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  • 10 Best Male Condoms in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sex and Relationships Therapist 1
  • 10 Best Male Condoms in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sex and Relationships Therapist 2
  • 10 Best Male Condoms in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sex and Relationships Therapist 3
  • 10 Best Male Condoms in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sex and Relationships Therapist 4
  • 10 Best Male Condoms in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sex and Relationships Therapist 5

10 Best Male Condoms in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Sex and Relationships Therapist

Male condoms are the most popular and accessible contraceptives available. If used correctly, a condom has a high rate of effectiveness in preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is also used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, making it the cheapest option to protect yourself while having sex.

In this article, you'll find a buying guide fact-checked by Sex and Relationships Therapist, Dr. Rica Cruz that will help you find the best condom for you. Read on as well to find our recommended list of the best condom products and brands in the Philippines that you can buy online!

Last updated 03/03/2023
Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships Therapist
Dr. Rica Cruz

Dr. Rica Cruz. PhD, RPsy, is a sex therapist and educator who have partnered with condom brands to promote safe, sexy, and responsible sex all over the country. She is also the CEO of Unprude, a place where sexual wellness is encouraged.

Dr. Rica Cruz's Profile
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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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Table of Contents

Benefits of Using a Condom

There is still a long way to go in the Philippines regarding sexual education. Some may still be asking "is a condom a contraceptive?" Many may not even know that contraceptives can even enhance the experience for all the parties involved. Let's dive into some of the main benefits of using male condoms!

Male Condoms Are Highly Effective Against Unwanted Pregnancy

Male Condoms Are Highly Effective Against Unwanted Pregnancy

The male condom has a lot of benefits. It is a contraceptive that is worn over the male penis and works as a barrier during sexual intercourse. When used correctly, the effectiveness rate of male condoms results is 98%. 

A condom prevents pregnancies by preventing the sperm from getting out of the condom, making it unable to make contact with the egg. Condoms are usually made from different materials such as latex (rubber), polyurethane, or Polyisoprene.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Most people use male condoms as they are cheap, effective, and easy to acquire since they do not require a prescription or a visit to a doctor. There are different kinds of condoms made for your satisfaction—some are lubricated, some are ribbed, some are flavored! There are also different sizes depending on the size of your penis. But in the Philippines, condoms are usually in Asian sizes.

It Can Prevent the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

It Can Prevent the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

The layer of protection also prevents any fluids from coming into contact with the partner. This helps in controlling the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI) so that there's no organ contact between the partners. If performed properly, a condom is a reliable and cheap way to protect you during intercourse. 

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Condoms do not just protect you from unwanted pregnancies, but they may also lower the risk of you getting/transmitting STIs. They can be found in drugstores, health centers, and even convenience stores! 

How to Choose a Condom - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Choose your preferred material.
  2. Get the correct fitting condom for effectiveness and enjoyment.
  3. The thickness of the condom affects sensation during the act.
  4. Condoms with lubrication to help ease your partner into it.
  5. Flavored condoms can spice up intimacy.
  6. Ribbing and spots give more texture.
  7. Spermicidal properties aid the effectiveness of the male condom.
  8. The expiration date affects the condom's effectiveness.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Choose Your Preferred Material

There are different condom types available in the market, wherein they differ in materials as well as construction. Different materials meet different needs it's important to understand the properties and advantages of each material used in the construction of a male condom.

Latex Condoms Are Stretchy and Are the Most Common

Latex Condoms Are Stretchy and Are the Most Common

Most condoms that you will be able to buy in drugstores are made from latex. Latex is a widely available material that is made from natural rubber. Due to this property, they are cheap to produce, leading to a cheaper yet reliable condom.

However, some people cannot use this type of condom as there are skin conditions that react negatively to the material. If you have a condom latex allergy, it can cause itchy rashes. When using a lubricant with a latex condom, avoid oil-based lubricant at all costs, as it can react with the latex and cause breakage or leaks. 

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Latex condoms are cheap and are the most accessible. However, not everyone can use them. According to studies, women are more prone to latex allergies as the vagina's mucus membranes make it more accessible for latex proteins to enter the body. Thus, women sensitive to latex may experience swelling and itching in their genital area after using latex condoms. If you feel that you have a latex allergy, it is best to go to your doctor. You may also use other types of condoms.

