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  4. 10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More
  • 10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More 1
  • 10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More 2
  • 10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More 3
  • 10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More 4
  • 10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More 5

10 Best Vape Atomizers in the Philippines 2023 | Geek Vape, Oumier, Wotofo, and More

Vaping is a great way to veer away from the harmful effects of smoking; that is why a lot of young smokers have already switched to it. As the industry progressed over the years, several manufacturers have already come up with various types of atomizers to cater to every consumer's preference. It is safe to say that the vaping industry is alive and kicking even during this pandemic period.

In this article, we will delve into the world of atomizers where you could find the right design for your satisfaction. As in a vehicle, the vape mod provides the power while the atomizer is the engine. We will look at some factors that could dictate your choice that could suit your vaping style. Don't forget to check out our recommended list and some tips in the sections further below.

Last updated 03/03/2023
Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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What Is an Atomizer and How Does It Work?

What Is an Atomizer and How Does It Work?

Advanced users tend to customize their coils and experiment with various coiling materials to get a better vaping experience, while other vapers love to use pre-made coils on sub-ohm tanks for convenience, denser vapor, or excellent taste. Some atomizers might use a mesh or a flat heating element which might require a special design for it to work.

Subpar coil materials or incompatible mod settings can possibly produce more "gunk" on the coil's surface and must be replaced frequently. Otherwise, coil type and material preference are highly subjective, and it will always depend on the vaper's style.

How to Choose a Vape Atomizer - Buying Guide

If you're fairly new to the vaping scene, your first burning question is perhaps, "which is the best atomizer for me." Not to worry, we will provide several items in this section that should help you decide with confidence.

Generally, there are various types of vaping atomizers as of writing, and we're going to classify each one of them in this section.

① Any Atomizer With a Build Deck Is an RBA

The acronym RBA stands for Re-Buildable Atomizer, which is a kind of a DIY type of vape. It has a deck on the inside where ready-made or customized coils, called "builds," are inserted on the posts and loaded with a wicking material. Under the RBA category, there are many types that you might find interesting to try out. 

RDA Requires Constant Monitoring

RDA Requires Constant Monitoring

An RDA, which means Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, is a type of RBA that has a build deck that could accommodate from single to multiple coils and has a juice well at the bottom to hold some e-juice where the wick tails are being saturated. 

A vaper using this type of atomizer should constantly check the device, so the wick is always wet with e-juice and doesn't run the risk of a dry hit which is very harmful to the throat. Also, dry-firing the atomizer will burn the wicking material, and taking a drag will taste awful. In this situation, the coil and wick should be replaced immediately. 

Although it cannot contain a lot of e-liquid like a tank does, it compensates in terms of its size and compactness, not to mention the vapor production and taste can be awesome. Many trick vapers love this type of atomizer, together with a mechanical mod, because it produces larger and denser vapor for their cloud tricks and competition. 

A Squonk Atomizer Is Considered an RDA

A Squonk Atomizer Is Considered an RDA

To solve the inconvenience of dripping from time to time, vape manufacturers created a squonk-ready RDA, which is called an RSA (Rebuildable Squonk Atomizer). It has a hollow 510 contact pin where the e-juice passes upwards from the squeezable bottle within the box mod and straight to the build deck where the wicking material rests. 

The squonk bottle is often placed within the box mod beside the battery so the squeezing action is easier and the amount of remaining e-juice is visible. This is still a manual process which is a lot like dripping but it eliminates the need to carry around another bottle of e-liquid just for dripping.

RTAs Offer More Convenience

RTAs Offer More Convenience

Any atomizer that has a small e-liquid reservoir around its build deck is considered an RTA or a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. The composition of this type of atomizer consists of a build deck that can take in one or two coils, a tank section that is accessible at the top for filling up, and a chimney on the middle where the vapor is being drawn. 

The build deck is surrounded by a few holes that are sealed off by the wick tails, so the e-juice doesn't flood the deck. This creates a vacuum inside, and the e-juice is slowly being fed to the wicks up to its saturation point. The capillary action and the vacuum pressure allow the juice to be pushed faster at an efficient rate where it releases bubbles to displace the air within the deck. 

Many users argue that RTAs provide the best flavor as the vapor is more concentrated due to a constricted cavity, as opposed to RDAs that have a much "looser" or "airy" sensation when you take a drag.

