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10 Best Hobby Kits in the Philippines 2023

The ongoing quarantine can be really difficult to deal with, it’s either you have too much time on your hands, or the adjustment for the whole situation is taking a toll on you. If there’s something that we all simultaneously feel, it’s probably boredom and restlessness, and these fleeting feelings can be remedied by picking up a new hobby through the help of hobby kits.

If you’re on a quest for something to do, or you’re stuck working from home, and you need something to relieve your stress, a hobby kit might be the answer. With hobby kits, you can try your hand at different crafts like knitting, jewelry-making, and even painting. We know it can sound overwhelming, so let us provide you a walkthrough by reading our guide and recommendations below!

Last updated 03/03/2023
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Editorial Team

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How to Choose a Hobby Kit - Buying Guide

Choosing a hobby kit corresponds to delving into something new. But when we try something new and encounter mishaps, we tend to get discouraged. To avoid experiencing mishaps with hobby kits, here is a quick rundown of things you should keep in mind before getting your hands on one!

① Consider the Time You’re Willing to Allot to Your New Hobby

Hobby kits can differ from one another in terms of activity duration, there are hobby kits that will eat up a lot of your time while there are also those that you can do bit by bit, whenever you have free time. Diving into a new hobby is a commitment, hence, the hobby kit that you should go for must be aligned with your availability.

Craft-Based Hobby Kits to Fidget With on Your Downtime

Craft-Based Hobby Kits to Fidget With on Your Downtime

If you have a day job that takes up most of your time and you are just seeking an avenue that can help you destress during your downtime, it is better to engage in something that does not take a lot of time to perfect the craft.

Handcraft hobby kits are perfect for busy bees who just want to spend their wee hours relaxing while being productive. These include craft-based activities like needlework, which focus more on repetitive actions that allow you to enter a mindful state.

Diamond painting kits, candle-making kits, weaving kits, and knitting-kits are some of the options you might want to consider. These hobby kits are repetitive in nature, so they can serve as a therapeutic activity that can help you relax after a long day.

Skill-Based Hobby Kits Perfect for Full-Time Hobbyists

Skill-Based Hobby Kits Perfect for Full-Time Hobbyists

If you are looking for an activity to keep you thoroughly busy the whole quarantine, you can always opt for skill-based hobby kits that can help you improve a specific skill. These kits are perfect for those whose purpose in delving into a new activity is to learn or improve a new skill

There are sketching kits, baking kits, calligraphy kits, and other skill-based hobby kits that are widely available on the market to help you unlock that skill you have always postponed honing.

② Go for a Hobby Kit That Is Aligned With Your Interests

Go for a Hobby Kit That Is Aligned With Your Interests

You can also get a hobby kit that is aligned with a skill that you have always wanted to improve. Remember that interest in baking that you had when you were younger? You can rekindle that and actually improve in it, and the first step is getting a baking kit.

Another reason why it is ideal to get a hobby kit that suits your palate is that the more you are interested in something, the more you excel in it. So who knows, maybe you can morph this new hobby into a passion or maybe a business!

③ Ensure That You Will Get a Complete Kit

Ensure That You Will Get a Complete Kit

Another primary factor to consider is the inclusions of the kit itself. Regardless of what hobby kit you’re thinking of getting, you should make sure that it has all the starter tools. If you’re a beginner, you might want to make sure that the kit is suited for a newbie or a budding hobbyist, so it should have everything you will need in one spot.

A starter kit must contain all the equipment, tools, and instruction manuals essential for you to take up a particular activity for the first time. Let’s say you decided to get into embroidery - you wouldn’t want to get into it without having a tapestry needle, a hoop, and threads!

