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  4. 10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist
  • 10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 |  Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist 1
  • 10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 |  Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist 2
  • 10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 |  Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist 3
  • 10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 |  Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist 4
  • 10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 |  Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist 5

10 Best Vitamins for Students in the Philippines 2023 | Buying Guide Reviewed by Pharmacist

Vitamins are a great way to fill the inadequacies of our lifestyles. This is especially true for students who, because of reduced sleep, stress, and an inadequate diet, make them among the most immuno-compromised people. Hence, they may need all the external help from vitamin supplements.

However, with so many available options out there, it can be confusing which best fulfills your needs. Fortunately, our top recommendations and buying guide reviewed by pharmacist Robi Uy are designed to help you with your search! Read on and find out about the best vitamins for your student life. 

Last updated 03/03/2023
John Robinson Uy
John Robinson Uy

Robi began his career in Watsons Philippines as the Senior Pharmacist in SM Mall of Asia Entertainment Mall branch. His experience as a Dispensing Pharmacist enabled him to become an expert in Community Pharmacy practice and the overall Retail Pharmacy operations. Currently, he is the Regulatory Affairs Senior Assistant Manager of Unilever Philippines. His knowledge about Pharmacy and related Regulations enables him to provide and share relevant information about regulated products such as food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices to consumers.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Our recommendation articles are carefully researched and crafted by the mybest Philippines team of writers and editors. To stay true to our company’s mission and vision to help users’ selection process easier, we also collaborate with experts from various fields to ensure that our content stays factual and useful.

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Table of Contents

How to Choose Vitamins for Students – Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Look for vitamins according to your body’s needs.
  2. Choose an intake form you find easiest to consume.
  3. Stick to the recommended dosage to avoid side effects.
  4. Prefer reputable brands to ensure authenticity.

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Look for Vitamins According to Your Body’s Needs

Each vitamin accomplishes a different task, hence, it’s important to match the vitamin according to what your body is lacking. Below are the common nutrients students need more of. Why not read through them and see if any speak out to you?

B Vitamins Increase Your Energy and Provide Better Mental Health

B Vitamins Increase Your Energy and Provide Better Mental Health

Feeling tired is a common problem students have. Often, it’s a result of sleepless nights and catching up on school tasks. Fortunately, the vitamin B family, especially vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and B12, helps you create more energy.

It does this by improving our ability to convert carbohydrates into glucose, a form of sugar that we use to power our day-to-day activities. Just remember that vitamin B still needs a source of carbohydrates, so getting a balanced diet is essential to fully reap its benefits.

This vitamin also helps improve mental health. Higher glucose levels support better brain functions, hence, less symptoms of problems such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

D Vitamins Build Immunity and Strengthens Bones

D Vitamins Build Immunity and Strengthens Bones

We get vitamin D by being exposed to the sun, but unfortunately, being cooped up for schoolwork means that most students don’t get enough of this nutrient. The fact that our body also can’t produce this naturally makes us require external supplements to fill in our recommended intake.

D Vitamins, commonly vitamins D2 and D3, are responsible for many things, though what it’s best at is facilitating normal immune system function. In doing so, we become less likely to get common diseases such as coughs and colds. In addition, it also makes our calcium absorption more efficient, essentially keeping our bones and muscles healthy.

Vitamin C Repairs and Maintains Your Tissues

Vitamin C Repairs and Maintains Your Tissues

Vitamin C is mostly known for its immunity-boosting properties, but don’t forget about its ability to form and maintain tissues. This is especially useful nowadays to repair the damage to our eyes from looking at screens too much. That said, if you’re the type who exercises often, vitamin C is also a great supplement to gain muscle.

It’s also important to remember that humans can’t produce vitamin C on their own. Instead, we rely on sources naturally rich in this ingredient, such as fruits, vegetables, and supplements. Just remember not to go over the recommended dosage as it causes diarrhea and nausea. It also elevates glucose levels, which can be risky for diabetics.

Omega-3 and Vitamin E Protect You Against Stress and Inflammation

Omega-3 and Vitamin E Protect You Against Stress and Inflammation

If you’re like any typical student, you’ve experienced stress in one form or another, whether it’s from that dreaded exam or graded recitation. However, with stress comes the body’s inability to regulate inflammation. As a result, you become more prone to stress-related problems, for instance, heart disease and type-II diabetes.

Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids directly influence the brain and decrease cortisol production, a hormone responsible for higher stress levels. In doing so, it also effectively lowers your chances of inflammation and related problems. Plus, people who took omega-3 have been found to shed body fat, so this is good if you want to keep your body fit.

