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  5. 10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More
  • 10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More 1
  • 10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More 2
  • 10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More 3
  • 10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More 4
  • 10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More 5

10 Best Portable Monitors in the Philippines 2023 | Asus, Lenovo, and More

Since work-from-home setups are now part of our "new normal", we need to get the best equipment to do our tasks. For any job that requires a bigger screen, a high-quality monitor is an advantage to accomplish our work excellently. Luckily, there are portable monitors now that you can easily carry in your workplace and at home. 

Portable monitors are great if you need to move between different locations when working. You can also use this type of monitor to enjoy a movie marathon with the family. In this article, we present you with the best portable monitors available online through our buying guide and list of recommendations.

Last updated 08/30/2022
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How to Choose a Portable Monitor - Buying Guide

Aside from considering your budget and the brands available on the market, here is a list of the factors you should look into when purchasing a portable monitor. Read carefully and take note of the crucial details.

① LCD or IPS: Consider the Screen Type

LCD or IPS: Consider the Screen Type

When it comes to monitor screens in general, the first thing we should look into is the screen type. It is a major determinant of the image and video quality shown on display. Portable monitors use either a typical LCD or an IPS screen display.

The traditional liquid crystal display or LCD uses twisted nematic (TN) panels that give more emphasis on quick response time than viewing angle and color quality. TNs provide lower latency, about 1 - 2 ms, hence they give faster response time and prevents blurry and trailing objects in videos.

Meanwhile, the in-plane switching panels or IPS are a special type of LCD screen. They highlight accurate and consistent color quality and more excellent viewing angles. Thanks to their organized liquid crystals that generate true-to-life colors, they have a bit slower response time and are more expensive, but you get your money's worth.

② High Screen Resolution Is Easier on the Eyes

High Screen Resolution Is Easier on the Eyes

Screen resolution, which is expressed in pixels, is another critical factor in selecting a portable monitor. Having a higher resolution allows the monitor to display even the small details of an image or video you are viewing or working on. The higher the resolution means sharper images and less eye strain, which is best for prolonged usage. 

Most good quality portable monitors feature 720p or 1280 x 720 resolution. However, there are better screen resolutions available, such as 1080p (1920 x 1080) and 4K (3840 × 2160), that give a much better viewing experience and image-rich presentations. 

③ The Higher the Refresh Rate, the Better

The Higher the Refresh Rate, the Better

When it comes to monitors in general, go for a higher refresh rate. Refresh rate, measured in Hertz or Hz, refers to how fast an image displays and refreshes on a screen. It also determines how much frame rate your monitor can support. 

For example, a monitor with 60 Hz can support 60 frames per second or fps and below. However, it can only go as high as 60 fps. Of course, monitors with higher frame rates are also available. These are a must-have if you are a video editor or graphics illustrator. So, as a rule of thumb, the higher the refresh rate, the better.

④ Determine the Monitor’s Battery Life

Determine the Monitor’s Battery Life

The principle behind a portable monitor is for it to be mobile and handy wherever the user will be staying. So when buying portable monitors with built-in batteries, make sure to identify the length of the battery life. You should be able to use it for at least 3 hours with a single charge.

Of course, when working on bigger projects, go for those with longer battery life, so you won’t be interrupted or be bothered by looking for outlets and bringing an extension cord.

⑤ Go for a Wide Range of Connectivity Options

Go for a Wide Range of Connectivity Options

Generally speaking, monitors can support multiple video inputs. But the most common one you can see now is the HDMI video input. It offers a higher resolution when it comes to video inputs. It means they can support 1080p and up to 4k resolution depending on the version of HDMI.

On the other hand, Video Graphics Array or VGA is still a relatively popular video input to use since older computer supports it. Of course, the newer device can use this as well. But for a better picture on the screen, we highly recommend opting for HDMI instead.

⑥ Know the Color Accuracy for More Vivid and Life-Like Images

Know the Color Accuracy for More Vivid and Life-Like Images

Color accuracy is essential if you are working on pictures and video projects. It refers to how the colors on the screen are at par compared to the real-life counterpart. It can be affected by the quality of the cable, type of video output, and type of LCD. Higher brands of portable monitors usually put "Real Colors" or "True Colors" in the description for you to identify if they are indeed color accurate.

Some monitors also offer color correction if the colors on the screen are slightly off. This way, you can adjust the hue, saturation, and contrast to your liking. So if you're planning to buy a portable monitor for your work, this feature is a must.

