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  4. 10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More
  • 10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More 1
  • 10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More 2
  • 10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More 3
  • 10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More 4
  • 10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More 5

10 Best Pandemic Movies in the Philippines 2022 | Flu, Contagion and More

Seeing as we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, you’d think that pandemic movies would lose their appeal. However, things are quite the oppositeーit seems that pandemic movies are all the rage these days. Whether it is to seek comfort from people in similar situations or simply to entertain yourselves, you’re bound to find a movie with this theme that suits your taste. 

Although pandemic movies aren’t new, filmmakers have put their unique spin on old formulas to come up with interesting concepts, making for fresh takes and different perspectives. That said, if you are looking for pandemic movies for your next movie night, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve provided our top 10 picks below, as well as a buying guide on how to select them. 

Last updated 03/03/2023
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Editorial Team

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How to Choose a Pandemic Movie - Viewer’s Guide

Covid-19 has certainly made us view pandemic movies in a different light. Although many of them are quite far-fetched, such as those with zombies, others are quite realistic, hit closer to home and are more relatable. Let's take a look at how pandemic movies differ from one another.

① Pick the Source of the Pandemic

No pandemic movie would be complete without the presence of the pandemic itself. After all, this is what the film revolves around. And it can take on many forms! So, check out which one floats your boat. 

Virus-Caused Pandemics Are a Classic

Virus-Caused Pandemics Are a Classic
Viruses and diseases are no doubt the most dominant cause of pandemics. They can be either man-made or derived from animals, or they could simply be inexplicable viruses that seem to pop out of nowhere. 

Man-made diseases usually begin with an experiment gone wrong or a dubious cure that has been unleashed upon the population without much testing. Animal diseases, on the other hand, usually involve the characters unknowingly contracting the disease by ingesting contaminated food or interacting with the animal itself

Pandemic movies may also simply begin from a mysterious premise in which people are suddenly struck with an illness that nobody seems to know the cause of, which can make things more intriguing. Such scenarios serve as the origin story of most pandemic movies.

Extra-Terrestrial and Supernatural Pandemics Add an Air of Mystery

Extra-Terrestrial and Supernatural Pandemics Add an Air of Mystery
On the flip side, there are pandemic movies where people are infected not with physical illnesses but with behavior control. In such stories, they are influenced either to harm themselves or other people by unknown entities, which may be supernatural or extraterrestrial creatures. This type of movie adds an element of suspense because you can't really see the antagonist. 

② Select the Movie’s Central Theme - Realistic Disease or Zombie Virus

The central theme is what every pandemic movie revolves around, which almost always consists of a disease or virus. And this can go two ways; a realistic disease or one where people turn into zombies. See how they affect the film’s storyline below. 

Explore How Society Reacts When Faced With a Realistic Disease

Explore How Society Reacts When Faced With a Realistic Disease
Although less common than zombie viruses, realistic pandemic films do exist. Movies with this theme typically involve a fast-spreading and mutating virus. Infected characters usually just die; they don’t reanimate and turn into the undead. This type presents a more realistic and somber approach to the pandemic theme, one without jump scares and fast-paced action.

It is also more psychological in nature, as it captures how society reacts in the face of such situations – do they descend into anarchy? What measures do they take to mitigate the virus? So, if you’d like something that hits close to home, then this one is for you.

Go on an Adventure With Zombie-Related Films

Go on an Adventure With Zombie-Related Films
Conversely, if you’re looking for a film that’s more entertaining than it is thought-provoking, then zombie-related ones are for you. This type depicts a plague, usually of unknown cause, where infected people turn into zombies. 

Films like this are fast-paced and make for quite an exciting viewing experience that is sure to keep you on your toes. They take you on an adventure as characters look for ways to find a cure or a safe haven they can retreat to, all while fleeing from nasty zombies. 

③ Consider the Setting of the Movie

The setting refers to the current situation where the pandemic takes place in the movie. It can happen in the future or in a present-day setting. However, take note that a pandemic movie can contain both elements. 

