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10 Best Fabric Conditioners in the Philippines 2021 (Downy, Surf, Comfort, and More)

The unpredictable weather can sometimes give you a hard time maximizing the drying of freshly laundered clothes under the sun. It happens especially when the rainy season starts in the last quarter of May up to the next quarter of the year. When your clothes don't dry properly, it makes for a pungent amoy kulob that throws off anyone's style.

If a spin dryer isn't available, using a fabric conditioner is essential for keeping off unwanted smells from your garments, especially when the situation and living space don't allow for outdoor drying. Your fab con doesn't just give a sweet-smelling scent, but it also softens your clothes. For your next laundry session, check out our buying guide and list of the 10 best products! 

  • Last updated: 06-07-2021
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How to Choose a Fabric Conditioner - Buying Guide

Since the advent of fabric conditioner in the ‘60s to alleviate the scratchy feeling of clothes due to harsh detergents, it's become widely used in most households. However, the vast array of fab con brands available makes it hard for most people to choose which works best. This buying guide is here to help you choose the right ones to use for your laundry needs.

Pick a Dermatologically Tested Fabric Conditioner

Pick a Dermatologically Tested Fabric Conditioner

While most fabric conditioners do their purpose of softening the fabric, it is imperative to know if a particular brand has undergone the expert's test. Unlike detergent that gets washed off after a laundry cycle, fabric conditioners linger on fabric fibers to work their magic. 

Most people use this product during the rinsing processes where they work best. Fabric conditioners contain conditioning elements, emulsifiers, and fragrances that may irritate the skin

A dermatologically tested fabric conditioner tells you that it is safe to use for sensitive skin or for those who have skin conditions such as eczema or rashes. With this, you and your loved ones can safely use clothes that have fab con on them.

Choose a Fabric Conditioner Made From Biodegradable Ingredients

Choose a Fabric Conditioner Made From Biodegradable Ingredients

Environmental awareness is getting traction in the modern world and is pushing companies to make more environmentally-friendly products. In the Philippines, where our waterways and nearby open waters are getting polluted with trash and chemicals, biodegradable fabric conditioners help minimize the environmental impact of laundry.

Some brands have created formulas that use nature-derived ingredients rather than chemical ones. With current innovations in production, fabric conditioners with natural compounds can compete with household names in terms of quality and usability. Other than that, it makes them safer to use and helps conserve the environment.

Decide on Purchasing Fabric Conditioners With or Without Added Fragrance

Decide on Purchasing Fabric Conditioners With or Without Added Fragrance
Besides softening garments, fabric conditioners also help in masking out odors from the combination of smog, sweat, and oil buildup. However, fragrance compounds can be sourced directly from chemical formulations which could irritate the skin. A good alternative is getting fabric conditioners with fragrances derived from essential oils. 

Conversely, it is possible to achieve the softness of your clothes without any added fragrance. There are options available with brands that offer fragrance-free fabric conditioners, perfect for people who wish to omit added fragrance to their laundry loads. These variations give the same benefit that regular fabric conditioners yield.

Choose a Scent Based on Your Preference

Choose a Scent Based on Your Preference

If you wish to use a scented fabric conditioner, you'd see various options for fragrances added by its respective manufacturers. Typical scent notes are ones that are derived from flowers to emulate a soft and fresh feeling on your clothes.

However, choosing a scent is highly subjective and depends on each fabric conditioner user. Remember that the fragrance you choose will serve as your secondary scent to uplift your confidence as you wear the garment. 

These fragrances are helpful in preventing unwanted odors that may arise from your exposure to the environment. With the polluted city air and densely populated areas, your fabric conditioner's scent helps you stand out from the crowd and boosts your mood as you go about your day.

Look for a Fabric Conditioner That Comes With a Refillable Container

Look for a Fabric Conditioner That Comes With a Refillable Container

Refillable containers offer the most advantage with any liquid products such as fabric conditioners. At first glance, a fabric conditioner in a plastic bottle may look expensive; however, it is more ergonomic, durable, easy to store, and economical in the long run. It is also refillable which lessens plastic waste.

Another key benefit of these containers is their large lids that double as measuring tools to gauge the volume of fab con that you'll use per load. In this sense, you'd have more control over the amount which will save you a trip to the grocery store. With its solid plastic material, you can upcycle these bottles as a watering can, piggy bank, and more.

10 Best Fabric Conditioners to Buy Online

As you begin to understand the factors that you need to consider for a fabric conditioner to work best for you, our top 10 list can help you arrive at the decision of which one to purchase. With these products, you'll surely have garments that feel, look and smell better than ever. The amoy kulob on your clothes will finally be a thing of the past!

