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  • 10 Best Light Bulbs in the Philippines 2022 | Omni, Philips, Osram, and More 3
  • 10 Best Light Bulbs in the Philippines 2022 | Omni, Philips, Osram, and More 4
  • 10 Best Light Bulbs in the Philippines 2022 | Omni, Philips, Osram, and More 5

10 Best Light Bulbs in the Philippines 2022 | Omni, Philips, Osram, and More

Since its invention in 1879 by Thomas Edison, the light bulb has undergone several transformations but the concept is still the same. Right now, there has been a myriad of choices for consumers to use on their residential or commercial buildings. You can choose which size, shape, or wattage should match your living space or work area to make you more productive.

It is undeniable that the light color, intensity, or color rendering index of a light source can often set the ambiance of a room which could affect the mood of the people inside it. That is why we're going to discuss the factors that must be considered when choosing the right bulb to meet your lighting demands. We will also provide a list of our recommended products for your preference.

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How to Choose a Light Bulb - Buying Guide

The type of light that you use in a room can affect the productivity level of the individuals in it. So, it pays to know a bit more about the science of lighting to have an idea of which light bulb must be used where. Below are some factors to look for before purchasing one.

Evaluate the Brightness Level

As a general notion, a bulb with higher wattage is equaled to a brighter bulb. But, such is not always the case in this modern times. The idea of the lumen comes to mind when we talk about how bright or dim a bulb can be.

Wattage Is a Bulb's Energy Use

Wattage Is a Bulb's Energy Use

Wattage is the measured energy that a bulb needs to light up. It doesn't dictate how bright the bulb will be, but rather it determines the power consumption. An incandescent bulb requires a certain wattage to maintain its brightness, while a CFL or LED bulb may have the same brightness but would require lower wattage consumption. 

Wattage may be a good reference point when comparing different types of bulbs. As a pro tip to DIYers, never get a bulb that exceeds the maximum wattage capacity of your lighting fixture or bulb holder. Manufacturers have set this safety standard to prevent the fixture from overheating and the risk of catching fire.

Lumens Is the Light Output

Lumens Is the Light Output

On the other hand, lumens refer to the amount of light or brightness a bulb emits. Simply put, a high-lumen bulb means a brighter light, while a lower-lumen equals dimmer light. As two different bulb types may use the same value in watts, the lumen level will determine which will be brighter between the two. 

As such, in LED bulbs versus incandescent bulbs, both bulbs may have the same wattage but could emit contrasting lumen levels. Looking at your own home, you might wonder how much lumens does each of the rooms requires. The answer is dependent on the type of activity being done inside it. 

For example, a home office with a desk for detailed tasks should have at least 1200 lumens, while the ambient lighting needed inside the kitchen must have a minimum of 5000 lumens. To know the specific lumens needed for each part of your living space, one can easily search for them online.

Assess the Color Characteristics of Light

Standard measurements also apply to light and there are two types that are used by lighting experts and designers -- the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Color Temperature (K). Both are equally vital when choosing the best color rendering of an object and the right light color that an artificial light source can produce.

Color Rendering Index Shows an Object's True Colors

Color Rendering Index Shows an Object's True Colors

The concept of CRI is based on the ability of an artificial light source to unveil an object's real color in comparison with a natural or ideal light source. The CRI value that a light bulb has will determine how an observer perceives the objects' colors pop out. The higher the CRI of a light source, the rendered color is the closest to the original.

This measurement is commonly used for lighting design in retail or commercial settings as it presents the best color reproduction to attract shoppers. A CRI rating of 80 and above can be considered as high, and it indicates that the light source projects good color properties. In comparison, a CRI of 50 below presents unnatural colors and could be regarded as poor in terms of color rendering. 

A Bulb's Color Temperature Sets the Mood

A Bulb's Color Temperature Sets the Mood

The temperature of light emitted thermodynamically is expressed in the Kelvin temperature scale. This is the scale that bulb makers use, which has a range from the lowest, this is the yellow light, to the highest, nearing whitish-blue light. This spectrum of color can establish the "feel" of the ambiance inside a space, as denoted below:

Warm White (2700k - 3000k): This produces a more relaxed feeling which is almost the same as an incandescent bulb. The color temperature promotes an intimate or personal atmosphere that is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, hotels, or restaurants.