10 Best Hobby Kits to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Hand Embroidery Sampler Kit

 Hand Embroidery Sampler Kit  1枚目

Thread Your Next Masterpiece for Your Home


The Craft Central

Beginner's Calligraphy Kit

The Craft Central  Beginner's Calligraphy Kit 1枚目

Get Your Creativity Flowing Through Your Pen


Baking Pastry Tools Kit

  Baking Pastry Tools Kit 1枚目

Unleash Your Inner Pâtisserie


Basic Candle-Making Kit

 Basic Candle-Making Kit 1枚目

Make Your Home Feel a Little Warmer and Cozier


Crochet Kit

 Crochet Kit  1枚目

Revive the Old School Hobby


Gardening Hand Tools Kit

 Gardening Hand Tools Kit 1枚目

Reconnect With Nature Through Gardening


Do-it-Yourself Jewelry Making Kit

 Do-it-Yourself Jewelry Making Kit  1枚目

Create Your Best #AccessoryOfTheDay Yet


Sketch Kit Set Hobbies & Stationery

 Sketch Kit Set Hobbies & Stationery 1枚目

Sketch Your Worries Away


Diamond Painting Kit

 Diamond Painting Kit 1枚目

Ideal for a Rookie Hobbyist


Paint By Numbers Kit

 Paint By Numbers Kit 1枚目

Turn Your Home Into Louvre

Product details

Hand Embroidery Sampler Kit

From ₱194

Thread Your Next Masterpiece for Your Home

Perfect for those who like creating something tangible, this embroidery kit could be your next favorite therapeutic activity. This embroidery kit is fairly easy to use as it comes with a fabric that contains a directly printed pattern, and you will have to fill in the gaps by sewing along the lines using threads that match the colors according to the instructions.

Even those who only have a few hours to spare in a day can find joy in embroidery because you can create a piece in just a short amount of time, given that the design is not too complicated. Hand-embroidered pieces usually have intricate details that look good even from afar, making them a good interior piece.

Once you’ve mastered these embroidery kits, you can move up to the next level by sewing some patterns on your existing clothes and fabric pieces at home like tablecloths and curtains to give them your personal touch.


The Craft Central Beginner's Calligraphy Kit

From ₱495

Get Your Creativity Flowing Through Your Pen

This hobby kit is suited for those who have a heart for art and some challenges since you will need plenty of practice and patience to learn this. Once you’ve gotten a grasp of it, the ideas are limitless - the finished piece can be used for designing invitations or cards, and if you are into journaling, you can up your bujo gaming with calligraphy. 

This hobby kit is ideal for those who have a lot of time to spare this quarantine and those who want to develop a skill since the nibs and ink that come in the kit can be a little tricky to use, and it might take some time to get accustomed to it.

Calligraphy can also serve as a great outlet when things feel out of control. Drawing all of those loops and applying just the right amount of pressure on the downstrokes force you to slow down, focus, and be mindful.


Baking Pastry Tools Kit

From ₱1,499

Unleash Your Inner Pâtisserie

While going out to pay a visit to our favorite cafes and pastry shops is not an option yet, why not dust your ovens and recreate your favorite red velvet cake from that nearby bakery?

With some free time on your hand and with this baking kit, you can pick up that childhood baking hobby again. This hobby kit consists of 137 pieces of tools or basically everything that you might need while baking. You can even use this hobby kit to get started on that small pastry business that you have been planning. 

Baking can also be a good activity to enhance your precision since it will require you to be accurate and precise when it comes to the methods, measurements, and ingredients that can either break or make your food.


Basic Candle-Making Kit

From ₱1,580

Make Your Home Feel a Little Warmer and Cozier

This candle-making kit is perfect for those looking for an avenue to soothe their minds as craft projects like this are considered useful in washing away stress naturally. You can use the finished candles whenever you're feeling stressed and tense because smelling the soothing fragrances will help calm your nerves and lift your spirits.

With this kit, you can make soy wax and beeswax candles that you can burn to make your home’s atmosphere cozier. Soy and beeswax candles are eco-friendly candles that can help purify indoor air. Both kinds are also all-natural, and they do not produce toxic byproducts. On top of that, both candles have a natural and good aroma.


Revive the Old School Hobby

Contrary to popular belief, crocheting is not just for our lolas and titas, it might be an old school hobby, but even youngsters can be hooked into this activity. This hobby kit is one that you can easily pursue in the comfort of your homes. If you enjoy the feeling of making something useful from scratch, this would be a great activity for you!

Crocheting can allow you to create different apparel from tank tops, sweaters, bags, and even fabric pieces for your home. Aside from that, it is also a very affordable hobby. Once you've invested in your tools, it's just the yarn that you have to repurchase for new projects. 


