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  4. 10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian
  • 10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian 1
  • 10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian 2
  • 10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian 3
  • 10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian 4
  • 10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian 5

10 Best Silvanas in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Nutritionist-Dietitian

Silvanas are one of the best desserts that you can find in the Philippines. Who could ever resist the crunchy meringue with the luscious buttercream filling and the biscuit crumbs? They are one of the best sweets to cap off any meal. You can also have them for merienda with a cup of coffee or tea.

Bakeshops all over the country have their own take on this creamy, crunchy, and frozen dessert — from the classic buttercream to more creative flavors. Through this article, get to know the best silvanas in the Philippines. You can also refer to the buying guide, fact-checked by nutritionist-dietitian Samantha Morales, to know how to choose the right one.

Last updated 03/02/2023
Samantha Morales
Samantha Morales

Samantha began her career in clinical nutrition and weight management at a tertiary hospital in Manila, Philippines. Her practice allowed her to give nutrition counseling and plan modified diets for patients with medical conditions. Presently, she does private practice to focus on true holistic wellness - an approach that believes in aligning one's mind, body, and spiritual well-being.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Our recommendation articles are carefully researched and crafted by the mybest Philippines team of writers and editors. To stay true to our company’s mission and vision to help users’ selection process easier, we also collaborate with experts from various fields to ensure that our content stays factual and useful.

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How to Choose Silvanas - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Choose between plain or flavored silvanas.
  2. Consider the ratio of the thickness of cream and meringue.
  3. Get the right quantity: buy more if you're sharing.
  4. Read reviews and pick from either a well-known or an underrated bakeshop.

  5. Explore different payment methods.

  6. Check the delivery options. 

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Choose Between Plain or Flavored Silvanas

Choose Between Plain or Flavored Silvanas

The best way to satisfy your cravings for silvanas is to buy the plain version. This is a no-fail choice since their taste is something that we are accustomed to. However, if it is your first time ordering from a particular bakeshop, we recommend buying an assorted pack so that you can try all the variants.

Silvanas usually have nuts like cashew that are mixed with the meringue layers. Also, some stores add their own twist and incorporate unique flavors into this creamy dessert. For instance, there are bakeshops that add chocolate into their cookie crumb coating. There are also others that combine fruits such as avocados into their buttercream. 

② Consider the Ratio and Thickness of Cream and Meringue

Consider the Ratio and Thickness of Cream and Meringue

When looking for silvanas, it is important to determine the ratio of cream and meringue. It can be difficult to know the exact numbers, but browsing through the images of the products can help. Better yet, some shops provide pictures of the sliced silvanas, so you get to see the layers.

The thickness also relies on the meringue and cream. Some silvanas have thin layers that make them crispy and light, while others have a greater ratio of cream compared to the meringue. Additionally, there are others that have the perfect balance between the two.

③ Get the Right Quantity: Buy More if You're Sharing

Get the Right Quantity: Buy More if You're Sharing

Silvanas do look indulgent, such that seeing pictures online might tempt you to buy more than what you can consume. To avoid this, ask the people inside your household how much they'd like to eat. This can prevent leftovers and ensures that everyone gets an equal share.

Bakeshops offer silvanas in different quantities, whether it be per piece, six pieces, a dozen, or more. Besides the quantity, the shape or size of each piece is also important. Usually, silvanas either have an oval shape, about the size of your palm, or they can also be in bite-sized pieces.

If you're a bit unsure of the size, scan the reviews or images from the store's Facebook and Instagram pages and check reference objects within the shot. This way, you can get an estimate of how small or big they are. The rule of thumb is to buy at least six pieces of the palm-sized ones and approximately one dozen for smaller pieces. 

④ Read Reviews and Pick from Either a Well-Known or an Underrated Bakeshop

Read Reviews and Pick from Either a Well-Known or an Underrated Bakeshop

When talking about silvanas, there are several bakeshops that are always on everyone's list, including Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries, which has been the first choice of many. They are considered the best shop to get your sweet treats from since their products have been tried and tested by foodies.

Going for more popular shops may be a no-brainer, but if you want to explore more options, take a chance on newer ones. Who knows, they might become one of your underrated favorites as well! Doing this will not only lead to scrumptious discoveries, but it can also be a way to support small businesses.

⑤ Explore Different Payment Methods

Explore Different Payment Methods

When ordering food online, it is important to consider the different modes of payment. Food delivery applications like Foodpanda and GrabFood provide options for Cash on Delivery (COD) or cashless payments where you have to link your electronic wallet to the app.

If you are purchasing from small businesses that are not available in food delivery applications, scan their page or message them regarding their GCash or bank account details to send your payment. Cash on pick-up (COP) is also available for some stores if you prefer to pick up your order.  

⑥ Check the Delivery Options

Check the Delivery Options

Since silvanas are a frozen dessert, you might want to consider picking up your order directly from the shop. This is the best choice to preserve their condition, especially if you live near the area. You wouldn't want to end up with soggy silvanas, which may be unpleasant to eat.