Cool White (3100k - 4500k): This range leans to a more neutral environment that is best used in kitchens, offices, garages, or public areas. Anybody can use this color temperature on any area that requires vigorous lighting that is not too harsh. 

Daylight (4500k - Above): This range is called daylight because the sun, at noon, is about 5000k - 5500k that has a bright and bluish appearance. This temperature is demanded on spaces that needed lighting that could bring out the natural color and details of specific items, like in factories, workshops, or craft rooms. It is also believed that the daylight color temperature tends to increase productivity.

Know the Types of Light Bulbs

There are various kinds of bulbs to choose from and each of them has its own purpose in your living or workspace. Some of them might come in the traditional form but there are modern designs that provide cost-efficiency and longevity. Let's take a look at the popular ones.

Incandescent Bulbs Are Old-Fashioned

Incandescent Bulbs Are Old-Fashioned

Also called the Edison bulb, this used to be the industry standard when it comes to lighting. This has a tungsten filament inside that is heated up to the point of glowing, which in turn, creates the light. But once it burns out, in about 1000 hours, it should be replaced. Also, almost 95% of the energy it receives is turned into heat, while only 5% of it is actually used to produce light. 

This bulb is so inefficient that many incandescent bulbs are now being phased out so people will turn to high-efficient and practical products. Currently, these bulbs are still available as specialty bulbs for vanity mirrors, ceiling fans, or accent lighting. Most incandescent bulbs are dimmable, so some ancestral houses still use them to preserve the look of their residence.

Fluorescent Lights Come in a Bulb or Tube Form

Fluorescent Lights Come in a Bulb or Tube Form

The compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or T8/T12 tubes are filled with mercury vapor, that when electrified, emits ultraviolet light. The inner phosphor coating of the tube filters the UV rays into visible light. The tube accumulates lesser heat than incandescent bulbs by 75%, and it lasts ten times longer

The light could come in various color temperatures that will suit every room in the house. Unfortunately, this light will not work without a ballast that is needed to regulate the current entering the bulb. It also doesn't work with dimmer switches, and burnt-out tubes or bulbs should be disposed of properly because it contains a small amount of mercury.

Halogen Bulbs Produces Thermal Runaway

Halogen Bulbs Produces Thermal Runaway

This bulb follows the same design as an incandescent bulb that has a heated filament but with an addition of halogen gas. This "recycles" the gas onto the filament as the tungsten gets burned. The light is more intense and whiter, but it tends to be hotter than usual. These lights are usually installed for ambient lighting and provide focal attention in shops and food displays. 

They are generally more expensive than incandescent bulbs but have twice the lifespan. The issue with halogen bulbs is that as the bulb heats up, it dissipates the energy around it and further heats up the area around it, which is called thermal runaway. 

This contributes to shortening the bulb's lifespan, which is about one year on average. Sometimes it explodes upon turned on when left with even a small residue of oil from human skin. It is advisable not to touch the bulb with bare hands when replacing it to avoid such accidents.

HID Bulbs Are Meant for Larger and Open Spaces

HID Bulbs Are Meant for Larger and Open Spaces

High-Intensity Discharge bulbs produce light through an electric arc that occurs between two tungsten electrodes. Inside the bulb, there is a noble gas, such as mercury vapor, metal halide, high/low-pressure sodium, or xenon. The metallic salts included in the bulb get heated and thus creates plasma. 

All of these elements combined amplifies the light emitted by the arc and creates a rather intense, unpleasant brightness. That is why most of these bulbs are used in large areas with high ceilings like factories, warehouses, or a production plant. Homeowners use this type of bulb as an outdoor perimeter light that borders around their property or motion-detection lights to ward off intruders.

LED Bulbs Are Energy-Efficient and Not Just a Fad

LED Bulbs Are Energy-Efficient and Not Just a Fad

The meteoric rise of Light-Emitting Diode light bulbs over the past decade is not just a passing trend. It is a known fact that it is staying, and it is for good. With LED bulbs producing more light in a little amount of energy, there have been numerous lighting products developed to mimic the brightness and color temperature of traditional bulbs such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Unlike the traditional bulbs we've mentioned, a LED light passes electricity through semiconductors instead of a filament. This greatly reduces the accumulation of heat, and 95% of the energy is focused on light creation, where 5% is considered loss because of heat. To produce LED bulbs with high lumens, the wattage must be increased, and naturally, its temperature will go up too.

