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  • 10 Best Insecticides in the Philippines 2023 | Baygon, Sevin, and More 1
  • 10 Best Insecticides in the Philippines 2023 | Baygon, Sevin, and More 2
  • 10 Best Insecticides in the Philippines 2023 | Baygon, Sevin, and More 3
  • 10 Best Insecticides in the Philippines 2023 | Baygon, Sevin, and More 4
  • 10 Best Insecticides in the Philippines 2023 | Baygon, Sevin, and More 5

10 Best Insecticides in the Philippines 2023 | Baygon, Sevin, and More

Admit it, we all hate it when insects start invading our personal space. From the flying cockroaches in our living rooms to the long line of ants marching towards the pantryーyou name it, we dread it! Good thing there are several effective insecticides that we can easily buy from the market to combat these insects.

But to pick one that works best for your needs, there are many things to consider. Should you get a natural insecticide for your home? Is it suitable for the garden or kitchen? Ask no more, as this article will walk you through some recommendations and a buying guide that you can use as a cheat sheet to select the best insecticide!

Last updated 02/26/2023
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Editorial Team

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How to Choose an Insecticide - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Determine the type of insect infestation.
  2. Choose between the different types of pesticide formulations.
  3. Select a type of insecticide: organic or synthetic.
  4. Know your treatment site.
  5. Recall previously used insecticides. 

For more information, read through our buying guide below.

① Determine the Type of Insect Infestation

One point to consider before buying an insecticide is the type of insect infestation you have. Not all insects are harmful. Some are beneficial—for example, bees and butterflies help plants bear fruit, while spiders can even be predators of small insects. If you know what type of insect infestation you're dealing with, it's easier to choose a suitable insecticide.

Broad Spectrum Insecticides Targets All-Kinds of Insects

Broad Spectrum Insecticides Targets All-Kinds of Insects

Broad-spectrum insecticides can target multiple insects, both flying and crawling. This would include mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and dust mites, among others. If there are no beneficial insects in your location, a multiple-target insecticide will be the perfect option for you.

Targeted Insecticides if Some Insects Are Beneficial

Targeted Insecticides if Some Insects Are Beneficial

Targeted insecticides are focused on killing one type of insect. These are effective for eliminating single-insect infestations. If there are beneficial or non-target insects in your environment, it is advisable to use this type. However, of course, this is not recommended if you have multiple insect infestations of high severity.

② Choose Between Different Types of Pesticide Formulation

There are different types of insecticides that are optimal for various environmental conditions. Find out which among these formulations of insecticides are best suited for your needs. They can come in the form of granules, baits, aerosols, and sprays.

Consider Using Baits for Social Insects

Consider Using Baits for Social Insects

Baits are available in the form of pellets, powders, liquids, and gels. They contain an attractant that lures insects to ingest them. They are usually used against social insects like ants, cockroaches, and termites because they primarily target colonies instead of single insects.

Compared to other types, they are generally safer because they only contain a small number of active ingredients. But if you want to increase the level of safety in your environment, you can look for container baits. And if you're living with children or pets, make sure that you place these baits in areas they can't reach

Pick Aerosols if You Want an Easy-to-Use Insecticide

Pick Aerosols if You Want an Easy-to-Use Insecticide

When an insecticide is in aerosol form, it's usually stored in a metal can. It has a simple design that allows quick and easy usage, which especially comes in handy if you're trying to deal with flying and crawling insects.

However, note that aerosols do not have great penetration in crevices. Some formulations are also flammable, so they should be stored away from areas with fire. Moreover, aerosol formulations can be highly toxic when inhaled or come in contact with skin.

Go for Sprays if You Want Versatility

Go for Sprays if You Want Versatility

There are two types of sprays: ready-to-use and concentrate. Ready-to-use sprays don’t need any kind of mixing before usage. They're best used in the garden but you must keep in mind that they are moderately toxic, so avoid using them in windy conditions.

On the other hand, concentrate sprays work really well in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, they need to be mixed or diluted with water. And sometimes the mixing process may lead to spillage, so you must wear your gloves to prevent droplets from touching your skin.

③ Select a Type of Insecticide: Organic or Synthetic

There are many choices when it comes to picking a good insecticide, and another thing you have to consider is the active ingredients found in it. One way to differentiate these ingredients is to determine whether they are organic or synthetic. 