Iron Improves Concentration and Blood Circulation

Iron Improves Concentration and Blood Circulation

Iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells, a type of cell that delivers oxygen across the body, especially the brain. Unfortunately, iron is also one of the common nutrient deficiencies caused by blood loss, continuous muscle stimulation, or sweatingIn a hot country like the Philippines, sweating is among the primary suspects for iron deficiency.

Because your body isn’t getting enough oxygen, you’re also not producing sufficient energy. This leads to symptoms like feeling tired, difficulty in concentrating, and being more prone to colds.

Fortunately, there are also a wide variety of iron sources, even from your dark, leafy greens. If you can’t fit it into your diet, there are also iron pills available. Once your iron levels are back on track, you’ll see a drastic improvement in concentration and alertness.

② Choose an Intake Form You Find Easiest to Consume

Vitamins can come in different forms, and though none is truly superior to others, there are some qualities you may want to look out for depending on your lifestyle. Some are even easier to swallow and make vitamins more enjoyable. 

Tablets Can Contain the Highest Dosage Available

Tablets Can Contain the Highest Dosage Available

Tablets are most likely the dosage form you’re most used to seeing. Their tried-and-true form has been improved over the years and can now pack the highest dose of vitamins compared to others. Although, if you need to decrease your intake, most tablets can easily be split into pieces.

The downside with tablets is that they’re the least palatable among the available options. Even those with added coating to mask the flavor still leave a bitter aftertaste. It’s also worth noting that tablets are slower-acting, so we recommend reading the label for the best time to take the product.

Try Capsules if You Like Your Vitamins With No Taste

Try Capsules if You Like Your Vitamins With No Taste

Capsules come with an outer shell made of either gelatin or collagen that contains vitamins. Because these materials are tasteless, some people prefer these for their easier swallowability. Furthermore, they tend to act faster than their tablet counterparts, so if you want quicker relief, this is your pick.

You can choose between hard-shelled capsules or soft-gelled capsules. Either will do their required job just fine, the only difference being that hard-shelled capsules house a powdered form of the vitamins. Soft-gels, on the other hand, contain vitamins in a liquid state.

Also, unlike tablets, capsules are less durable and tend to be more reactive to environmental conditions. As such, to prevent untimely spoilage, always store these according to the product’s storage conditions.

Gummies Are Loved by Both Children and Adults

Gummies Are Loved by Both Children and Adults

If you’re a parent, getting your kids to take their vitamins can be somewhat of a nightmare. Children often associate anything medicine-related with something bitter and icky, hence their stubbornness. Well, you can now make the job easier with gummy vitamins.

As the name implies, these are vitamins packed in a jelly-like structure. Sometimes, they even come in quirky shapes like bears, stars, and circles. Mostly though, children—and even adults love them for their added flavor.

However, note that these tend to have sugar. Additionally, despite their appearance, they cannot be taken like candy. So for your family’s safety, we recommend stowing them away, so your children don’t accidentally take more than the recommended dosage.

Chewables Are a Great Alternative to Gummies if You Need a Higher Dosage

Chewables Are a Great Alternative to Gummies if You Need a Higher Dosage

Some people can’t stand the taste of pills. They can be bitter, tart, or just overall difficult to swallow. Fortunately, chewable vitamins are available for exactly this scenario. As the name suggests, these vitamins can be chewed by masking the otherwise bitter flavor with artificial flavorings like apple, strawberry, and orange.

Unlike gummies, chewables tend to contain more of the nutrients compared to the flavoring. Additionally, chewing the vitamin makes it easier for our stomach to break it down, letting our body absorb its benefits faster. Just be sure to check the nutrient label and see if there are any additives or sugars that are damaging to your health.

③ Stick to the Recommended Dosage to Avoid Side Effects

Stick to the Recommended Dosage to Avoid Side Effects

Too much of anything leads to consequences, even those that are usually beneficial, like vitamins. Ingredients such as vitamins A, D, and E can be toxic–even fatal if taken in large quantities. As such, always read the label for the recommended intake.

We also recommend giving your healthcare provider a visit. Depending on your diet, genetics, and overall health, you may actually need a dosage different from what's written in the bottle. In addition, you will also be advised on what other stuff to avoid while on vitamins.

④ Prefer Reputable Brands to Ensure Authenticity

Prefer Reputable Brands to Ensure Authenticity

Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not conduct testing of vitamins but a product registration is mandatory before a vitamin product is distributed or marketed. As such, there are a lot of products out there that may be more damaging than helpful.