Reconnect With Nature Through Gardening

Time to flex that green thumb of yours this quarantine and join the plantitas and plantitos craze with this hobby kit that contains all the necessary gardening tools that you will need on your venture to be a plant parent.

Research suggests that being in close proximity with nature can do wonders for one’s well-being, not just physically but mentally as well. It increases pleasant feelings within us and contributes significant benefits to our state of mind. Gardening can also allow you to live healthier, as once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be able to grow your own food too.


Do-it-Yourself Jewelry Making Kit

From ₱749

Create Your Best #AccessoryOfTheDay Yet

With this hobby kit that features jewelry-making, you can create your own custom accessories and flaunt them when it’s safe to go out again or wear them at your next Zoom meeting. 

This hobby kit allows you to make 30 pairs of earrings, more than 15 bracelets, and more than 12 necklaces. Jewelry-making is a hobby that lets you unleash your creativity as it permits you to express yourself through the designs

If you’re also fashion-forward and follow the latest trend, this hobby would sit well with you because it will allow you to wear pieces that only you have. The finished pieces from this kit can also serve as a great present for your loved ones and friends


Sketch Kit Set Hobbies & Stationery

From ₱528

Sketch Your Worries Away

If you’re trying to think of a worthwhile pastime to take up during the stretch of the quarantine, you might want to consider trying your hand at sketching. This kit is ideal for those who have an inclination with arts or those who simply want to observe and channel their creativity. You do not have to be Leonardo da Vinci to try your hand at this hobby kit.

The kit comes with a set of different kinds of pencils that you can use to create traditional drawings or even caricatures. You can use it for your random scribbles and doodles to relieve stress. In this time where everyone relies more on the digital aspect, sketching can be a breath of fresh air.


Diamond Painting Kit

From ₱228

Ideal for a Rookie Hobbyist

If you are looking for a hobby kit that features an activity that does not require any prior experience, then have a go at a diamond painting kit. This hobby kit is suited for beginners who are just starting to experiment with arts and crafts. 

Diamond painting is one of the latest trends in the arts and crafts area. It is an easier version of cross-stitching because instead of stitching, you just stick some diamond resins at a patterned canvas to create a mosaic image. 

A typical kit comes with a canvas with the patterned image of your choice, a drilling pen, a set of resin diamonds, and a wax pad. Diamond painting kits can vary in terms of designs. There are images inspired by pop-culture photos, sceneries, to renaissance pieces, so you will surely find one that will pique your interest.


Paint By Numbers Kit

From ₱382.2

Turn Your Home Into Louvre

Painting is one of the greatest hobbies one can pick up. It does not just improve your creativity but can also help you express your emotions without using words and processing complex feelings.

However, the fundamentals of art can be difficult to learn for some people. Thankfully, there’s a hobby kit that allows you to practice painting even without having previous knowledge about it. Paint by numbers kit is a great starter to painting as it can familiarize you with basic painting methods and mediums.

Similar to the diamond painting kit, it also comes with a patterned canvas that you can simply paint according to instructions. This kit's end product also comes out as pretty as a normal hand-painted piece, making it a good alternative to traditional painting, especially for those who are not too artistically inclined.

Need to Destress? Decorate!

Aside from the hobby kits that people are turning to this quarantine, there are a lot of us who found out that decorating our homes spark joy too! There might not be a hobby kit for that, but you can check out these things that you could use to liven up your homes and destress at the same time!


With the ongoing pandemic and the consecutive typhoons, it has become inevitable for us to be nestled with constant fear and anxiousness. We spend so much time overthinking things that we seem to forget to think about ourselves once in a while.

Just a friendly reminder, though, it’s totally okay to take a step back when it gets too heavy. Permit yourself to find an avenue that can let your mind be at ease. Maybe try picking up a hobby kit that can allow you to take a step back from the chaos of life and indulge in your own little crafty world!

Author: Rica Victoriano

Top 5 Hobby Kits

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No. 2The Craft Central Beginner's Calligraphy Kit

No. 3 Baking Pastry Tools Kit

No. 4Basic Candle-Making Kit

No. 5Crochet Kit

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