Watch How Characters Survive in Post-Apocalyptic Settings

Watch How Characters Survive in Post-Apocalyptic Settings
Post-apocalyptic pandemic movies are typically set in a futuristic, dystopian setting in which the pandemic has already overtaken society and turned the world into a barren wasteland. Only a handful of characters are left, all of them seeking survival. While this type includes flashbacks of how the pandemic evolved, much of the action revolves around the characters' struggle to survive. 

Witness the Collapse of Society in Present-Day Settings

Witness the Collapse of Society in Present-Day Settings
On the other hand, pandemic films that are grounded in the present time are more realistic. In this type of setting, you can see how the plague, virus, or event began. You'll probably find this easier to relate to, as you get to see parallels with our current pandemic and have an understanding of the mass hysteria and collapse of law and order in the face of hopelessness.

④ Throw in a Mix of Other Genres to Spice Things Up

Pandemic movies aren’t all serious and gory. Most of them contain a variety of other genres to make things more interesting. Take a look at the genres that commonly intersect with pandemic films.

Lighten Things Up With Comedy

Lighten Things Up With Comedy
If you want to lighten things up, there are pandemic films that are more comedic than they are serious. You can expect gags and laughter all the way, which is great if you are looking for pure and simple entertainment. Movies like these are usually straightforward and do not really have an elaborate plot. 

Add a Little Romance to Get You Kilig

Add a Little Romance to Get You Kilig
If you want to get kilig, there are pandemic films that also double as love stories. This could take the form of survivors finding one another or lovers reuniting. Although the romance may not be the central theme of the movie, it still helps to have characters you want to root for, as it raises the stakes for survival and makes the journey more exciting. 

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Science Fiction

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Science Fiction
Let’s not forget about science-fiction films, the most common sub-genre in pandemic movies, especially if the pandemic is virus-related. You will get to see the boundaries of science pushed in an attempt to find a cure or discover the origin of the disease. This is where you can see the characters attempt a number of experiments to try to combat the virus.

⑤ Check Out Movie Trailers, Reviews and Summaries to Get a Sneak Peak

Check Out Movie Trailers, Reviews and Summaries to Get a Sneak Peak
To get an idea of how the movie will play out, you can read reviews and summaries of the film. Websites like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB offer spoiler-free reviews and summaries, so you can see if this is something you will like. Moreover, these websites post the cast of the film, which can help you decide if the movie is worth watching as well. 

Another thing you can do is to watch the trailer. Streaming sites like Netflix usually show a preview or a sneak peek of the film, and gives you a chance to check if a movie is to your liking. You can also use YouTube to view official trailers. 

⑥ Take Note of Age Ratings

Take Note of Age Ratings

Watching movies together is a great way for families to bond. However, before hitting the play button, make sure to check the film’s age ratings. Pandemic films can contain disturbing and sometimes violent scenes, which may not be appropriate for children. 

Movies that are appropriate for all ages are usually indicated as G and PG when parental guidance is recommended. Films that are not suitable for those under 18 are labeled with an R or Rated-17 rating. These labels are usually displayed on the trailer and on movie websites, so give those a quick scan first. 

10 Best Pandemic Movies to Watch Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched viewing guide.
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Steven Soderbergh


Steven Soderbergh Contagion 1枚目

An Accurate Portrayal of a Pandemic


Kim Sung-soo


Kim Sung-soo Flu 1枚目

Mass Hysteria in a Medical Disaster


Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Danny Boyle

28 Days Later

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Danny Boyle 28 Days Later 1枚目