**Prices may vary depending on the website and their campaign period**


DownyAntibac Fabric Conditioner

From ₱153

FragrancePerfumed Oils
Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

SurfMagical Bloom Fabric Conditioner

From ₱119

FragranceFloral Scent
Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

Del Shower Fresh Fabric Softener

From ₱191

FragranceShower Fresh
Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

PlantexGreen Fabric Conditioner

From ₱772.29

FragranceFresh Scent
Derived From Natural Ingredients?Yes

ComfortPink Fabric Conditioner

Glamour Care

From ₱175

FragranceGlamour Perfume
Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

ChampionFabric Conditioner

Fresh Day

From ₱163

Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

Power CleanFabric Softener Unscented

From ₱346

Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

Mighty CleanFabcon

Scent of Paris

From ₱136.23

FragranceScent of Paris
Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

KirklandUltra Soft Premium Fabric Softener

From ₱849

Derived From Natural Ingredients?No

Tiny BudsNatural Baby Fabric Softener

From ₱399

FragranceMild and Calming Scent
Derived From Natural Ingredients?Yes

Compare the Best Fabric Conditioners

Downy Antibac Fabric Conditioner 1


Surf Magical Bloom Fabric Conditioner 1


Del  Shower Fresh Fabric Softener 1


Plantex Green Fabric Conditioner 1


Comfort Pink Fabric Conditioner 1


Champion Fabric Conditioner 1


Power Clean Fabric Softener Unscented 1

Power Clean

Mighty Clean Fabcon 1

Mighty Clean

Kirkland Ultra Soft Premium Fabric Softener 1


Tiny Buds Natural Baby Fabric Softener 1

Tiny Buds


Antibac Fabric Conditioner

Magical Bloom Fabric Conditioner

Shower Fresh Fabric Softener

Green Fabric Conditioner

Pink Fabric Conditioner

Fabric Conditioner

Fabric Softener Unscented


Ultra Soft Premium Fabric Softener

Natural Baby Fabric Softener


Feel Extra Fresh With the Added Benefit of Antibacterial Protection

Keep Your Clothes Smelling Luxurious for Up to 2 Weeks

Shower Fresh Scent That Can Last Until Nighttime

All-Organic Fabric Conditioner With Antibacterial Properties

Provides the Utmost Protection From Clothes Aging

Eliminating Odor-Causing Bacteria With Lesser Rinsing Need

Unscented Fabric Conditioner That Makes Your Clothes Fresh and Clean

A Whiff of Parisian Scent You Can Enjoy

Premium Fab Con That Can Last Up to 220 Laundry Loads

Plant-Based Fabric Conditioner That’s Safe for Babies

Price Starts at₱153₱119₱191₱772.29₱175₱163₱346₱136.23₱849₱399
FragrancePerfumed OilsFloral ScentShower FreshFresh ScentGlamour PerfumeJasmineUnscentedScent of ParisDaisyMild and Calming Scent
Derived From Natural Ingredients?NoNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoYes

An Effective and Efficient Handwashing Technique

Some people do laundry traditionally and manually, especially if they don't have a washing machine at home. But worry not since handwashing our clothes can be as effective as using a washing machine! This video from Cleanipedia shows us how we can maximize and work better in keeping our clothes clean and fresh even if we wash them by hand.


  1. Check the label of your clothes to know the ideal setting of washing them and keep them in great condition.
  2. Prepare a basin or tub and fill it with water.
  3. Pour the recommended amount of detergent into the water depending on the number of clothes you'll wash. Make sure that it's thoroughly dissolved before adding in the garments. 
  4. If your clothes are soiled, let them soak for half an hour in the soapy water.
  5. Pay attention to stained parts of the fabric and gently rub the area against itself.
  6. On a separate basin or tub, put water and the recommended amount of fabric conditioner for the final wash.
  7. Proceed to put the washed clothing onto the tub with a fabric conditioner and leave it soaked for 20 to 30 minutes.
  8. Rinse the soapy garments with clean water.
  9. For delicate garments, leave them to dry on a clean towel to avoid distortion. 
  10. For other clothes, hang them dry.

More Laundry Items to Help You With Your Washing Needs

More Laundry Items to Help You With Your Washing Needs

We now live in a world where doing household work such as laundry is made easier with the right tools and items to help get the job remarkably done. For these needs, we have prepared other lists featuring the best brands to help you achieve the best results. Sit back, relax, and feel free to take a look at these items that will guarantee efficiency during laundry time.


Nothing feels greater than wearing clothes that are not just clean but smell good too. With freshly laundered garments, you'll be more confident to seize the day. Also, we must maintain cleanliness to stay safe and healthy in these pressing times where the virus continues to disrupt lives. 

However, with the best laundry items, this will be the least of your worries! Getting the right fabric conditioner prevents odors, keeps your clothes smelling fresh, and makes them softer. With this essential product in your laundry room, you're up for another stress-free laundry day. Stay safe and fresh!

Author: Harvey M. Tolentino

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