It's always good to choose a product from a brand you know has a good track record. This ensures that what you're buying is at least backed up by the authenticity and expertise of the company. But if you still want to go the generic route, we recommend looking at reviews, fact-checking the claims, and for guaranteed safety, asking your doctor.

10 Best Vitamins for Students to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Basic Nutrients

Thorne Basic Nutrients 1枚目

A Well-Balanced Multivitamin to Keep Your Body Healthy


Nature's Way

Alive! Max6 Potency Multivitamin

Nature's Way Alive! Max6 Potency Multivitamin 1枚目

Closest To Real Fruits and Veggies



Fresh & Fruity Chewable Multivitamins

Centrum Fresh & Fruity Chewable Multivitamins 1枚目

A Fruity Way to Kickstart the Day


Webber Naturals

Timed Release Vitamin C

Webber Naturals Timed Release Vitamin C 1枚目

Slow-Acting Vitamin C For All-Day Protection


P&G Health

Neurobion Vitamins B1+B6+B12

P&G Health Neurobion Vitamins B1+B6+B12 1枚目

Protects and Regenerates Your Nerve Cells


Smarty Pants

Kids Formula Multivitamin

Smarty Pants Kids Formula Multivitamin 1枚目

A Multivitamin Perfect For Your Growing Kid



Vitamin D3

Naturewise Vitamin D3 1枚目

Helps You Improve Concentration in Class



Odourless Wild Fish Oil

Swisse Odourless Wild Fish Oil 1枚目

Supports Your Multiple Body Systems




Thorne Ferrasorb 1枚目

Best For Those With Chronic Iron Deficiency


Nordic Naturals

Children's DHA Gummies

Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Gummies 1枚目

Fish Oil Your Kids Will Love

Product details

ThorneBasic Nutrients

From ₱1,585.12

A Well-Balanced Multivitamin to Keep Your Body Healthy

Thorne's Basic Nutrients was able to do something that most vitamin products fail to do: get the right dose of nutrients while considering your diet. Essentially, Basic Nutrients supply you with critically important vitamins but at the same time isn't overloaded with nutrients easily accessible through food.

A combination of vitamins A, B, C, D, and other minerals is able to promote better overall health, from reinvigorating your eyes to clearing up your blood vessels. Just remember that this is designed to supplement a relatively healthy diet, so don't expect this to replace all the nutrients of a balanced meal.


Nature's WayAlive! Max6 Potency Multivitamin

From ₱579.48

Closest To Real Fruits and Veggies

If you're worried about consuming any synthetic material in vitamin products, Nature's Way Alive Multivitamins is for you! It's a food-based supplement, and while this doesn't remove chemical compounds completely, it's the closest to real fruits and veggies. Basically, it uses special enzymes to combine concentrated food groups into one yummy capsule.

Each tablet contains a full gram of vitamins B6, B12, C, and E. It also contains 500 milligrams of spirulina greens for iron. In fact, it really only lacks omega-3 fatty acids, so you'll still have to eat your fish.

That said, despite the chock-full nature of this vitamin, it doesn't pose any distress to your stomach. Its special formula also allows it to break down in your digestive tract in under 20 minutes so you'll feel the benefits right away.


CentrumFresh & Fruity Chewable Multivitamins

From ₱1,050

A Fruity Way to Kickstart the Day

If you have trouble swallowing pills but also don't like the stickiness of gummies, Centrum saves the day with its Fresh & Fruity Chewables. Each vitamin comes in a sweet, yet tart capsule that bursts into an assorted mix of berry flavors. 

Plus, you'll be glad to know it doesn't contain any artificial flavoring or sweeteners so you'll only be getting all-natural goodness. It also covers most vitamins beneficial for students like vitamins B, C, D, and iron. 

The only downside is that in some of these, it exceeds the recommended daily value such as in vitamin D3. While the overdose percentage are generally not a cause for serious health problems, you do have to be more mindful of what you eat to avoid issues like nausea, weakness, and frequent urination.


Webber NaturalsTimed Release Vitamin C

From ₱499

Slow-Acting Vitamin C For All-Day Protection

Timed-release vitamins is a relatively young technology, but even in that short time, research has already found them to be more effective than regular ones. They are formulated to release portions of their dosage rather than all at once. This way, your body is fortified the whole day rather than flushing out the extra nutrients.

Webber Naturals takes advantage of this and packs a whopping 1000 milligrams of vitamin C in each tablet; but since this is spread over the course of several hours, there were no reported consequences as there might have been in regular vitamins like hyperacidity.