Organic Insecticides for Low Toxicity

Organic Insecticides for Low Toxicity

A common notion is that when a product is marketed as organic, it’s completely safe to use, but that idea doesn’t always hold. All chemicals, whether organic or synthetic, can be toxic to a certain degree. When a chemical is said to be organic, its source is found in nature, like plants. Examples include peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and lemon oil.

Most organic insecticides available in the market have low toxicity. But as mentioned previously, this does not always mean that you can just go ahead and keep spraying about. Remember, no insecticide is completely safe for non-target animals.

The major downside of organic ingredients involves their quick degradation. In the presence of heat and sunlight, organic ingredients can become less effective. Thus, these insecticides should always be stored in amber bottles to prevent their ingredients from degrading.

Synthetic Insecticides Are Easily Accessible

Synthetic Insecticides Are Easily Accessible

Synthetic insecticides are the most common in the market. They act quickly and yield better results. Their toxicity can also widely vary, depending on the active ingredient they contain. Thus, it's vital to read the packaging, as it includes warnings on how toxic an active ingredient can be. Carbaryl, cypermethrin, and prallethrin are some examples of synthetic insecticides.

④ Know Your Treatment Site

Know Your Treatment Site

To successfully target infestations, it is vital to know the treatment site well. You have to consider whether there's food handled, or there are plants and other animals in the area. To make sure you're using a suitable insecticide for the site, you can also double-check the label that usually mentions the suitable areas for use.

Also, note the temperature in the treatment area because these can affect certain formulations of insecticides, specifically aerosols. If the area is too hot or exposed to direct sunlight or fire, the aerosol can explode.

⑤ Recall Previously Used Insecticides

Recall Previously Used Insecticides

When an insecticide is used against an insect population, there's a chance that some will survive. The surviving pests can develop resistance to this specific insecticide and pass it on to their offspring. This can be a pain in the neck, but you can prevent this through a quick solution. 

The best way to avoid this is to switch insecticides from time to time. By frequently switching insecticides, you can help prevent these insects from developing resistance. Recall previous insecticide brands you've used before and switch to another product or brand. Doing so can help eliminate those pesky insects in no time.

10 Best Insecticides to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Odorless Multi-Insect Killer

Baygon Odorless Multi-Insect Killer 1枚目

Odorless Option for Eliminating All Kinds of Insects



Blattanex Cockroach Gel

Bayer  Blattanex Cockroach Gel  1枚目

Fast-Acting and Unscented Cockroach Gel


Green Leaf

Powder Ant Killing Bait

Green Leaf Powder Ant Killing Bait 1枚目

Ant Killing Bait Best for Hard-to-Reach Crevices



24-Hour Roach Killer

Baygon 24-Hour Roach Killer 1枚目

Discreet and Tamper-Proof Cockroach Bait


Theodore's Home Care

Dust Mite Spray

Theodore's Home Care Dust Mite Spray 1枚目

Get Rid of Dust Mites With This Organic Pest Control Spray


Touch of Green MNL

Neem Oil Plant Spray

Touch of Green MNL Neem Oil Plant Spray  1枚目

All-Natural Spray Insecticide for Garden Plants



WP 85 Powder Insecticide

Bayer  WP 85 Powder Insecticide 1枚目

Keep Your Fur Babies Safe From Fleas With This Powder Insecticide



Cymbush 5EC

Syngenta Cymbush 5EC 1枚目

Save Your Crops From Stubborn Insects



Optigard® Flex Insecticide

Syngenta Optigard® Flex Insecticide 1枚目

Achieve a Pest-Free Home With This Insecticide Spray


Theodore's Home Care

Anti-Ant Spray

Theodore's Home Care Anti-Ant Spray 1枚目

Chemical-Free and Aromatic Choice for Dealing With Ants

Product details

BaygonOdorless Multi-Insect Killer

From ₱323

Odorless Option for Eliminating All Kinds of Insects

For the longest time, Baygon has been the most recognized brand in the insecticide industry. They're known for their highly effective insecticides that vary in formulations. One of the best products in the market that you should definitely check out is their multi-insect killer.

