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  4. 10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More
  • 10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More 1
  • 10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More 2
  • 10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More 3
  • 10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More 4
  • 10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More 5

10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes in the Philippines 2023 | Rockbros, Topeak, Specialized, and More

Since the onset of the pandemic, the metro has been subjected to limited access as public transportation was restricted to 50% only. The number of daily road cyclists increased, and this encouraged most of them to get the right accessories for bicycles to have the best experience. One of these is a bottle cage or a bottle holder which is helpful to keep one cool and hydrated in the hot weather.

Bottle cages are not only for the working class but also for fitness enthusiasts too. This small contraption aims to hold the water bottle and provide easy access whenever you need a drink. In this article, we will present the right factors to consider before your purchase and some of the best products for you to choose from. Also, read some tips and other items that might make your cycling experience as pleasurable as it can be.

Last updated 03/07/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Bottle Cage for Bikes - Buying Guide

Bottle cages can often be found perched on the top of the down tube or the seat tube of a bicycle. Below are some of the factors to consider when looking for the best product for your current needs.

① Know the Common Types of Bottle Cage Designs

Know the Common Types of Bottle Cage Designs

A traditional alloy bottle cage is made of a tubular alloy that has a simple design and obviously heavier because of the material. It is cheaper and can be bent back into shape if ever it loses its grip over the water bottle. 

The carbon fiber or polycarbonate type has a wraparound cage design which "embraces" the bottle body and holds it in place. It has a sleek and lightweight construction that is favored by racers and cross-country riders.

In situations that some cyclists might want a more aerodynamic approach, they could use a mounting bracket behind the saddle. Also, some triathlon bikes are affixed with a bar mount on their aero bars that hold a cage and bottle to be nearer the rider's face. This setup grants the triathlete water access through a straw while remaining in an aero tuck position during a race.

② Inspect the Bottle Cage Material

Inspect the Bottle Cage Material

Conventionally, bottle cages are made with bent aluminum or steel for durability and strength. From a simple design of a tubular alloy shaped in a single loop to futuristic-looking cages that includes a rubberized coating for bottle retention, the choices are endless. When looking for a bottle cage that is lightweight but still maintains sturdiness, cyclists can resort to a much pricier titanium material. 

Today, polycarbonate and carbon fiber materials are dominating the market. Many cyclists are favoring these newer materials because of their lighter construction and low price. Weight is a huge consideration for race cyclists and daily commuters, so the lighter it is, the more attractive they are, especially for the "weight weenies" out there.

③ Determine Its Ease of Access and Installation

Determine Its Ease of Access and Installation

Reaching out for your water bottle and removing it shouldn't pose a hassle, even when riding at high speeds. The cage should strike a balance between securing the bottle and ease of access

Another factor to look into is the design of the frame. One could choose to have a top-load cage if you have lots of room on the front triangle, such as in the case of a standard bike frame.

Full-suspension bikes are a different matter since the frame has to accommodate more components with tight clearances, a side-load cage may be the best setup. Other cyclists prefer to have bottle holders mounted on their handlebar for faster access, so these designs are also available for triathlon-specific bikes.

④ Check the Cage’s Bottle “Grip”

Check the Cage’s Bottle “Grip”

The main function of a bottle cage is to secure the bottle and guarantee that it is gripped around the neck or body. Primarily, the cage must be mounted tightly into the frame to ensure it doesn't get loose due to vibrations during a ride. Minimalist cages, such as carbon fibers and plastics, have a wraparound design to grip the bottle body. 

Trail or freestyle riding may need a "traditional" type of cage to prevent the bottle from sliding loose even if the bottle is shaken vigorously. A steel alloy cage might favor those who are on the extreme side since they could easily bend back a warped alloy cage if ever it gets whacked during a trail mishap or if it loses its grip over time.

Many manufacturers add rubber inserts or design the cage with a spring action mechanism to hold the water bottle in place. While a bottle cage should have adequate holding strength, it must also provide enough force to release the bottle too when needed.

⑤ Plan Which Cage Size Works for You

Plan Which Cage Size Works for You

Commonly, bottle cages are touted to be a one-size-fits-all accessory for your bike where it could hold a bottle up to 750 ml water capacity. Many high-end bike brands tend to sell cages and bottles as a combo to match the frames, which should eliminate issues with cage placement or space clearance. 

Make sure you have the correct dimensions of your bike frame before ordering the cage, and consider the bottle size if ever you need a larger capacity in preparation for your long rides. On the other hand, you can purchase cages with extendable holders, so you can opt to bring a longer or a wider water bottle to quench your thirst.