Waking Up in a Zombie-Infected World


Wolfgang Petersen


Wolfgang Petersen Outbreak 1枚目

A Race Against Time to Find a Cure


Oliver Hirschbiegel

The Invasion

Oliver Hirschbiegel The Invasion 1枚目

An Alien Movie With a Philosophical Bent


Ruben Fleischer


Ruben Fleischer Zombieland 1枚目

A Dark and Riotous Comedy in the Midst of an Apocalypse


Susanne Bier

Bird Box

Susanne Bier Bird Box 1枚目

Don’t Look at It or You'll Die


Alex And David Pastor


Alex And David Pastor Carriers 1枚目

An Incisive Look at the Psychological Costs of Survival


Jonathan Levine

Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine Warm Bodies 1枚目

A Lighthearted Post-Apocalyptic Romance


M. Night Shyamalan

The Happening

M. Night Shyamalan The Happening 1枚目

On the Run From Murderous Plants

Product details

An Accurate Portrayal of a Pandemic

This star-studded classic from Steven Soderbergh features themes that have become much more relatable today. The film opens with Beth Emhoff’s return to Chicago from her business trip in Hong Kong, after which she was found dead from an unknown virus. Soon enough, several cases of the virus began to manifest.

People reported that they had experienced sore throat, colds, and even dizziness and fever. The cases spread and escalated until the authorities were forced to place several cities under quarantine. Chaos ensues as people turn to rioting, looting, and panic buying, among others.

Sound familiar? Contagion is the one to watch if you are looking for something eerily similar to our current situation. This film offers interesting insights into how fear and paranoia can often be more damaging than the pandemic itself.  


Mass Hysteria in a Medical Disaster

In South Korea, a deadly airborne virus called H151 kills people within 36 hours of coming in contact with it. Things soon take a turn for the worse when the virus is unleashed upon a population of nearly 1 million, overwhelming hospital and emergency services. So what do the authorities do? Quarantine the entire area. 

Flu depicts just what happens to society when they panic, when the government has no concrete plan, and people are left for dead. Although the nature of the virus is a bit exaggerated, the film is a social commentary on the atrocities humans are capable of, which are much worse than that of the virus.  


Waking Up in a Zombie-Infected World

Sometimes messing with animals might backfire into a bigger mess. In 28 Days Later, a group of animal advocates free a caged chimpanzee, only to find out that it is infected with a contagious, rage-inducing virus. The action unfolds with the quick outbreak of the virus, turning infected humans into zombies and leading to the collapse of economic and societal functions.  

After 28 days, coma patient Jim wakes up to find his world deserted and in chaos. He is attacked by zombies but is rescued by fellow survivors, and they go on an adrenaline-fueled rush to safety. This movie does not solely focus on the post-apocalyptic theme but also includes elements of horror, which will surely give you goosebumps!


A Race Against Time to Find a Cure

Outbreak may be an older film, but it doesn’t make it any less relevant. In fact, due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is enjoying renewed popularity. The movie features the Motaba virus, the symptoms of which are similar to that of the Ebola virus. Originating from an African monkey that was smuggled into Cedar Creek, California, the virus quickly infects a small community.

The outbreak results in drastic measures, such as medical and military interventions by the government. Now, virologist Sam Daniels, superbly played by Dustin Hoffman, must find a cure before the military incinerates the community

This movie is well-loved for many reasons. It packs many tried and tested elements into one movieーmilitary conspiracy, medical detective work, and personal conflicts, all with a ticking clock in the background. Overall, this film is a good depiction of the nature of humans, both good and bad, when faced with a disaster.


Oliver HirschbiegelThe Invasion

From ₱249

An Alien Movie With a Philosophical Bent

Following the crash landing of an infected space shuttle, psychiatrist Carol Benell receives news of a flu that makes people detached and emotionless. The only way she can survive undetected is to make sure she does not show any emotion or fall asleep. Carol realizes her son holds the key to the cure for the epidemic, so she must get him to safety. 

Instead of turning people into zombies, the Invasion involves aliens turning people into emotionless beings so that they can create a world without suffering and violence. At first glance, it might seem like the ideal world, but then it also begs the question, are you willing to trade suffering along with the ability to experience other emotions like love? 