RDTA Provides the Best of Both Worlds

RDTA Provides the Best of Both Worlds

A Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, or RDTA, merges the characteristics from an RTA and RTA, hence the name. It has a deck on the upper part that can take on a single up to multiple coils and a tank section below it that can hold a significant amount of e-juice.

Basically, it works like an RDA, but the wick tails are inserted into holes to reach the e-liquid reservoir underneath it. The wicks can be saturated by natural means or, as some vapers do, flip the device so the e-liquid can travel faster to reach the coils on top.

② Clearomizers Use RBA Heads

Clearomizers Use RBA Heads

Clearomizers are a type of atomizer that has a see-through glass or plastic that serves as a tank. The name was derived by combining "clear" and "atomizer." The only difference is that it uses RBA heads which are disposable. The RBA heads are specially made to work for specific atomizers, which are often manufactured by the same brand. 

These are small decks that are usually metal has pre-installed coils and wicking material inside. A vaper can purchase these heads to replace the spent ones on their sub-ohm atomizer. Most Clearomizers are also called sub-ohm tanks, which are used on sub-ohm vaping. This is a style of vaping that could produce huge clouds but still provides the best e-juice taste. 

The device uses RBA heads that are rated below one ohm, thus the label sub-ohm. Most of these devices are for entry-level users that are looking for a plug-and-play atomizer that doesn't need a lot of dabbling around.

③ Cartomizers Are for Cigalikes or E-cigs

Cartomizers Are for Cigalikes or E-cigs

If you're a fan of the old-school touch of cigalikes, you might have already encountered a cartomizer. The blend of "cartridge" and "atomizer" is where it gets its name. It usually resembles the size and shape of a cigarette, with the cartomizer being the "filter" end of the e-cig. 

Usually, these are already pre-filled with e-liquid, and disposable once spent. The polyester fiberfill, hereto referred to as polyfill, is the wicking material inside which holds the e-juice. There's nothing grand or crazy, DIY-wise, on using this atomizer. All you need to do is screw the cartomizer in place and press the button as you draw it. 

You will notice that the amount of vapor gradually lessens over time, and that's the moment you need to replace it. If you crave the same nicotine hit on the same size, shape, and draw of a normal cigarette, a cartomizer must be your top choice.

④ Check the Type of Build Decks

From this section onwards we will discuss the major talking points involving a rebuildable atomizer. Clearomizers and cartomizers can be considered for beginners and are pretty straightforward in terms of usage so we don't need to go further on their characteristics. Let's go right into one of the fun parts of this article -- the types of build decks.

Dual Post Is the Current Standard

Dual Post Is the Current Standard

The most common type is the basic two-post deck with positive and negative leads. Each of the posts can contain up to two holes that could accommodate up to four coil heads, such as in a Velocity-style post. You can find a two-post deck in almost all types of RBAs which have already become the standard for many manufacturers.

Multiple Posts and No Post Designs Provide Flexibility

Multiple Posts and No Post Designs Provide Flexibility

When it comes to experimentation, some vapers that prefer a multi-coil setting will go for build decks that have three or more posts. This allows them to load as much coil as possible and chug huge clouds to their satisfaction. These multi-post decks are often found on RDAs since they cannot fit into an RTA or RDTA. 

There are some RDAs or RDTAs that use postless designs where the coil head is directly inserted into the holes on the deck and secured by a screw. Which is, by the way, surprisingly easier to use than the posts. Some have a unique design that can take on a mesh wire that is secured the same way as other postless RBAs.

⑤ Go for an Adjustable Airflow

Go for an Adjustable Airflow

RBAs nowadays present various ways to control airflow for a better vape. The concept of having a "loose" drag brings bigger clouds, while more restricted airflow results in a much flavorful hit still hold true. Clearomizers also have airflow controls located below the tank or, on rare occasions, on top, but they have a much simpler and basic design of controlling air intake.

While some RBA designs provide multiple airflow controls so consumers can get the best configuration they could, others prefer a minimalistic approach by choosing an atomizer with smaller but multiple holes around the cover. This enables the user to cover the ideal number of holes by turning the top cap whichever way they want. 

⑥ Know the Tank Capacity

Know the Tank Capacity

For users of RTAs, RDTAs, and Clearomizers, the e-juice capacity can be a deal-breaker. Most vapers that use these types of atomizers are looking to bring as much e-liquid as they can in a single fill, so they don't have to bring an extra bottle. 

