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  4. 10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More
  • 10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More 1
  • 10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More 2
  • 10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More 3
  • 10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More 4
  • 10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More 5

10 Best Home Cleaning Services in the Philippines 2023 | Busy Bee, Happy Helpers, Cleaning Lady, and More

A clean and tidy space signifies a happy and cozy home. Since many are working from home, some may not have the luxury of time to tidy up every corner of their living space. Given the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in our country, disinfecting is a must to fight off germs and bacteria. Luckily, home cleaning services can help you reduce the workload. They offer various packages that cater to your home's needs.

These include disinfecting, deep cleaning, and vacuum cleaning, to name a few. To better determine which service is ideal for your home, we've compiled the pointers to consider before booking an appointment. We've also listed our recommendations of the best home cleaning services that will aid you in sanitizing and deodorizing your humble abode.

Last updated 03/04/2023
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Editorial Team

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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Home Cleaning Service - Buying Guide

Although you can easily choose a cleaning service through recommendations from acquaintances, it is better to personally pick a cleaning company that suits your home's needs. Read on our guide to ensure you'll find the most fitting cleaning service that will keep your home germ-free and spotless.

① Know the Available Cleaning Packages

Before scheduling an appointment, determine what services the company offers. If you want to tick all the general cleaning checklists, go for a deep cleaning package. You may also opt for a disinfection service, which some companies have based on the DOH guideline.

Deep Cleaning to Eradicate Deep-Seated Dirt in Every Corner

Deep Cleaning to Eradicate Deep-Seated Dirt in Every Corner

If you want the familiar spots in your home like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room meticulously cleaned, the deep cleaning package will get the job done. This service includes sweeping and vacuuming dirty floors, sanitizing the bathroom, wiping off stubborn dirt, and purifying the air to keep dust mites at bay.

Hence, you can rest easy that it will eliminate even the accumulated specks of dirt. Typically, dust and dirt get trapped on furniture over time. Deep cleaning includes rigorous dusting of pillows, sofa, curtains, and carpets.

What's more, some cleaning services use the Rainbow Cleaning System, which utilizes water to remove dirt and odor. Apart from that, it cleanses the air and reduces allergens, which is perfect for households with asthmatic family members.

Disinfecting Service to Fight 99.9% of Bacteria

Disinfecting Service to Fight 99.9% of Bacteria

It's a common misconception that cleaning and disinfecting are the same. Cleaning is defined as the removal of dirt on surfaces. Meanwhile, disinfecting happens by using cleaning agents that can kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. By fighting microbes, it lowers the risk of further spread of viruses.

According to DOH guidelines under the section about Cleaning and Disinfecting Homes, it is vital to regularly clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces like tables, doorknobs, and countertops using detergent and water. 

Concerning this, cleaning services use antibacterial fogging machines, a natural and non-toxic solution that efficiently eliminates bacteria while improving your home's air quality.

Post-Construction Cleaning for Newly-Built and Renovated Homes

Post-Construction Cleaning for Newly-Built and Renovated Homes

It's thrilling to finally achieve the house of your dreams. After long days of planning and constructing, your dream house can be seen by your own eyes. However, there may be debris, dirt, excess paint, and dust on some surfaces. 

Fortunately, a post-construction cleaning is included in some of the company's service packages to lighten your load. This also reduces the strong odor of paint and meticulous cleaning of glass, doors, and windows.

Steam Cleaning for Household With Kids and Pets

Steam Cleaning for Household With Kids and Pets

If you want to clean your house without chemicals, steam cleaning is a great alternative to achieve a squeaky clean space. This utilizes steam for cleaning, which efficiently cleans the floors and removes dirt. 

Provided that steam cleaning involves heat and moisture, it deodorizes while sanitizing all surfaces. Lastly, steam cleaners can kill trapped dirt on your kids' toys. This is also effective in eliminating the lingering smell of your pet.

② Compare the Rates and Know the Booking Process

Compare the Rates and Know the Booking Process

Home cleaning companies have different ways of charging: by an hour or by room size. On the other hand, some offer a flat rate. For instance, several companies charge based on a room's square meter while others charge 550 pesos for 2 hours. One-hour cleaning service is excellent for a one-bedroom unit, whereas the two-hour service is ideal for two to three bedrooms.

Additional services, such as air sanitation, sofa & mattress shampooing, and kitchen detailing are offered separately. Also, there will be extra charges if an extension is necessary. Meanwhile, if you need a helping hand to clean your space regularly, you can also subscribe to their services. 

You can schedule an appointment for the cleaning service through Facebook, Instagram, mobile number, or their official website. Some companies provide a free quotation after you've filled up their form. 

③ Determine What Cleaning Supplies Will Be Used

Determine What Cleaning Supplies Will Be Used

Households with kids and pets must pick a cleaning product that doesn't contain harsh chemicals. Aside from putting your children's health at risk, it also deteriorates the environment. When booking an appointment, inquire about the cleaning products that they will use to ensure your child's safety.