10 Best Bottle Cage for Bikes to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage

Bikemen Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage 1枚目

A Budget-Friendly Cage for Weight Weenies



Bicycle Bottle Cage

Rockbros Bicycle Bottle Cage 1枚目

The Cage for Various Bottle Types



Modula Java Bottle Cage

Topeak Modula Java Bottle Cage 1枚目

Enjoy Your Coffee Wherever You May Be



ZEE II Composite Bottle Cage

Specialized ZEE II Composite Bottle Cage 1枚目

The Top Choice for Cramped Bike Frames



Vico Cage

Elite Vico Cage 1枚目

A Race-Tested Premium Carbon Cage



B'TWIN Triban 100 Metal Bottle Cage

Decathlon B'TWIN Triban 100 Metal Bottle Cage 1枚目

The Classic and Durable Cage for Everyone



Outpost Cage

Blackburn  Outpost Cage 1枚目

A Bikepacker's Best Pick for a Bottle Cage



Direct-Mount Reserve Rack

Specialized Direct-Mount Reserve Rack 1枚目

Simple, Easy, and Multi-Purpose


Profile Design

Aerodrink Basebar Bracket

Profile Design Aerodrink Basebar Bracket 1枚目

A Speed-Oriented Accessory for Serious Cyclists



Bottle Cage Holder Mount Adapter

MZYRH Bottle Cage Holder Mount Adapter 1枚目

Need More Water? Here's the Best Solution

Product details

BikemenCarbon Fiber Bottle Cage

From ₱79

A Budget-Friendly Cage for Weight Weenies

If you're aiming to shave off some extra weight from your road or mountain bike, replacing your traditional metal bottle cage with a carbon fiber type is a wise decision. This bottle cage accessory from Bikemen has a streamlined design with a top-loading system

It is a carbon fiber cage that is surprisingly tough and will not deform nor break even on a strong impact. The cage could accommodate up to 750 ml capacity bottles and has a smooth surface that wouldn't scratch the container. You can easily slip in a 55-millimeter or above diameter bottle without a hitch. 

Take note that carbon fiber material might be susceptible to breakage if exposed to extreme heat, so it is advisable to keep stash your bike in a shaded space.


RockbrosBicycle Bottle Cage2017-11B

From ₱165

The Cage for Various Bottle Types

Rockbros is a Chinese brand under the Yiwu Rock Sporting Goods that has originated from Zhejiang in 2010. The company has been supplying bicycle accessories globally by expanding through Asia, Europe, and the Americas. 

Their Rockbros bottle cage is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and polycarbonate plastic designed for easy mounting and installation. You can choose from two designsー top-load and side-load, while you can also pick from five colors that could easily blend with your bike color or motif. 

The cage is meticulously painted with sanded edges to eliminate sharp curves that could scratch your water bottles. What's more, you can install it right away upon delivery with the help of the tools included in the package!


TopeakModula Java Bottle Cage

From ₱698

Enjoy Your Coffee Wherever You May Be

With over 29 years of experience in creating the best cycling accessories, Taiwan's Topeak has remained to be one of the forerunners in the industry. Commuters will love the Modula Java Adjustable bottle cage since it is the perfect accessory for bringing their freshly brewed coffee from their home to their workplace. 

The height and diameter of the cage should be able to accommodate a tumbler to have your drink anytime or your cylindrical Bluetooth speaker for your favorite tunes. Its highly adjustable height and flexible knob could secure various bottle and mug sizes while safely securing it with a rubber strap. Whether it is a hot or cold beverage, it definitely won't be a problem with this bottle cage!


SpecializedZEE II Composite Bottle Cage

From ₱1,320

The Top Choice for Cramped Bike Frames

Specialized is a company built by riders for riders since 1974. They have been creating exceptional bikes and accessories throughout the years and are one of the most trusted manufacturers of quality bikes around the world. Their Specialized Zee Cage II is a bottle cage made out of synthetic material with high strength and the best design

The bottle is configured to be inserted or removed from either right or left side, depending on the design the rider wishes to choose. Because of this, the cage is very suitable for smaller bike frames or suspension-type mountain bikes. You can install the bottle cage easily using any EMT Cage Mount tool or SWAT XC accessory box by Specialized.


A Race-Tested Premium Carbon Cage

Here's your chance to own a bottle cage used by elite cyclists all over the globe! Made in Italy, Elite's Vico Carbon is the top choice of many World Tour teams because of its lightweight properties and excellent bottle retention qualities. 

The Vico is specially designed for small sloping frames with smaller center triangles. Its structural areas have varying tension levels to ensure that there is enough pressure applied to the bottle and it holds in place during use even on high speed or rocky terrains. 