For Better Durability, Use Polyisoprene Condoms

For Better Durability, Use Polyisoprene Condoms

An important question to answer is if a condom is safe. Polyisoprene is a type of material used for male condoms, and it is safer and is FDA-approved as it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions, unlike latex condoms. The absence of proteins in this synthetic rubber is what makes it usable for those who have skin allergies due to latex.

It has the same stretch as latex while having a soft and supple feel, lending comfort and a good fit to the male organ. It is also durable, making it less likely to tear than its latex counterpart. One of the downsides of Polyisoprene is its construction. To be usable, it needs to be thicker, which for some, can lessen the sensations felt during intercourse.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Polyisoprene condoms are clinically tested, nonlatex, thin, and flexible condoms that can be a useful alternative for latex allergies. Polyisoprene is the synthetic form of latex. It is made in a laboratory to feel like natural rubber. Though they are usually more expensive than latex condoms, they provide an effective barrier to pregnancy and STIs. They can also be used in oral, vaginal, and anal sex! Just don't forget the lube!

For Maximum Sensation, Opt for Polyurethane Condoms

For Maximum Sensation, Opt for Polyurethane Condoms

Polyurethane is a type of flexible plastic used in the construction of condoms. It can be made thinner and has good heat transmission, making you feel like you aren’t wearing any condom at all. Unlike latex, it has no rubbery smell that can put off some users. 

The plastic doesn’t degrade quickly, making polyurethane condoms last during storage. Due to it being plastic, it is not as stretchable as synthetic rubbers like Polyisoprene and latex. It is also much more prone to breakage due to this. 

It also doesn’t conform well to the organ, making it prone to slippage while in the act. To reduce breakage, using a water-based lubricant on the inside of the condom will help reduce friction and lessen the chance of breakage.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

These are another great alternative to latex. Because they are made from plastic and not rubber, these condoms tend to be baggier and less stretchy and, thus, gives the penis less constriction, unlike the more elastic latex condoms. Studies also say they can also transmit body heat better than latex condoms, giving out warming sensations that can increase sexual satisfaction. However, you have to be careful when using polyurethane, as it may slip during rough and vigorous sexual acts.

Get a Lambskin Condom if You Value Skin-to-skin Feel

Get a Lambskin Condom if You Value Skin-to-skin Feel

One of the earliest known forms of condom, the lambskin condom, uses a thin membrane from a lamb’s intestine. Harking from the Roman empire, this type of condom has been used for centuries to prevent unwanted children. 

It may sound unhygienic, but lambskin condoms are FDA-approved and even has the same effectiveness as latex condoms. Due to its nature, the lambskin can transfer better heat and feel while worn, making it more pleasurable than other options. 

It also works well with oil-based lubricants, unlike synthetic rubber. It is important to note that you can only use this to prevent pregnancies and not STIs, as the material is porous and can let microbes and viruses pass through. 

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Lambskin condoms are more expensive than latex condoms as they are costly to produce. They may also have a smell that may not be inviting to some people. Lambskin condoms use a drawstring that keeps the condom in place, unlike the elastic base of latex condoms. To use a lambskin condom, you have to place it over the sheath of the penis, then draw it tightly closed at the base with the attached drawstring.

② Get the Correct Fitting Condom for Effectiveness and Enjoyment

It is common knowledge that we are all anatomically unique. The same goes for the male genitalia. Some may be well endowed, while others, not so much. Therefore, a good fitting condom is needed for you to enjoy having sex. It prevents slippage and tearing, maximizing pleasure. 

Get the Measurements of Your Male Genitalia

Get the Measurements of Your Male Genitalia

A condom’s effectiveness is also dependent on the fit. To work its wonders, it has to have a perfect fit on the penis of the user. To get the right condom, you need to measure yourself. Using a tape measure, acquire the length and the girth or circumference of your male appendage. 

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

It is important to measure and consider both condom width and length for maximum condom efficacy. The right width ensures that the condom will not slip off, while the right length guarantees that the whole penis is covered and that there's enough space for the ejaculate.