Some products may contain strong chemicals that trigger allergies and irritation. Go for companies that use eco-friendly cleaning agents. Others use steam cleaning to get rid of lingering dust mites. Also, antibacterial mist treatment is a practical option as it will not harm your kids and pets— it effectively fights bacteria that can cause flu, allergies, and asthma.

④ Take Note of the Serviceable Areas and Transportation Fee

Take Note of the Serviceable Areas and Transportation Fee

Most home cleaning services offer their services to those who live in Metro Manila. These companies mainly cater to people who reside in Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Pasig, Manila, and Taguig. Only a few companies provide services nationwide. 

In line with the transportation fee, some companies include it in the given rate. If you live in nearby provinces, you may need to pay additional transportation fees depending on your location.

10 Best Home Cleaning Services to Book

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

 Busy Bee Cleaning Co. 1枚目

Keep Your Home, Office, and Car Germ-Free


Happy Helpers

 Happy Helpers  1枚目

Reliable Cleaning Service That Uses Water Filtration


Cleaning Lady PH

 Cleaning Lady PH 1枚目

Certified Asthma and Allergy-Friendly Cleaning Service


Clean Zone PH

 Clean Zone PH 1枚目

Stay Protected From Germs for 90 Days

5 1枚目

Excellent Cleaning Service at a Wallet-Friendly Rate


Captain Cleaners

 Captain Cleaners 1枚目

Offers Cleaning Plus Clothes Ironing Services


Lemon Cleaners

 Lemon Cleaners 1枚目

Affordable Deep Cleaning and Virus-Killing Disinfection


Manila Maid

 Manila Maid  1枚目

Organized Home for as Low as 700 Pesos


Rainbow Cleaners

 Rainbow Cleaners 1枚目

Environment-Friendly Cleaning Service


MamaBee Cleaning

 MamaBee Cleaning  1枚目

Offering More Than 30 Services for Every Household

Product details

Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

From ₱1,250

Keep Your Home, Office, and Car Germ-Free

On the quest for a company in the Metro that offers a wide variety of cleaning services? Look no further than Busy Bee Cleaning Co. One of their advocacies is to keep every clients' home clean for a healthier way of life. Specializing in the deep dry-cleaning approach, many local celebrities have raved about the exemplary service of the company. 

They promise to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria with their anti-bacterial mist treatment that includes 360 degrees cleaning. This service is great during these uncertain times, providing that it fights off bacteria that can cause flu, allergies, and asthma.

If you want to fully remove dirt and stains on mattresses and sofas, you may avail of their deep shampooing service. Visit their website or Facebook page for a quotation within the day. Whenever you need a helping hand to instantly tidy up your home, office, or car, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. is one call away. 


Reliable Cleaning Service That Uses Water Filtration

A clean and organized home exudes a warm and inviting space. In case you're on the lookout for a quality cleaning service that will further bring out the warmth of your abode, you can count on Happy Helpers. Their team is professionally trained and service-oriented to guarantee only the best service for your home.

Plus, they offer a number of cleaning packages including deep cleaning, steam cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and disinfection. Particularly, they utilize Hyla Vacuum cleaning that meticulously cleans upholstery through the use of pure water filtration. It also keeps allergens and deep-seated dirt at bay by improving the air quality.

Need help before moving into your new home? They are happy to help clean your newly built or renovated house. You can also make your workplace more welcoming with the aid of their business cleaning services. Finally, Happy Helpers concentrates on producing natural cleaning products. Indeed, dirt and germs are only one wipe away. 


Certified Asthma and Allergy-Friendly Cleaning Service

Another company that received a lot of positive feedback from its customers is Cleaning Lady PH. This company is committed to delivering warm and quality cleaning services for residential houses, establishments, and condominiums. Compared to other companies, they charge per hour of service and 

The deep cleaning package involves the elimination of trapped dust, molds, and other dirt. Plus, they'll efficiently clean your mattresses, pillows, and sofa to make it clean as if they're new. This service is an ideal option for households with family members who are prone to allergies. They provide a quotation on their website based on the estimated square meter. 

They purify the air utilizing a routine that is certified asthma and allergy-friendly. What's best, Cleaning Lady PH uses eco-friendly cleaning products as they aim to sanitize your space in a natural and healthy way.


Stay Protected From Germs for 90 Days

General cleaning and disinfecting are not as easy as 1-2-3. Thankfully, Clean Zone PH takes pride in its highly skilled professionals and latest technology to keep their customers protected from viruses in these uncertain times. Particularly, the company utilizes the world's first anti-microbial coating technology to eliminate microbes, safeguarding your household for 90 days.

Also, they offer budget-friendly virus disinfection, which includes three steps such as misting, wiping, and fogging. According to reviews, Clean Zone PH gets the job done efficiently by cleaning grease traps that prevent fats, oils, and greases from entering main sewers. 

By keeping the grease trap squeaky clean, it banishes unpleasant smells and blockage. Not only Clean Zone PH makes household cleaning much convenient, but they also do the hard work to achieve a clean and sanitized office. 