⑦ Check the Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

Check the Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

It is also essential to check if you like the size of the monitor screen. They can be different per brand, and if you plan to use a portable monitor for work, you should opt for a larger screen size. It helps for more working space on your screen

Suppose you will not be using the portable monitor for work, in that case, a medium or small screen can do the job. The aspect ratio of the screen is primarily affected by the actual screen size of the monitor. For example, a 12-inch monitor can support an aspect ratio of 16:9 (widescreen), while a 6 x 6-inch monitor can fully support 3:4

Today, the most common aspect ratio is 16:9 as it has become the standard in screen size. Though there are 3:4 monitors available, they are old and quite rare. 

⑧ Look Into Its Other Features Such as Speakers

Look Into Its Other Features Such as Speakers

When purchasing gadgets, extra features give you the best value for your money. Some portable monitors come with built-in speakers that add clarity and crispness to the overall product experience. These can also save you the hassle of getting a separate speaker. They are a nice bonus when buying a portable monitor.

10 Best Portable Monitors to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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ThinkVision Portable Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision Portable Monitor 1枚目

Full HD Portable Monitor With Versatile Connectivity



Touch Panel Portable Monitor

Wistino Touch Panel Portable Monitor 1枚目

Sturdy, Compact, and Lightweight



ZenScreen Portable Monitor

Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor 1枚目

Hybrid-Signal Solution With Automatic Orientation Sensing



Portable Monitor

Uperfect Portable Monitor 1枚目

Create an Extended Screen Using a Portable Monitor



Portable Monitor

Wistino Portable Monitor 1枚目

Dual-Source Portable Device With Built-in Speakers



Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Uperfect Touchscreen Portable Monitor 1枚目

Experience an On-the-Go Cinema Anywhere You Are


Ultra-light Touch Screen Portable Monitor

 Ultra-light Touch Screen Portable Monitor 1枚目

Ultra Lightweight and Plug-and-Play Portable Monitor



Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor

Anmite Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor 1枚目

Free-Sync Technology With Great Visual Experience



Portable Monitor & Laptop Screen Extender

OFIYAA Portable Monitor & Laptop Screen Extender 1枚目

Dual-Screen and Foldable Portable Monitor



Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor

Eyoyo Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor  1枚目

Budget-Friendly Without Sacrificing Quality

Product details

LenovoThinkVision Portable MonitorM14

From ₱13,895

Full HD Portable Monitor With Versatile Connectivity

If you are looking for a portable monitor, this product from Lenovo is a good baseline. It has all the expected features in a portable monitor. It can support resolution up to 1080p to enjoy movies and games at full HD. The screen has a good viewing angle due to its in-plane switching (IPS) display, a special type of LED type. 

You can use either HDMI or the USB type C port for connection. Use it also to mirror screen your smartphone, as long as your device supports the mentioned video output, you are good to go.

Despite being a 14-inch monitor, it is pretty lightweight. Carry it around in your backpack since it is light and compact. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and is also anti-glare.


WistinoTouch Panel Portable MonitorHZ-SCR-15.6-TOUCH-BLACK

From ₱5,790.82

Sturdy, Compact, and Lightweight

Are you looking for an affordable portable monitor to use on media work? Well, this compact portable monitor might pique your interest! It is lightweight compared to a full-size monitor and comes in handy, especially when traveling. This monitor has an aluminum casing making it sturdy and straightforward. 

At first glance, you might think it is a tablet because it is slim and slick. In terms of video and connectivity specs, it's compatible with HDMI input and USB type C, which also powers the device. You can also pair it with smartphones, both Android or IOS.


AsusZenScreen Portable MonitorMB16ACE

From ₱11,950

Hybrid-Signal Solution With Automatic Orientation Sensing

From Asus' high-end product line called Zen, this portable monitor has a screen design that is slim and light. It can intelligently sense whether you want to view it in a portrait or landscape orientation. Plus, you only need one USB C or A port for power and display via its hybrid-signal solution.

With a 1080p resolution and High Dynamic Range, enjoy movie or TV series marathons in full HD - flicker-free, clear and crisp. If you will be using this for video or photo editing, it has a low blue light level to help minimize eye strains. It may be on the pricey side, but the quality is top-notch, and the added features are a nice bonus.


UperfectPortable MonitorMDS156A08

From ₱15,616

Create an Extended Screen Using a Portable Monitor

One benefit of using a portable monitor is its ability to serve as an extended desktop or laptop screen. The images and videos are in full HD, which is also perfect for games and movies. Due to its slim built, it takes up less space on your desk, and it's easy to set up when traveling. 

It is compatible with phones, laptops, Macbook, and console devices with HDMI output, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. With its PU leather case, it gives extra protection when you carry it around. This model is also available in 4K resolution, so the price is a bit high, but it is worth investing in.