Make Sure to Read and Refer to the Size Guide

Make Sure to Read and Refer to the Size Guide

Manufacturers have condom size measurements on the labels, so use those to gauge if the condom will fit you correctly. If unsure, you can buy one and test it out. Remember, a better fit means better sensations!

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

What's interesting is that some studies found out that the right condom fit can actually help premature and delayed ejaculation! Thus, it is best to try a condom's fit first during masturbation before taking it out for a ride!

③ The Thickness of the Condom Affects Sensation During the Act

The Thickness of the Condom Affects Sensation During the Act

Men have problems with using condoms due to it numbing the feeling while having sex. For those men, they should use a thinner condom to maximize pleasure during sexual intercourse. Some of the thinnest condoms can go as thin as 0.004mm while still being reliable. 

On the other hand, if you are concerned with premature ejaculation or would want to last longer, getting a thicker condom will help with your stamina. The barrier is thicker, such as 0.075mm for Durex Extra safe example.

You'll find that thicker condoms help your penis become numb to the overwhelming sensations felt during sexual intercourse. Depending on your need, you can adjust the thickness to achieve the pleasure you want to attain.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz
The "standard" condom thickness is around 0.07mm or 70 microns, while the thinnest condoms available of reliable quality are around 0.04mm. Condom testing discovered that standard condom thickness is enough for any kind of sexual activity. The integrity of condoms are tested through the following four tests:

  1. Electrical screening, which uses electricity to detect holes in the condom
  2. Water tests, where condoms are filled with water and tested for leaks
  3. Tensile strength tests, which involve stretching of the condom to over 7 times its initial girth
  4. Air tests involve inflating a condom with 15-18 liters of air!

④ Condoms With Lubrication to Help Ease Your Partner Into It

The mindset that condoms are just added barriers are a thing of the past! There are many ways to make sex more pleasurable even while using contraceptives, and that includes using a condom with lubricant!

Pre-Lubed Condoms Save You Time and Pain

Pre-Lubed Condoms Save You Time and Pain

Having sex needs a lot of lubrication for it to be enjoyable. If your partner isn’t lubed enough, it can be a very painful experience. Some condom manufacturers have resolved to lube their condoms inside the package. This can help partners that aren’t as lubricated, saving them time and pain.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Without proper lubrication, condoms can break. Yikes! By reducing friction, lubricants add pleasurable sensations to sex. Reduced friction minimizes the likelihood of a condom breaking, and it also helps prevent irritation, chafing, or breakage of the skin.

Get a Separate Lube if You Want It Smoother and Wetter

Get a Separate Lube if You Want It Smoother and Wetter

If your condom doesn’t come pre-lubed, it is best to buy a lubricating liquid to help you. Just be wary of choosing your lube as some materials, such as latex, degrades when exposed to an oil-based lubricant. To be safe, choose water-based lubricants as it goes well with all types of condoms. 

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

I always emphasize that it is important that people use lubes during sex to reduce friction and increase pleasure. Additionally, a study found out that the use of water-based lubricants was significantly associated with lower condom failure rates. To top it off, there are also flavored lubes that can help make your sexcapade even yummier!

⑤ Flavored Condoms Can Spice Up Intimacy

Flavored Condoms Can Spice Up Intimacy

Oral sex is not for everyone. For those who find it sensual, using a condom with flavor may add a little bit of fun and excitement to the relationship. Using a condom during oral sex is also important as some STIs can be transmitted through the exchange of fluids through the mouth and sexual organs.

Some of the popular condom flavors are chocolate, banana, bubblegum, mint, and strawberry. However, flavored condoms must be used only for oral sex as sugar in the condom may cause a yeast infection in the vagina. Other than that, flavored condoms add fun, and choosing the right one depends on your taste, literally. 

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Flavored condoms are primarily used for oral sex. Yes, you still need to use condoms during oral sex for protection. With flavored condoms, oral sex can be fun and delicious! Flavored condoms also mask the smell of the genitals, making them sweeter or more savory than usual. Bacon-flavored condoms, anyone? Just make sure that you wash it all off after sex to minimize the risk of infections!