No matter what type of insect you want to get rid of, this can do the job, as it can kill cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes in just a few seconds. It is also designed to be odorless, so you don't have to worry about using it indoors. Plus, its formulation is water-based, so it doesn't stain your furniture.

Do note, however, that this is a flammable product. Thus, it's best to keep it in areas not exposed to flame or high temperatures. Moreover, although odorless, you should still leave the room 30 minutes after spraying this insecticide to ensure you don't inhale it.


Bayer Blattanex Cockroach Gel

From ₱314

Fast-Acting and Unscented Cockroach Gel

Have you ever freaked out while watching your favorite TV show or washing the dishes because you saw a cockroach sneakily making its way across the room? Well, you'll never have to experience that ever again with this cockroach-control insecticide.

This insecticide enforces a baiting system with its gel formulation to give you fast-acting action against those nasty insects. Its formula also uses Imidacloprid as an active ingredient that lures cockroaches to feed on the gel.

Since it is unscented, it is suitable to use indoors. And although its 12-gram tube may look tiny, it can provide up to 120 spots. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, and it's one of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches in your home.


Green LeafPowder Ant Killing Bait

From ₱5

Ant Killing Bait Best for Hard-to-Reach Crevices

It's frustrating to leave some food on the table or even in the pantry, only to see some ants flock towards it. Fipronil, the active ingredient in this insecticide, is one of the best solutions to get rid of those annoying pests. It attracts ants to take the bait particles to feed on.

Since it comes in powder form, it can be easily used in hard-to-reach areas, specifically on cracks and crevices where ants love to hide. Just make sure to wear gloves, masks, and other safety protective equipment when handling it, and for best results, be sure to fill the bait whenever you find that it's depleted.


Baygon24-Hour Roach Killer6 Baits

From ₱215

Discreet and Tamper-Proof Cockroach Bait

Another Baygon product makes it to our list. This time, it's the 24-hour cockroach killer. It uses Indoxacarb, a type of insecticide powerful in treating cockroach infestations. It's offered in tablet form through this product, which is placed inside a bait container.

This bait container can be placed anywhere indoors, including your kitchens and dining areas. It also features a sticker on its underside, so you can stick it easily to your wallsーno matter how high or low you'd like, it's going to hold.

The bait container is also discreet in design, so it doesn't attract attention from guests and cause embarrassment for you. Moreover, it is tamper-proof, which makes it extremely safe even if you have kids and pets in your household.


Get Rid of Dust Mites With This Organic Pest Control Spray

Do you find yourself sneezing too much at home? Maybe you have a dust mite infestation, and if that's the case, Theodore's Dust Mite Spray is the best product for you, especially considering how it uses all-natural ingredients.

This organic insecticide contains a combination of five essential oils: eucalyptus, lemon oil, lavender, tea tree, and peppermint oil. It also has a pleasing aroma that makes it perfect to use indoors to leave your whole area smelling amazing.

Apart from functioning as an insecticide, it simultaneously acts as a deodorizer and sanitizer, too. From the living room to your bedroom, this insecticide spray will do an excellent job of eliminating dust mites and letting you bid those allergies goodbye. 


Touch of Green MNLNeem Oil Plant Spray

From ₱189

All-Natural Spray Insecticide for Garden Plants

Almost everyone loves taking care of plants nowadays. Most homes are filled and decorated with lush greens and flowers. And it's not news to us that there are bound to be pests when there are plantsーgood thing this Neem oil spray can take care of those pesky garden insects for you.

It comes ready to use, and there is absolutely no need to dilute it. You can directly spray it on your plants' stem, leaves, and soil to effectively eliminate insects, bugs, mites, and fungi. Another thing we love about this insecticide is the fact that it is organic and toxic-free, making it safe to use even with pets around.


Bayer WP 85 Powder Insecticide

From ₱118

Keep Your Fur Babies Safe From Fleas With This Powder Insecticide

As this spray is created by Bayer AG, a company known for producing some of the best insecticides, there is no need to doubt when it comes to its quality. It contains carbaryl, a broad-spectrum insecticide that can eliminate a wide variety of insects.

Specifically, it targets chewing and sucking insects that attack fruits and crops. But what gives this product an edge is its use as an insecticide that can also benefit your pets. It can kill fleas and ticks—all you have to do is spray it on your pet's skin.