WistinoPortable MonitorBK-SCR-13.3

From ₱5,764.55

Dual-Source Portable Device With Built-in Speakers

When it comes to computer devices and accessories, you can always count on Wistino to provide a high-quality yet affordable product. It features dual sources input via HDMI and USB Type C. It can support several Android and Mac OS devices. With desirable features like full HD and IPS display, it is worth the price. 

The IPS screen is known for its great viewing angle and a vibrant display with 1080p resolution, the standard for the newer monitors. It can support new generation consoles, and you can set it up in copy mode for mirroring or split mode as an extension. It comes with a built-in speaker and audio port to complete the experience.


UperfectTouchscreen Portable MonitorM140F01

From ₱21,719

Experience an On-the-Go Cinema Anywhere You Are

Experiencing 4k resolution is the best way to watch your favorite film. Luckily, this UPERFECT monitor does wonders! With the High Dynamic Range (HDR), you can see the crispness of colors is close to real life. So if you are a multimedia artist looking for a high-quality monitor, this is a strong contender!

The video input is pretty simple, with only a USB type C cable to connect through the device and serve both power and display channels. It has an ultra-thin bezel and vibrant IPS screen to immerse with a better viewing quality and angle. 

For a pleasant addition and minimalist setup, it provides a touch setup for Windows devices. However, you can still do a manual setup with Apple gadgets, so no questions about its versatility. Now you can enjoy the pleasure of the cinema experience anywhere. 


Ultra-light Touch Screen Portable MonitorP16A-4K

From ₱9,109

Ultra Lightweight and Plug-and-Play Portable Monitor

The 15-inch ultra-light portable monitor has an aluminum chassis, which is far lighter than plastic chassis yet more durable compared to other materials. It includes a PU leather case that helps to protect the monitor from scratches and potential damages.

It is capable of a 4K and HDR display for realistic colors and visuals. In terms of input/output display, it supports HDMI as well as Type C USB with plug-and-play features. The latter works for power connection, too, so no worries of short battery life! It works well with many phones as the source, so make sure you get a compatible one.


AnmiteUltra-Thin Portable MonitorAN-156W04K

From ₱11,999

Free-Sync Technology With Great Visual Experience

The Anmite ultra-thin portable monitor claims to be the world's slimmest and lightest to date. It complies with the standard 1080p resolution, IPS display and supports both HDR and UHD for higher video fidelity and realistic colors. It works well with Mac devices and gaming consoles with HDMI and USB 3.0 output. 

The Free-Sync technology solves the issue of screen tearing or flickering by cleaning the signal as its transfers to the monitor. Use it as a secondary screen for any multimedia endeavor you are working on. Get a high-quality image at the quickest possible time. It also filters blue light to avoid eye strains.


OFIYAAPortable Monitor & Laptop Screen Extender201111ZW01

From ₱16,659

Dual-Screen and Foldable Portable Monitor

If one monitor is not enough, how about two monitors? With the OFIYAA portable monitor and laptop screen extender, you can turn your basic laptop into a full-fledged mobile studio. This monitor can be clipped on the device, with two screens positioned on each side, allowing a seamless and multipurpose display extension.

You can see the details on the screen clearly with a 1080p screen resolution and a traditional LCD screen. One thing to note about it is its heavier weight than the other products on this list. Plus, the screen can be positioned up to 210 degrees for a better view. 


EyoyoUltra-Thin Portable Monitor T16A

From ₱6,510

Budget-Friendly Without Sacrificing Quality

If you are looking for an inexpensive portable monitor, this very affordable monitor from Eyoyo is here for you. It delivers in all aspects of portable monitors: IPS display for better visuals and colors on the screen, and its 1080p resolution ensures that you get to see even the tiny details when watching movies or playing games. 

It has same and split-screen capabilities via USB Type-C, a great deal for starting multimedia content creators. Keep in mind that it supports dual mini-HDMI for video inputs that work only for personal computers and consoles. It is in HDR for colorful images and comes with a built-in speaker.

More Gadgets to Upgrade Your Home Office Setup

Whether you're working from home, enrolled in an online class, complete your setup by upgrading some of your peripherals. For sure, these items will make your daily routine more exciting. Click the links below and read more of your buying guides and product recommendations!


Whether you are constantly moving between workstations or planning to watch movies with the family, portable monitors are handy in almost any situation. They are lightweight, compact, and offer many features so you can produce the best multimedia materials. 

We hope our buying guide has helped you determine which portable monitor is worth investing in. Feel free to share your reviews and feedback on the portable monitor you have purchased. 

Author: Roel Pillas Malubay

When you purchase products mentioned in the article, part of the sales may be returned to mybest.
The descriptions of each product is referenced from the content available from the manufacturer, e-commerce sites etc.

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