⑥ Ribbing and Spots Give More Texture

Ribbing and Spots Give More Texture

One of the gripes why some people dislike the use of male condoms is that it takes away the texture of the male penis during intercourse. The natural contours and grooves of the male appendage offer texture that can heighten the sexual pleasure experienced by their partners.

There are some variants of male condoms, and the more popular ones is a condoms with dots and those that are specially ribbed which offer more pleasure for the receiving end

There are also those with “rings” that move independently of the condom, adding uncertainty and mystery while having sex. However, some ribbing may be irritating for some, so experiment with your partner for the best experience.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Some people say that using condoms takes away the natural feel of the genitals. Current condom materials such as latex are smooth, unlike the highly textured human skin. To address this, condom manufacturers made textured condoms that can lead to greater friction and enjoyment. The texture can give both the penis and the vaginal wall extra sensations for a more pleasurable experience.

⑦ Spermicidal Properties Aid the Effectiveness of the Male Condom

Spermicidal Properties Aid the Effectiveness of the Male Condom

To help with the effectiveness of the contraceptive, some condoms have spermicide in them. It helps kill off the sperm once it is released from the penis, lessening any chance of it escaping and fertilizing an egg. Spermicide itself is inexpensive and can be purchased without a prescription.

However, condoms with spermicides are a bit more expensive than regular condoms. The spermicide can also affect the expiry date of the contraceptive, making it faster to degrade. The spermicide may also contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions for some people, so weigh your options when buying one.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Using condoms with spermicide helps protect you from STIs and gives you an added layer of pregnancy protection. When used correctly each time, a condom and spermicide together can be 95 to 99% effective in preventing pregnancy! Though condoms and spermicides work well together, it is important to note that condoms with the spermicide nonoxynol-9 may irritate some people.

⑧ The Expiration Date Affects the Condom's Effectiveness

The Expiration Date Affects the Condom's Effectiveness

A condom has an expiration date. So if you have a condom stored in your wallet for years, it might be safe to throw it out. The longevity of a condom relies on how it is stored, the materials, and what additives are present in the packaging.

Condoms are sensitive to heat and humidity. If the condom you bought is displayed in a hot environment with direct sunlight, it is best not to purchase that one. Materials such as lambskin degrade faster than synthetic rubber, so use it up as soon as possible if you bought one. Lastly, spermicides have a degrading effect on the condom, so consider that.

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

The average shelf life of condoms is three to five years. Check the packaging first before using a condom. Also, check if the wrapper is torn or already discolored. Moreover, the lubricant should not leak from the wrapper. If the condom is dry and sticky or doesn't smell good, it is best to throw it out and get a new one!

10 Best Male Condoms to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
Click to purchase


Invisible Protection Pack of 10s

Durex Invisible Protection Pack of 10s 1枚目

Made With Extra-Thin Material for a Safe and Raw Sensation



Dotted Condom

Premiere Dotted Condom  1枚目

A Condom With Dotted Texture That Will Bring You Satisfaction



Magnum Bareskin

Trojan Magnum Bareskin 1枚目

A Condom Made for Bigger Than Average Boys



Chocolate Flavor

Durex Chocolate Flavor 1枚目

For Chocolate Lovers to Enjoy Oral Sex Even More



Her Pleasure Sensations

Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations 1枚目

Condom With Spermicide for Extra Safety Against Pregnancy



Glow Condoms

Premiere  Glow Condoms  1枚目

Try Glowing Condoms for Extra Fun in the Dark


Sagami Orignal

Condom 0.02 6's

Sagami Orignal Condom 0.02 6's 1枚目

Thin Material That Transfers Heat for More Pleasurable Sex



Condom 3's

Trust Condom 3's 1枚目

A Trusty Condom That Can Keep Up With Your Thrusts



Extra Safe Pack of 3s

Durex Extra Safe Pack of 3s 1枚目

Thicker Than Your Average Condom for Extra Safety



Strawberry Scent

Trust  Strawberry Scent  1枚目

Spice Up Your Oral Sex With Strawberry Flavored Condoms

Product details

DurexInvisible Protection Pack of 10s

From ₱440

Made With Extra-Thin Material for a Safe and Raw Sensation

Durex is a condom brand that offers a wide variety of effective contraceptives that aim to provide safe and fun sex for everyone. Their Invisible condom is actually one of the most popular male contraceptives on the market. The technology used makes this condom thin, so much so that you won't even notice it's there during lovemaking.