A Dark and Riotous Comedy in the Midst of an Apocalypse

Not all pandemic films focus on the bleak and murky side of life, which is the case for Zombieland. It finds a way to combine comedic elements that lighten up the gravity of the situation. The story starts with the mutation of the mad zombie disease, and we are introduced to Columbus, who is traveling from Texas to Ohio to reunite with his parents. 


On his way, he meets fellow survivors Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock. Together, the four of them must find a way to escape to a place without zombies. The film delivers little nuggets of wisdom that are also bound to make you laugh. It also shares what is probably the most important, in times like these, we should cherish the little things. 

With its quick pace and witty dialogue, Zombieland is a great example of how somber themes can be infused with dark comedy and still be a huge success. If you're looking for a lighthearted pandemic film, this laugh-out-loud movie is definitely a must-watch!


Don’t Look at It or You'll Die

Sandra Bullock stars as the tough and no-nonsense Mallory who joins a group of survivors after witnessing people throwing themselves in harm’s way for no reason. They have no idea what causes this phenomenon; all they know is that they can’t look at “it” in the eye, or else they, too, will die. 

Bird Box presents a unique concept in pandemic movies because, unlike other movies where people simply get sick or become zombies, it adds an extra layer of suspense with the deprivation of eyesight. How are you supposed to defend yourself against creatures you can’t see? This film will surely keep you on your toes in anticipation of what happens next. 


An Incisive Look at the Psychological Costs of Survival

With a reality almost relatable to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Carriers is a film that will inspire both fear and nostalgia. The movie begins with the aftermath of a viral pandemic. Brothers Brian and Danny, alongside their companions Bobby and Kate, embark on a journey to escape the virus. They arm themselves with a set of rules to make sure they survive. 

As the conditions get worse, the group must be prepared to make life-threatening decisions that will either save or doom them. However, unlike other pandemic films that focus on the action, this one offers a more psychological treatment of its characters, delving into the dilemmas and emotional toll of survival. 


A Lighthearted Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Warm Bodies starts off after a terrible plague has overtaken the planet and turned most of the population into zombies. R is a lovable zombie who wants to feel alive, and he wanders aimlessly at an abandoned airport until he meets Julie, a human woman. Strangely enough, the two fall for each other despite their very different natures

This film is a lighthearted rom-com about how love quite literally conquers all. You will instantly fall for R’s awkward but endearing attempts to make himself more human. This film offers an entirely different take on a pandemic, giving you a smart, funny, and upbeat choice that stands out from the usual grim and serious pandemic movies. 


On the Run From Murderous Plants

New York high school science teacher Elliot Moore has no idea why people are suddenly starting to commit mass suicide. There is no clear information - people are blaming a terrorist attack, while some point to an airborne neurotoxin as the culprit. Whatever the reason, he takes his wife Alma, and together they flee from the city. 

They soon find out that certain plants emit neurotoxins that cause people to commit suicide. The film follows how the characters attempt to escape the threat, which is about as effective as outrunning the wind. The Happening is considered ahead of its time for its portrayal of a pandemic, so be sure to give it a watch! 

More Picks to Stream for Your Movie Nights

More Picks to Stream for Your Movie Nights

Looking for more options for your next binge-watching session? Well, never fear. Check out the links below for more movies to entertain you, whether you're in the mood for spine-chilling horror, zombie invasions, or big laughs!


Watching pandemic movies is one way of passing the time this pandemic. We hope our list helps you narrow down your options so you can explore different themes. Whether you prefer heart-stopping sequences or somber scenes, there’s a pandemic movie for that! Happy watching! 

Author: J. Cuizon

Editor: R. Umlas

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Top 5 Pandemic Movies

No. 1Steven SoderberghContagion

No. 2Kim Sung-sooFlu

No. 3Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Danny Boyle28 Days Later

No. 4Wolfgang PetersenOutbreak

No. 5Oliver HirschbiegelThe Invasion

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