It isn't limited to cats and dogs, as it works for chickens, ducks, and pigeons as well! Because it has a variety of uses and purposes, this package has specific mixing instructions depending on how you plan to use it. Thus, be sure to read the package label in order to get the most out of this insecticide.


SyngentaCymbush 5EC

From ₱198

Save Your Crops From Stubborn Insects

Insects can become resistant to an insecticide for various reasons, one of which is when they're repeatedly exposed to the same particular insecticideーand this spray is the solution to that problem! It remains effective against insects that are already resistant to multiple insecticides.

It comes in a spray form, and it contains cypermethrin that targets insects that love to feed on crops like mangoes, corn, rice, beans, and tomato. But before using it, make sure to read the instructions, as each crop may require different concentrations.

Cypermethrin is incompatible with alkali-based compounds, like copper fungicides. Thus, make sure you also avoid using these products with this insecticide. In terms of toxicity, cypermethrin is also moderately toxic, so always wear your protective equipment when handling this product.


SyngentaOptigard® Flex Insecticide

From ₱3,240

Achieve a Pest-Free Home With This Insecticide Spray

Dreaming of a pest-free home? Syngenta's Optigard Flex Insecticide is another effective non-repellent spray you should consider going for. It contains thiamethoxam, a broad-spectrum insecticide that can combat different types of insects.

Because of its non-repellent property, it lures insects in to ingest its formula. To use it properly, you have to dilute it with water and then use it as a spray. It has many application methods, making it an ideal product that works anywhere, whether indoors, outdoors, or even in food-handling areas.


Chemical-Free and Aromatic Choice for Dealing With Ants

Some synthetic insecticides can leave strong odors, making them unsuitable for poorly ventilated areas. Thus, if you prefer to use an organic insecticide, Theodore's Anti-Ant Spray could be the product for you. This spray uses peppermint oil as its active ingredient, so it leaves a pleasant smell in your area after use.

It is an oil-based insecticide that works well in enclosed spaces due to its volatility, so the gases it releases can stay in the air for longer. This way, you can ensure that the effect is long-lasting enough to kill all the ants in your area, both black and red in variety.

This product is also a ready-to-use spray, so you can expect no-frills. All you need to do is spray this directly on ants or their dwellings. However, note that it can stain certain surfaces since it's oil-based. If that doesn't seem like an area of concern for you, you'll love the overall effectiveness of this fast-acting spray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Is Insecticide Dangerous for Pets?

Most insecticides, especially those that come in aerosol cans, are basic irritants for dogs and cats. If your pet is exposed to these substances, it may experience clinical signs of drooling, nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea. Make sure to keep these products away from your pet as much as possible. 

How Often to Spray Insecticides on Plants?

Once you see pests on your plants, it may be best to spray them in the morning or in the late evening. Do not spray during hot hours, as it may damage the foliage. Besides that, spray the plant again in four days to catch anything you might have missed. Also, make sure to check the insecticide label for any directions as well. 

Will Insecticide Kill Plants?

If used in moderation, insecticides don't necessarily kill plants, but they may prove dangerous to your garden. Phytotoxicity is the term used for any plant injury caused by chemicals. Herbaceous plants such as carrot, parsnip, and abacá are more vulnerable to pesticides. 

Can You Use Insecticide Indoors?

Double-check the label of your insecticide. Never use those labeled "for outdoor use only" inside your home. Make sure as well that when you spray indoors, there is proper ventilation. And lastly, don't forget to open the windows of the room you spray it in and operate the fans after applying the insecticide.

Prevent Dengue With Mosquito Repellants and Killers

In the Philippines, mosquitoes can transmit deadly diseases such as dengue. Mosquitoes that spread these diseases thrive in environments with standing water and wet weather, which is an often occurrence for most parts of the country. We prepared the following articles that can help you keep your family and household safe from these mosquitoes.

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How We Chose and Ranked Our Product Recommendations

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Top 5 Insecticides

No. 1BaygonOdorless Multi-Insect Killer

No. 2Bayer Blattanex Cockroach Gel

No. 3Green LeafPowder Ant Killing Bait

No. 4Baygon24-Hour Roach Killer6 Baits

No. 5Theodore's Home CareDust Mite Spray

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