three distinct pens in one package, making it multifunctional for any activity.

The precision disc pen gives a high sensitivity touch for an accurate pixel display when drawing. It is bendable up to 180° to paint with ease. It also comes with a sign pen for easy note-taking and digital signing, as well as a rubber point head for app navigation and game console. Buy one and enjoy its different features! 


Fonken2 in 1 Universal Stylus Touch Pen

From ₱148

Multipurpose Stylus With Removable and Replaceable Tips

Be it for editing artworks, checking digital papers, or playing online games, Fonken's touch pen is a reliable tool for any activity you needed to do on a tablet. Both the disc tip and the round tip offer smooth and seamless interaction on any tablet, phone, or laptop without scratching the screen! 

The best part? The tips are removable, and the online store sells replacement tips, sort of a refill ink in sign pens. This metal stylus is weighted but still relatively lightweight. The store also offers a stylus pen glove - ideal for sweaty hands. We recommend getting the one with a clip, but a stylus without a clip is also available.


Kebidumei4-in-1 Stylus PenKER000076-BluO

From ₱82

Multipurpose Stylus Pen With an Affordable Price

Rounding up the list is this 4-in-1 stylus pen that is helpful to any scenario. It has a round tip stylus pen that is compatible with manipulating applications in any touchscreen device or operating system. However, it goes the extra mile with its other three features: ballpen, flashlight, and laser pointer

It includes a ballpoint pen - no need for another pen if you need to write on paper or sticky notes. The LED torch flashlight is crucial for emergencies, such as power interruptions. Meanwhile, the laser pointer is convenient to highlight something in your presentation or report. Just choose your preferred color, and you're ready to take on any activity!

Pair Up the Stylus Pen with an Excellent Tablet

Complete your stylus kit with a tablet! Here are some article reviews of the best tablets available online. It will surely be of great help in your online class, work-from-home, or creating digital artworks!


Stylus pens are now becoming a necessity as technology continues to advance. Buying comfortable, durable, and multifunctional stylus pens is a great investment for office work, school projects, and artistic endeavors and hobbies. Moreover, choose the one with extra features for cost-efficiency.

These items are no longer a luxury but an investment for a better quality of output. We hope that we have offered you great recommendations of stylus pens suited best for your activities. At the end of the day, we have to give our best in everything that we do.

Author: Roel Pillas Malubay

When you purchase products mentioned in the article, part of the sales may be returned to mybest.
The descriptions of each product is referenced from the content available from the manufacturer, e-commerce sites etc.

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