LED Bulbs Are Energy-Efficient and Not Just a Fad

Controlling the heat that a LED chip produces is a very tricky task. That is why manufacturers spend a lot of money on heat test machines and extensive research and development. The simplest and most ingenious way to control the heat from the LED chip is to place it on an aluminum heatsink and fasten it with thermal glue.

The heatsink works like a radiator and zaps the heat away from the chip, so it doesn't disintegrate because of extreme heat. The size and design of the heatsink must be the right configuration to prolong the life of the LED chip.

Determine the Base or Plug Type

How a bulb connects to its electricity source is one of the important points to cover. In this section, we will get to know some of the standard types of bases and plugs that you might encounter when replacing your bulbs at home.

Screw-Type Is the Most Common

Screw-Type Is the Most Common

The Edison screw bases are the standard when it comes to light bulbs. Like most screws, it is twisted clockwise to secure the base and allow the contacts to meet so the electricity can flow. Most homes are furnished with sockets that accommodate this type of base. 

It is identified with the letter E and is followed by a number that represents the diameter of the base in millimeters. Incandescent bulbs, HID lights, CFLs, and LED bulbs are often affixed with this type of base. In the Philippines, there is a 90% chance that houses, whether old or newly built, will have this fixture type in them.

Bi-Pin or Bi-Post Plugs Are for Smaller Bulbs

Bi-Pin or Bi-Post Plugs Are for Smaller Bulbs

As the name denotes, there are two pins at the bulb base that will either plug into a socket or twist and lock into place. The bi-pin base connector is an international standard for lamps that every manufacturer should follow. You can identify this plug type by the letter G, followed either by another letter or a number that indicates the gap measurement of the pins in millimeters.

Most halogen or CFL bulbs are equipped with this type of plug. In some cases, some CFLs require an extra mechanism to securely attach themselves to the lighting fixture will have more than two pins and an added plastic base. 

Consider Some Lighting Innovations

Consider Some Lighting Innovations

Keeping up with the latest lighting technological innovations is a lifelong task that every home or business owner should know. While some prefer to keep using conventional lighting, others are in tune with the newest trends, like a voice-enabled light that can be turned on and off via voice recognition. 

Most of these modern smart bulbs are connected to the local network and can be controlled via a smart home device. Some LED light smart bulbs not only have color-changing features to set the mood inside the room but are also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that can play or stream music from any smart device. 