Otherwise, inquire about the delivery options of the store. Some have in-house delivery riders while others require you to book a third-party courier to pick up your order. When selecting the type of vehicle, we recommend choosing a motorcycle that has an insulated bag to keep the silvanas frozen when they arrive.

10 Best Silvanas to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

Butter Silvanas

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries Butter Silvanas 1枚目

The Crowd-Favorite Classic Silvanas


First Baker

Special Silvanas

First Baker Special Silvanas 1枚目

Hear a Satisfying Crunch As You Take a Bite




Sugarhouse Sylvannas 1枚目

Silvanas From a Well-Known Local Bakeshop


Buttery & Co


Buttery & Co Silvanas 1枚目

Exquisite Valrhona Chocolate Silvanas


Sweet EsCakes

Silvanas Gems

Sweet EsCakes Silvanas Gems 1枚目

An Assorted and Colorful Box of Bite-Sized Silvanas


Valerie's Kitchen

Chocolate Silvanas

Valerie's Kitchen Chocolate Silvanas 1枚目

Taste the Richness of Chocolate in Every Bite



Variety Sylvanas

Airbakes Variety Sylvanas 1枚目

Get Three Flavors in One Box


Lia's Cakes in Season

Avocado Silvanas

Lia's Cakes in Season Avocado Silvanas 1枚目

Buttercream Made Extra Creamy With Avocados


Nathaniel's Bakeshop

Salted Egg Silvannas

Nathaniel's Bakeshop Salted Egg Silvannas 1枚目

A Sweet Dessert With a Slightly Savory Taste


Brownies Unlimited

Box of 6 Meringue

Brownies Unlimited Box of 6 Meringue 1枚目

Go for These Silvanas for a Filling Treat

Product details

Sans Rival Cakes and PastriesButter Silvanas

From ₱310

The Crowd-Favorite Classic Silvanas

Sans Rival Cakes and Pies are known for their delightful butter silvanas. They are originally from Dumaguete but have already opened branches in the Metro. Their silvanas are a fan-favorite because of the melt-in-your-mouth meringue and sweet buttercream

This 10-piece pack comes in their signature plastic container with individual pockets that perfectly fit the silvanas. Each piece has a round shape, with the meringue being on the thinner side, while the amount of buttercream that envelopes the silvanas is just right. Hence, you can finish a piece or two without feeling umay.

The plain variant is their best-seller, but you may also try their chocolate, strawberry, pandan, and ube flavors. For variety, go for the assorted silvanas that have two pieces each per flavor, including the original.  If you haven't tried these silvanas, take this as a sign to order them!


First BakerSpecial Silvanas

From ₱180

Hear a Satisfying Crunch As You Take a Bite

Seeing the red box is already enough to make your mouth water! First Baker's silvanas have thin layers of cashew meringue wafers and a buttercream filling coated with cookie crumbs. Think of them as frozen cream-filled biscuits that are oh-so crunchy but have a bit of a chewy texture

Besides the classic buttercream, you can also try their chocolate-flavored silvanas. These delicious desserts are sold by resellers from different areas like Caloocan, Malabon, Marikina, and Batangas, among others. We suggest you purchase from one that's nearest your location since the pieces are quite thin and can break easily.


Silvanas From a Well-Known Local Bakeshop

Sugarhouse, dubbed as Manila's premier bakeshop, has been serving delicious pastries for almost 40 years. Since they cater to the Filipino taste, silvanas are an essential part of their menu. These sweet treats have an oval shape with thin meringue layers and a generous slab of buttercream in between.

Silvanas can be described as the Philippine version of an ice cream sandwich, and this product is the closest to it. This product comes in boxes of 6, 12, and 30. The half and one dozen boxes are available in GrabFood and Foodpanda, while the 30-piece variant can only be ordered on their website.


Exquisite Valrhona Chocolate Silvanas

With the thin layer of buttercream in between and around the cashew meringue wafers, this is a great option for people who prefer to have a dessert that's not nakakaumay. On top of that, the cookie crumb coating is mixed with imported Valrhona chocolate which gives the silvanas a subtle fruity and nutty flavor.

Moreover, each piece has just the right sweetness that anyone can enjoy. It's quite tempting to get "one more piece" when you taste the high-quality chocolate used to make this product! 

The silvanas are enclosed in an elegant circular tin can, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones. When your order has been delivered, place them in the freezer right away because they are best enjoyed frozen.


Sweet EsCakesSilvanas Gems

From ₱150

An Assorted and Colorful Box of Bite-Sized Silvanas

The flagship product of Sweet EsCakes is their silvanas gems, inspired by the munchkin donuts of a famous donut brand. An assorted box includes all eight flavors — buttermilk, oreo, red velvet, butternut, chocolate, ube, matcha, and graham. These bite-sized silvanas have bright colors that are not just pleasing to the eyes but are also delicious!