It uses latex rubber, making it stretchable and conforming to your male appendage. It fits most Asians, with standard Asian sizing that can accommodate more than the average size of the penis. This is truly an uncompromising condom that will bring you and your partner the best of both worlds: safety and pleasure.


PremiereDotted Condom

From ₱204.25

A Condom With Dotted Texture That Will Bring You Satisfaction

Couples shy away from condoms for the reason that the feeling is better than doing it without one. Because of this concern, textured condoms were developed. The beauty of dotted condoms is that it gives back what a regular condom takes away; the grooves and contours that make sex all the more exciting.

It provides a highly sensitized feeling with its small acute rubber nodules that bring more contentment than human anatomy can deliver. This results in an intense and overwhelming feeling that will make your session better. For those who want the best for their partner, give them the premier experience with dotted condoms!


TrojanMagnum BareskinLarge Size

From ₱425.7

A Condom Made for Bigger Than Average Boys

Being anatomically gifted with a large appendage is a blessing and a curse—your partner loves it, but it's hard to find a condom that can take your size if you value safety. For those men lucky enough to have more, these condoms from Trojan come in a longer and wider than the conventionally found male condoms

Not only will it fit better, but there'll be no tearing or leaking during sexual intercourse when used properly. This Magnum condom also boasts of its thin material coated in silky smooth lubricant to intensify the pleasure for your partner. Give your penis more room for magic with this large size condom! 


DurexChocolate Flavor

From ₱36

For Chocolate Lovers to Enjoy Oral Sex Even More

Oral sex is one of the best pleasures in the bedroom, but to protect yourself from orally transmitted STDs, using condoms is a must. To make things interesting, add some flavor to the bedroom with the best condom brand there is. This Durex condom is chocolate flavored and will definitely motivate both of you during the deed!

Durex uses its natural rubber latex material with a thickness of 0.07mm, which comes teat-ended, so it's easier to put on. You'll also appreciate how the brand has its condoms dermatologically tested for extra safety. So if you and your partner have a sweet tooth, this might be the condom for you!  


TrojanHer Pleasure Sensations

From ₱399.41

Condom With Spermicide for Extra Safety Against Pregnancy

If you're looking for a contraceptive that will give you the extra protection you need, you should definitely consider getting a condom with spermicide, such as the Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations. Spermicides are chemicals that can stop the sperm from reaching the egg, so they can eliminate any unwanted accidents.

Not only is it built for safety, but pleasure as well—this condom was designed from a woman's perspective with the man's comfort in mind. It's ribbed and contoured for extra stimulation and has a lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. For premium quality latex that significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy, this is a great buy! 


Premiere Glow Condoms

From ₱227.25

Try Glowing Condoms for Extra Fun in the Dark

Your partner might be shy doing it in a well-lit room. For anyone who has tried doing it lights off, one of the main problems is making sure you put it in the right spot. To aid you as you shoot your shot, dressing your organ with a condom that can glow in the dark will help your cause, and will make the session even more exciting!

To use, expose it to a light source prior to wearing it for 30 seconds in order to access the condom's glow. Once primed, the condom is bright enough to stand out in a dark room, making it easier for your partner to have it at a moment's notice. You and your partner won't wonder where your appendage is as long as you're wearing this.


Sagami OrignalCondom 0.02 6's

From ₱450

Thin Material That Transfers Heat for More Pleasurable Sex

Made from Polyurethane, Sagami Original gives you sensations that you won't find from the readily available latex rubber. The material transfers heat much better than latex which increases the pleasure for your partner. Couple that with 0.02mm thickness which will make your manhood feel like no contraceptive is on. 

Just be careful, as the Polyurethane material isn't as stretchy as latex, leading to a much larger tearing and leakage. Other than that, the benefits outweigh the cons, making the use of this condom a treat for you and your partner. For a condom that's thinnest in width and most pleasurable in action, Sagami is the way to go! 