Compare the Best Light Bulbs

OEM Foldable Fan Blade LED Light Bulb 1


Omni Incandescent Bulb 1


LASCO Smart Wifi Bulb 1


SensoDaily Filament Bulb 1


Brightex T5 LED Tube Light 1


Philips Fluorescent Tube  1


Osram DecoStar 51 MR16 Halogen Bulb 1


Firefly Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb 1


Osram Tubular SON-T Sodium Lamp 1


Osram DULUX Triple Tube Shape CFL Bulb 1



Foldable Fan Blade LED Light Bulb

Incandescent Bulb

Smart Wifi Bulb

Filament Bulb

T5 LED Tube Light

Fluorescent Tube

DecoStar 51 MR16 Halogen Bulb

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Tubular SON-T Sodium Lamp

DULUX Triple Tube Shape CFL Bulb


The Affordable Choice for All Households

Reinvigorate Himalayan Salt Lamps With this Bulb

The Smart Choice for Smart Homes

Elegant Incandescent Bulbs for Interior Design

A Great Fluorescent Tube Replacement for Offices

The Best in Traditional Fluorescent Tubes

Enhance Every Display With an Excellent Halogen Bulb

One the Best Alternative Bulbs Around

A High-Intensity Light to Protect Your Property

A Better CFL for Businesses

Price Starts at₱50₱36₱649₱98₱95₱79₱114.95₱85₱1,912.45₱525.16
TypeLED bulbIncandescent bulbLED bulbIncandescent bulbLED Fluorescent tubeFluorescent tubeHalogen bulbCompact fluorescent bulbHigh-intensity discharge bulbCompact fluorescent bulb
Input Voltage95-265V/50-60Hz230V/50-60Hz110-240V/50-60Hz220V/50-60Hz85–265V/50-60Hz240V/50-60Hz12V180-220V/50-60Hz100V100V
Color Temperature6500k2700k - 3000k2700k - 6500k, RGB2700k - 3000k2700k - 6500k6200k3000k3000k2000k3000k
Base/Plug TypeE27E12/E14E27E27N/aG13 Bi-PinGU5.3 Bi-PinE27E40GX24q
FeaturesFoldable fan bladeDimmableWi-Fi/Smart AppDimmableT5 connectorDimmableUV filterERC/DTI ApprovedDimmableDimmable

10 Best Light Bulbs to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.

*Prices may vary depending on the website and their campaign period*


OEMFoldable Fan Blade LED Light Bulb

From ₱50

TypeLED bulb
Input Voltage95-265V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature6500k
Base/Plug TypeE27
FeaturesFoldable fan blade

OmniIncandescent Bulb

From ₱36

TypeIncandescent bulb
Input Voltage230V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature2700k - 3000k
Base/Plug TypeE12/E14
TypeLED bulb
Input Voltage110-240V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature2700k - 6500k, RGB
Base/Plug TypeE27
FeaturesWi-Fi/Smart App
TypeIncandescent bulb
Input Voltage220V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature2700k - 3000k
Base/Plug TypeE27
TypeLED Fluorescent tube
Input Voltage85–265V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature2700k - 6500k
Base/Plug TypeN/a
FeaturesT5 connector

PhilipsFluorescent Tube

TL-D 36W/54-765

From ₱79

TypeFluorescent tube
Input Voltage240V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature6200k
Base/Plug TypeG13 Bi-Pin

OsramDecoStar 51 MR16 Halogen Bulb


From ₱114.95

TypeHalogen bulb
Input Voltage12V
Color Temperature3000k
Base/Plug TypeGU5.3 Bi-Pin
FeaturesUV filter

FireflyCompact Fluorescent Light Bulb


From ₱85

TypeCompact fluorescent bulb
Input Voltage180-220V/50-60Hz
Color Temperature3000k
Base/Plug TypeE27
FeaturesERC/DTI Approved

OsramTubular SON-T Sodium Lamp


From ₱1,912.45

TypeHigh-intensity discharge bulb
Input Voltage100V
Color Temperature2000k
Base/Plug TypeE40

OsramDULUX Triple Tube Shape CFL Bulb


From ₱525.16

TypeCompact fluorescent bulb
Input Voltage100V
Color Temperature3000k
Base/Plug TypeGX24q

How to Safely Change Your Light Bulb at Home

Changing a light bulb doesn't really require extensive research, but there are steps that need to be done to be safe while doing it, as shared in this blog by Experts In Your Home. Once you have the correct bulb in hand, let us proceed with the task.


  1. Use a ladder if you're going to change an out-of-reach bulb.
  2. Turn off the light switch. If you're unsure whether it is already "off," you can switch off the circuit breaker from the main power source. Unplug the lamp if you're trying to replace a bulb from it.
  3. Allow the light bulb to cool down first before touching it.
  4. Twist the bulb in a counter-clockwise direction to release it from the socket and set it aside.
  5. Align the new bulb in the socket and turn it clockwise up to the point where it cannot turn anymore. Do not overtighten the bulb as it could easily shatter in your hand. Keep your fingers out of the socket to prevent it from getting electrocuted.
  6. Dispose of the old bulb by wrapping it in the package from the new bulb, and you're done!

Calling All DIYers Out There

Calling All DIYers Out There

This COVID-19 pandemic has created a legion of new DIYers at home. Most of them love to tackle new projects or do simple home maintenance that requires some equipment. If you're one of them, then you should check out the links below to find the best deals online.


Keeping your living and workspace properly illuminated promotes a healthy and sound mind. It can also set which mood you are in if you have a color-changing bulb at home. Our article has proven that choosing the right bulb shouldn't be a burden for anyone. We've already provided you the basics and all you need to do is remember them.

Author: C. Lacson

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