It is only logical to get the highest capacity possible for convenience and a longer time between refilling. On average, a 4-5ml capacity tank is just the right amount, but some brands could reach up to 7ml.

10 Best Atomizers to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Geek Vape

Zeus X RTA

Geek Vape Zeus X RTA 1枚目

The Best RTA for Flavor-Chasers and Beginners



Wasp Nano 22mm RDA

Oumier Wasp Nano 22mm RDA 1枚目

Huge Clouds in a Compact Package


Geek Vape

Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank

Geek Vape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank 1枚目

The Best Sub-Ohm Tank for Pros



Blotto Mini RTA

Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA 1枚目

A Small But Terrible RTA for Everyone



Profile RDA

Wotofo Profile RDA 1枚目

The Perfect RDA for Mesh Coils


Vandy Vape

Kylin Mini V2

Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 1枚目

A Top Contender in the Single-Coil RTA Category



Profile BF RDTA

Wotofo Profile BF RDTA 1枚目

It Got Bigger, But Better Than Ever



Recurve Dual RDA

Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA 1枚目

The Double Blast First-Rate Squonk RDA





A Hard-Hitting RDTA for DJV fans



Profile M RTA

Wotofo Profile M RTA 1枚目

The Compact Mesh RTA With a Unique Airflow

Product details

The Best RTA for Flavor-Chasers and Beginners

The GeekVape brand has been a household name in the vaping industry, and they have yet to fail their customers. As the king of top airflow RTA, the Zeus X RTA has a classic design that is suitable for beginners and flavor-chasers alike. Launched a few years ago, but it has emerged as the lever stick when it comes to gauging new RTAs in the market. 

The dual coil setting and decent e-juice capacity at 4.5ml is a welcoming attraction to GeekVape fans. Its leak-proof design is attributed to the top-filling method and a great airflow design located just below the top cap. 

The build deck is much improved with a wider base and larger chimney to create the best flavor in every draw. This RTA is truly a beginner's dream tank that won't disappoint and devoid of complexities.


Huge Clouds in a Compact Package

Established in 2013, the Oumier brand is a Chinese company that has its roots in Shenzhen. They have been distributing vape products globally and especially popular in Indonesia. 

The Wasp Nano RDA is a compact yet stunningly designed cloud monster. It has a 22mm diameter with an extremely spacious build deck which is ideal for a range of coil sizes and configurations. 

The transparent Polyetherimide (PEI) top cap makes it lightweight but heat-free during use, while the unique adjustable airflow can direct air straight into your coil. If you have a squonk mod, you can replace the bottom pin with a hollow contact that can deliver e-liquid into the juice well. Although the atomizer can only accept a single-coil, the vapor production is unmatched.


Geek VapeZeus Sub-Ohm Tank

From ₱1,139.05

The Best Sub-Ohm Tank for Pros

For sub-ohm vapers who miss the versatility of the Zeus line, the Z Sub-ohm Tank, formerly known as Zeus Sub-ohm tank, is the right solution. GeekVape has brought all the best traits and airflow design of the RTA version into the sub-ohm tank version. 

The atomizer includes two mesh RBA heads for exceedingly best flavor and clouds, a 0.4 Z1 coil ideally used at 70-80 watts power, and a 0.2 Z2 to be used at 60-70 watts. Since it has the same top airflow and top fill port, it is generally leakproof too. 

The 5ml max e-juice capacity is just enough for your all-day vaping, which is replaceable with a 3.5ml type if you find the bubble glass too bulky. The stellar performance and elegant design of this tank are spot-on to rival expensive brands in the sub-ohm category. 


A Small But Terrible RTA for Everyone

The collaboration with Aussie YouTuber Vaping Bogan and Dovpo resulted in an impressive tank in the Blotto RTA. While the original Blotto RTA has awesome performance, the size at 26mm base diameter has slightly put some vapers from getting it. That is why the Blotto Mini RTA is produced, which is at 23mm diameter that looks fit on any type of mod. 

The smaller size concentrates the flavor and provides a much smoother airflow with virtually no leaking at all. Everything that the full-sized Blotto has is on the mini version but on a much compact version. 

The con of the mini size is the difficulty of some vapers while installing dual coils. Not everyone might enjoy single-coil vaping, but this is perfect for high resistance settings to save battery and for flavor-chasing.


The Perfect RDA for Mesh Coils

In 2012, Wotofo made its presence known in the vaping culture as one of the pioneer brands in China. Their top-tier Profile series is one of their main products when it comes to RDAs. It is a rebuidable dripping atomizer that uses a mesh coil that can deliver the best flavor. 