Excellent Cleaning Service at a Wallet-Friendly Rate

With, you'll get spotless space without breaking your wallet. The company allows you to have your own appointment, ideal for those on the go. Plus, you get to select between their Quick Clean or General Cleaning service

The Quick Clean service which takes about 1.5 hours, includes arranging bed covers and pillows, wiping furniture, vanity area, and appliances, as well as cleaning the floor.  While for households that haven't been cleaned for a long time, opt to choose the General Cleaning option for a more thorough cleaning 

This service covers organizing closets, deep dusting, vacuuming of beds & changing linens, and cleaning the floor. Overall, is a practical option as it provides quality and affordable service, helping you keep your abode in tip-top condition. 


Offers Cleaning Plus Clothes Ironing Services

Captain Cleaners promise to treat your home and office with extra TLC. They present an extensive array of services for every home and office, such as their deep cleaning service, catering to those who are on the lookout for an all-around general cleaning for their home, office, and establishment. 

This includes spot cleaning of the ceiling, and light fixtures, cleaning walls, polishing glass and doors, wiping shelves, cabinets, vacuuming, cleaning appliances, and more. The pricing is based on the square meters of your home. Also, they offer discounts for larger units. 

Book their home and office housekeeping packages for regular cleaning in which you pick your preferred duration and the number of visits per month. Other than that you may also avail the condo cleaning for spaces below 50 sqm and clothes ironing to keep your clothes pristine and perfectly pressed. 


Affordable Deep Cleaning and Virus-Killing Disinfection

Do you have a tight budget yet in need of extra help to do a total rubdown? Fret not because Lemon Cleaners got your back! This cleaning company provides excellent service to any kind of space, available at a budget-friendly price. 

One of their best offers is the Deep Cleaning+Virus Killer Disinfection. It involves meticulous cleaning from ceiling to floors, incorporated with a disinfection routine recommended by the DOH

If you want to get rid of stubborn dirt and marks on the floor, you can rely on Lemon Cleaners as they polish all kinds of floors ranging from wood to concrete floors. Lemon Cleaners first made their service accessible to Taft residents. However, they later expanded their services in Pasay, Taguig, Espana, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City


Organized Home for as Low as 700 Pesos

Given the fast-paced environment in the Metro, many working moms don't have enough time to follow a cleaning schedule. It's no secret that nothing beats relaxing in a clean and orderly place after an exhaustive day. The good news is Manila Maid offers a deep clean service to any kind of home without breaking the bank. The standard cleaning starts at 700

Price may vary depending on the cleaning type and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Regular cleaning is perfect for those who simply need assistance in maintaining the home in pristine shape. Manila Maid does dusting and wiping of all surfaces including electronic devices, mopping floors, and bringing out garbage bins. 

On the other hand, deep cleaning has added tasks such as dusting of light fixtures and vacuuming of carpeted areas and upholstery. This service is a helpful option for those who haven't done a general cleaning for a while. Visit the Manila Maid website for a free quotation!


Environment-Friendly Cleaning Service

Rainbow Cleaners focus on providing efficient green cleaning services through the use of a Rainbow vacuum system and natural cleansers. The Rainbow vacuum system is a water-based home cleaning system that naturally cleans the air whilst eliminating dirt and odor. This also decreases allergens minus the vacuum bags. 

Their Intensive General Cleaning covers thorough cleaning of ceiling and floor as well as removing dust, molds, dust mites, and other compounds trapped in your homes and offices. Moreover, the Post Construction Cleaning eliminates dust from upholstery, lessens the strong smell of paint, and disinfects your space with all-natural cleansers.

If you prefer to disinfect and beautify your room, the Tenancy Cleaning is worth trying out. They steam the bathroom tiles, at the same time, polishes the floor. For families with kids and pets, Rainbow Cleaners are a great choice as they keep your abode sparkling clean in an eco-friendly way. 


MamaBee Cleaning

Offering More Than 30 Services for Every Household

MamaBee is named such for a reason. Just like the meaning of the idiom "busy bees", the company is engaged in delivering quality services for every household, offering more than 30 services to keep your home more inviting to relax in. 

Their workforce is comprised of TESDA certified cleaners to guarantee exemplary service. Priding itself with chemical-free cleaning, the sanitized cleaning service makes every corner of your home squeaky clean with the aid of advanced technologies. 

Other than that, if you feel like the aircon releases less airflow, MamaBee can help you meticulously clean your unit- be it a window or split-type aircon. They also provide Mattress Deep Cleaning to instantly get rid of accumulated dust mites, dirt, and other debris. You can also contact them for carpentry and repair concerns. 

Keep Your Home Germ-Free All the Time

Keep the virus away from your home by rigorously cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. This lowers the risk of infection to keep your family healthy and safe. Check out these links to know more about the best cleaning essentials that you can buy online. 

Author: B. Tan 

Top 5 Home Cleaning Services

No. 1Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

No. 2Happy Helpers

No. 3Cleaning Lady PH

No. 4Clean Zone PH


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