A Trusty Condom That Can Keep Up With Your Thrusts

The most iconic condom in the Philippines, Trust condoms are well-known for their economical pricing while delivering trustworthy contraception. It uses latex rubber that is reliable and suitable for most needs. It also comes with a lubrication gel which is a tried and tested formula that many couples love. 

The latex rubber comes in a 0.07mm thickness, which is durable not to break even in the most strenuous sessions. It can also help keep you and your partner going at it longer, making your connection a much more intimate affair. If you want reliability and consistency, you won't go wrong with a condom from Trust. 


DurexExtra Safe Pack of 3s

From ₱135

Thicker Than Your Average Condom for Extra Safety

Condoms prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. For those who need extra assurance, this condom from Durex has got you covered, literally. The Extra Safe condom has more thickness than your average condom which may be the best kind of condom to prevent pregnancy.

This latex material has 0.1mm thickness, which means lesser chances of tearing or breakage during sexual intercourse. The thickness also has another effect which is to make you last longer in bed. Your partner will surely love how you're able to please them for longer while still keeping both of you safe from complications.


Spice Up Your Oral Sex With Strawberry Flavored Condoms

Trust is a great contraceptive brand that strives to normalize the concept of birth control in the country by providing accessible and functional products for couples. With this condom in particular, which comes in a strawberry flavor, you'll definitely spice up oral sex in the bedroom and make it fun for both the giver and receiver. 

This quality condom is imported from Malaysia and can be bought at a cost-effective price all couples can afford. It's also lubricated for the comfort of both parties and hygienically sealed. For extra fun and safety that's also affordable, this strawberry-scented Trust condom is the way to go! 

Expert's Comment About the Top 10 Products

Dr. Rica Cruz
Sex and Relationships TherapistDr. Rica Cruz

Contrary to the popular thinking that using two condoms will give you extra protection, using two condoms can actually be less effective because the friction from both condoms can make it prone to breakage! 

Also, condoms do not have a side A and side B. You can only use a condom once. And don't forget to tie the ends of the condom and wrap it with toilet paper or put it back in its foil packaging before throwing it out. If you have an uncircumcised penis, pull the foreskin back first before you unroll the condom all the way down.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered By Dr. Rica Cruz

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by Dr. Rica Cruz.

Is There a Way to Check if a Condom Is Defective?

To check if the condom is defective, you should first press on the wrapper and feel for an air bubble. Condom packaging should have air inside to protect the condom. If you don't feel any air, it means that the packaging has holes and the condom could be defective.

You should also check if the wrapper feels dry or sticky as it can be an indication of a leak. Condoms should also smell fresh or fruity, depending on the flavor. Foul-smelling condoms should never be used.

Another thing to consider is where you store the condom, do not put condoms in wallets or back pockets as these places can add unnecessary friction to the condom making it more prone to breakage. Condoms should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. You should also check on the expiration date. Don't use a condom past its expiration date.

Do Condoms Make Sex Uncomfortable?

If not used correctly, condoms can make sex uncomfortable. That's why it's very important that we're educated on how to use condoms properly.

Using lubricants can help in making the sensations better, especially during anal sex. Using different types of condoms that can enhance pleasure can also help in making your sexual activity more comfortable.

What if My Partner Doesn't Want Me to Use a Condom?

Good sex is safe sex. The best sex is responsible sex. If you are not planning to get pregnant, you and your partner may explore other types of contraception that can help minimize the risk of pregnancy. However, you should be aware that condoms also help in minimizing the risk of STIs during intercourse.

Thus, to be fully safe and responsible, you both have to be confident that you and your partner are STI-free before you engage in intercourse without any kind of protection. This can be done by having regular STI tests and being in an exclusive sexual relationship.

See Dr. Rica Cruz-Approved Condoms Below!

Wondering which condoms are recommended by Dr. Rica? Check them out below and find out why!

Arm Yourself With These Personal Care Products

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Top 5 Male Condoms

No. 1DurexInvisible Protection Pack of 10s

No. 2PremiereDotted Condom

No. 3TrojanMagnum BareskinLarge Size

No. 4DurexChocolate Flavor

No. 5TrojanHer Pleasure Sensations

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