This is the output of the collaboration between Wotofo and #Mr.JustRight1, which is more focused on flavor production. Due to the wider contact surface between the mesh and wick, the vapor is much denser and flavor-packed. 

If you don't have the mesh coil, you can still use your Clapton coils, Alien wires, or twisted Nichrome wires in a single-coil setting. For squonkers out there, the bottom pin is replaceable with a hollow contact to work with your squonk mods. Now you can truly taste your e-liquid!


A Top Contender in the Single-Coil RTA Category

Vandy Vape's Kylin Mini V2 RTA is a single-coil wonder that produces an incredible flavor and dense cloud that features a postless deck. The coil is secured by two terminals that have side-mounted screws that are ultra-easy to put your builds on. 

It could also hold up to 5ml of e-liquid on the included bubble glass. The impeccable machining is evident in the appearance, and the unique honeycomb airflow provides 270-degree coverage to funnel air into the deck from the tank's top side. 

This construction delivers good airflow that will hit your coil from various angles to bring much flavorful but smoother draws. This may be one of the best RTAs in the single-coil category today, and everybody wants to get a hold of it. 


It Got Bigger, But Better Than Ever

As the newest installment in the Profile series from Wotofo, the Profile RDTA is just as good as their RDA. The braided stainless steel wicking wires are just remarkable and unparalleled when transferring e-liquid up to the cotton. This effectively wicks the coil upstairs even on a massive 6.2ml capacity of the tank underneath. 

If you're in the mood for some dripping action, you can conveniently remove the tank section below and transform it into an RDA. If you want to use coils or meshes, it doesn't matter as the atomizer can still work with a few adjustments here and there. 

The position of the airflow slots is at the best angle that results in a great taste with no leaking at all. The unique Clapton wicking mesh blows any wicking style out there when it comes to RDTAs. Whatever excellent raves the RDA version has, this RDTA guarantees the same.


The Double Blast First-Rate Squonk RDA

Dubbed as the best RDA of the year in 2018, the Recurve never lost its touch over the years. Now, the Recurve Dual RDA is a follow-up atomizer that has a dual coil setup that doubles the fun. The multi-hole slanted airflow slots that are bigger than the original Recurve and the six inlets are horizontally situated to the deck center on both sides. 

The atomizer provides better resistance for more cloud production at higher wattages. Since it has a bigger deck, it holds two coils and plenty more room for your thicker wicks. Now, it's much easier to load it up with your round coils, pre-built, or Clapton coils. 

The gold-plated 510 standard pin can be replaced with a hollow gold-plated contact that acts as a tube for squonk mods. Squonkers are now finally treated to the best squonk RDA ever as designed by Wotofo and Mike Vapes.


A Hard-Hitting RDTA for DJV fans

The DJV RDTA is an atomizer designed in Malaysia that has a unique build deck. The gold-plated build deck is roomy enough for different coil types. Its two posts have triple terminals per post that could accommodate multiple coils for massive vapor production. Two types of airflow systems, a side adjustable flow, and fixed bottom airflow, put a bang to it.

The e-liquid refilling can be done via the center slot. The ULTEM and stainless steel 810 wide-bore drip tips provide more versatility in performance and aesthetics. Although the tank has a hefty 2ml capacity, the hit and draw of the atomizer is the reason why it got included in our top ten.


The Compact Mesh RTA With a Unique Airflow

Wotofo has done it again with the Profile M RTA, one of the products from their Profile series. The compactness of the atomizer on a single-coil configuration is what attracts vapers to this RTA. The innovative build deck has a clamp-style design to crimp a mesh or any kind of coil. 

The secret why this RTA is a flavor monster is the short distance of vapor travel from the mesh to the mouth. Its slanted airflow is split into multiple streams via the honeycomb chamber to hit all the mesh's surface. 

Like most top airflow atomizers, this is also leak-proof. So, if you're searching for a compact mesh RTA that vapes great, looks good, and delivers like a dream, the Profile M is an impressive choice today.

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Top 5 Vape Atomizers

No. 1Geek VapeZeus X RTA

No. 2OumierWasp Nano 22mm RDA

No. 3Geek VapeZeus Sub-Ohm Tank

No. 4DovpoBlotto Mini RTA

No. 5WotofoProfile RDA

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