Because these silvanas are small and round, they are easy to eat and less messy. Another pro is that you will be able to taste all the flavors easily as compared to the oval ones, which are more filling. You can get 10 pieces if you want to try them first, but we do recommend getting 20 or 25 pieces so you can share them with your family.

The classic sandwich form of these silvanas is also available in their shop if you prefer bigger pieces. The main branch of Sweet EsCakes is in Bulacan, but there are authorized distributors or re-sellers around Luzon that you can message directly. You may refer to this link for the complete list


Valerie's KitchenChocolate Silvanas

From ₱460

Taste the Richness of Chocolate in Every Bite

Although there are bakeshops that have a greater following, Valerie's Kitchen is climbing the ranks to compete with the big names. When you see these chocolate silvanas, you wouldn't think much of them at first. But as you bite or slice through them, you'd see a generous and chunky layer of chocolate right in the middle. 

The multiple layers of meringue and chocolate provide a crunchy texture that we look for in silvanas, while the buttercream ties everything together. The cookie crumb that evenly coats the outside of this decadent dessert also has a chocolate flavor. This scrumptious treat is definitely a chocolate lover's dream


AirbakesVariety Sylvanas

From ₱480

Get Three Flavors in One Box

This variety box contains three pieces each of Airbakes' signature flavors — classic, mocha, and speculoos. Every piece is hefty since it contains thick meringue cookies, ideal for those who prefer a bigger portion and more of a chewy and crunchy texture.

This 9-piece set comes in a box, but you can request to place them in a reusable tin can container for an additional PHP 60. We recommend doing the latter so that the silvanas would not get deformed along the way. It is also a great option if you intend to give them as a gift for your loved ones who like sweets.


Lia's Cakes in SeasonAvocado Silvanas

From ₱320

Buttercream Made Extra Creamy With Avocados

When you're craving for avocado-based desserts, the best shop to order from is Lia's Cakes in Season. Aside from cakes, they also have silvanas which, of course, have avocados in them. Instead of incorporating the flavor into the crumbs like silvanas from other bakeshops, fresh avocados are mixed with the buttercream to make it creamier.

The meringue layers are on the thin side to highlight the taste of the avocados. If you've already tried these before, purchase a box of 12 so you can have more for yourself or to share with your family. Love fruits? Another flavor that is worth a try is the mango silvanas which are similar to the mango graham dessert.


Nathaniel's BakeshopSalted Egg Silvannas

From ₱150

A Sweet Dessert With a Slightly Savory Taste

When you encounter Nathaniel's Bakeshop, the first thing that comes to mind is their buko pandan salad. Although this is everyone's go-to choice, don't underestimate their silvanas! They come in a salted egg flavor, which goes well with this sweet, creamy, and crunchy dessert. Hence, each piece has a perfectly balanced taste.

The savory quality of these silvanas will definitely make you come back for more! But as the saying goes, "hinay-hinay lang sa pagkain!" Contact the nearest branch regarding the availability of this product since only the regular silvanas are available on food delivery apps. You can see the list of branches along with their contact numbers on their website. 


Go for These Silvanas for a Filling Treat

Brownies Unlimited has a vast selection of brownies which are one of the best choices for pasalubong. Besides their delicious brownies, they also have their own take on silvanas which might be your new favorite! This set includes 6 pieces of plain buttercream silvanas that can satisfy your sweet cravings.

You can also get a 6-pack with 3 pieces each of silvanas and sambos, which is their chocolate flavor. Unlike the usual oval shape, their silvanas have a distinct spherical shape that's layered with buttercream and cookie crumbs. 

Because of their large size, they are best eaten as a filling snack or dessert. Do take note that they may be a bit messy to eat — however, this would be the last thing that you will think of as you sink your teeth into these delightful treats!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Where to Buy Silvanas?

Silvanas aren't as readily available in regular bakeries as other Pinoy baked goodies are, but you can find them in specialty bakeshops or dessert shops. Check out our list above for the best places to get yummy silvanas!

What Are Silvanas Made of?

The classic silvana is made of a layer of buttercream spread between two cashew-meringue wafers that are coated with cookie crumbs. Flavored versions use other ingredients to add a twist, such as chocolate, matcha, and many others. 

How Much Are Silvanas?

Silvanas typically cost between Php 12 to around Php 50 per piece, depending on the shop you're buying from. 

Cool Down With Creamy Desserts

If you love creamy desserts like silvanas, consider yourself lucky! Try out the best dairy and vegan ice creams as well as the Greek yogurts we've recommended below. With these products, you will always have something to satisfy your cravings for rich and frozen treats!

Author: Patricia Catimpo

Editor: Aprille Jarcia

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Top 5 Silvanas

No. 1Sans Rival Cakes and PastriesButter Silvanas

No. 2First BakerSpecial Silvanas

No. 3SugarhouseSylvannas

No. 4Buttery & CoSilvanas

No. 5Sweet EsCakesSilvanas Gems

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