This aesthetically pleasing bottle cage is a product of years of race victories from professional teams which meet the expectations of demanding cyclists. The Vico Carbon has a premium design that will benefit riders of various cycling disciplines and riding styles.


DecathlonB'TWIN Triban 100 Metal Bottle Cage

From ₱210

The Classic and Durable Cage for Everyone

Decathlon is a French brand that distributes consumer products for multiple sports disciplines around the globe. Their B'TWIN Triban 100 metal bottle cage has a "traditional" design that is characterized by the classic tube looped into a springy profile to hold various bottle sizes. 

In addition, the cage's mounting holes are conveniently planned to adapt to any holes provided on the frame. This cage is made of metal and is not recommended for weight watchers and race athletes since it is quite heavy. 

It is easy to bend the metal back to its original form if ever it gets twisted out of shape -- no need to purchase a new one! So, if you're out looking for a durable and no-nonsense cage for your rugged cycling style, the Triban 100 got you covered.


Blackburn Outpost Cage

From ₱2,360

A Bikepacker's Best Pick for a Bottle Cage

For bikepackers out there, this is the bottle cage that you will ever need. Suppose you're planning on conquering the mountains while trail-riding, the Outpost Cargo Cage must be your weapon of choice. It is designed to carry bulky items and be attached to your bike's fork or down tube, thereby freeing valuable space inside your backpack.

Take a look at Blackburn's Outpost Cargo Bottle Cage, which features a multi-purpose combination of a cargo rack and a bottle cage. This product comes with two compression straps that are silicone-backed to secure whichever you choose to carry with it. 

There are three mounting holes to fit various frame sizes, and the wide cage allows you to take in huge water containers or odd-sized water bottles on longer bike journeys. 


SpecializedDirect-Mount Reserve Rack

From ₱1,595

Simple, Easy, and Multi-Purpose

The Direct-Mount Reserve Rack is Specialized's solution to packing issues and hydration woes of most racers. It is a multi-purpose rack that has holes in it for mounting bottle cages, racks, or essential tools on your race day. 

This simple design is a great storage idea made possible by the two holes on top, which fits perfectly with any SWAT-compatible saddle. You don't need any clamps or any mechanism to mount your bottle cages. 

The bottles are neatly tucked under the saddle for a more aerodynamic profile, thereby eliminating air drag. You have the option to have single or dual bottles; it's all up to you! Take note, however,  that the bottle cage and bottles are sold separately, so you have the freedom to select which cage and bottle combo should suit your needs.


Profile DesignAerodrink Basebar Bracket

From ₱550

A Speed-Oriented Accessory for Serious Cyclists

Since 1988, Profile Design created a standard for cycling products designed for speed, where all items are focused on superior handling, aerodynamics, fit, and adjustability. Their Aerodrink bracket mount is a perfect addition to the basebar as a great hydration solution for triathletes and time-trial cyclists. 

This is the bracket to hold any standard bottle cage or Profile Design proprietary aerodynamic cage. The unique layout allows for independent width and angle changes of the hydration system without affecting aerobars. 

The accessory eliminates the need to reach out for your bottle on the frame or from the back. With the straw from the Aerodrink bottle, all you have to do is sip from it and be rehydrated instantly. 


MZYRHBottle Cage Holder Mount Adapter

From ₱371

Need More Water? Here's the Best Solution

Want to bring two water bottles but don't have enough space on your bike? Why not use a seatpost-mounted adjustable adapter designed for holding two bottle cages. The MZYRH Bottle Cage Holder is an ingenious accessory that resolves the issue of space and capacity. You can carry two bottles behind you to eliminate drag during races and ensure that you are hydrated all the time. 

There's a small slot on the adaptor that is dedicated to hold a CO2 canister for faster tire inflation while racing. You can also swivel and configure the cages in place to improve your aerodynamics. Unfortunately, the bottle and cage are not included, which should be bought separately. 

Level Up Your Biking Experience With These Cool Items


It doesn't matter whether you're racing, trail-riding, or just leisure riding, getting a bottle cage and a water bottle is essential. But, carrying a water bottle inside your pocket or on your belt pack isn't the ideal thing. This might be dangerous since it doesn't provide secure handling and better access. We hope that this article has enlightened every cyclist on the importance of a bottle cage. Happy trails!

Author: C. Lacson

Top 5 Bottle Cage for Bikes

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No. 2RockbrosBicycle Bottle Cage2017-11B

No. 3TopeakModula Java Bottle Cage

No. 4SpecializedZEE II Composite Bottle Cage

No. 5EliteVico Cage

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