Ultimately, this product will help you maintain energy throughout the day. Not only that, it also boosts your immune system, vision, skin, bones, and other body systems! The only downside is that it contains rose hips. While this acts as an antioxidant, it can harmful for pregnant women and if you're taking any estrogen and blood-clotting medication.


P&G HealthNeurobion Vitamins B1+B6+B12

From ₱210

Protects and Regenerates Your Nerve Cells

Your nerve cells naturally decline as you grow older. Fortunately, you can lengthen their cell life with B-vitamins, and P&G's Neurobion is jampacked with these nutrients. 

With 100 milligrams of vitamins B1 and B6, and 200 micrograms of B12 in each tablet, this product has been clinically proven to help fight against nerve damage, depression, dementia, and other nervous system disorders.

However, the already-high dosage can cause hypersensitivity and rapid heartbeat for people already consuming sufficient amounts of B vitamins. Similar risks are involved when taken by children below 15 years old as well as pregnant women.


Smarty PantsKids Formula Multivitamin

From ₱1,299

A Multivitamin Perfect For Your Growing Kid

Are your kids picky eaters? If so, they might be lacking in essential vitamins that help their development. Smarty Pants' Kids Formula Multivitamins is specifically designed to fill in nutritional gaps with virtually no risk of overdose. Fitted with over 15 essential nutrients and minerals, this is the way to go for a tasty, vitamin-packed treat.

Most notably, Smarty Pants understands that growing kids, especially those approaching puberty, require constant brain stimulation. Hence, notable vitamins here are vitamins D3, B12, and omega-3 fatty acids, which all help in mental development.

However, note that these do not contain any iron or calcium. As such, they're not the best option to combat lethargy or bone frailty. Instead, if you're going to use this product, it's best to ensure that your child is getting the right amount of iron and calcium in their diet.


Helps You Improve Concentration in Class

When you're a student, you've probably experienced a two-hour lecture and then realized you dozed off on the important parts. Unfortunately, dwindling focus is a common issue in school simply because your brain is not designed to handle such an overload of information. Lucky for you, the right dose of vitamin D3 can help you regain your concentration.

Naturewise's formula of vitamin D3 is specifically designed to stimulate healthy nerve function and growth. Essentially, this activates the neurons in your brain, allowing you to not only think faster but to maintain that level of focus. In addition, you're also getting traditional benefits of vitamin D like a fortified immune system.


SwisseOdourless Wild Fish Oil

From ₱868

Supports Your Multiple Body Systems

If you suffer from cholesterol issues, Swisse's Odourless Wild Fish Oil can help you out. Packed with 1,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, this vitamin will improve your metabolism and ultimately lower your risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high triglyceride levels.

At this amount, the non-inflammatory properties of omega-3 can even relieve symptoms of arthritis. In addition, taking multiple capsules a day can help with other physical issues like eye health, though we recommend visiting your doctor first to see if it's okay for you to exceed the recommended dosage.

On the other hand, children under 12 years can find this vitamin unappealing. If you experience this, try piercing the capsules and squeezing them into a juice or cereal to mask the taste. Plus, even though these are safe to consume while pregnant, it's advised to get a professional checkup first.



From ₱1,202.51

Best For Those With Chronic Iron Deficiency

Chronic iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world. While a variety of issues can cause it, such as blood loss and malabsorption, the most common cause is insufficient dietary intake. This is all the more true for students as their diets are often limited to what's available in school or easy to make.

Thorne's formulation for Ferrasorb has a combination of vitamins C, B6, and B12 which help your body in absorbing the iron content of each capsule. However, with 36 milligrams of iron, this vitamin comes close to the daily limit of 40 milligrams, so be sure that your diet isn't already rich in iron, as an overdose can lead to poisoning.


Nordic NaturalsChildren's DHA Gummies

From ₱1,019.94

Fish Oil Your Kids Will Love

Some kids don't like eating fish, much less if it comes from a large, hard-to-swallow capsule. Fortunately, Nordic Naturals break past this issue by making fish oil into fun and tasty treats! The gummy is a little bit on the chewy side, but contains one of the best compositions of omega-3 fatty acids out there.

With 145 milligrams of EPA, 355 milligrams of DHA, and 100 milligrams of other omega-3s, your child will have better nervous system development, learning, and immune function. They also come in the triglyceride form-or how the nutrients are naturally found in fish. With this, they're more easily absorbed by your kids' bodies for fast-acting results.

In one week, parents have seen improvements in their children's concentration, communication, and attention. Rare cases have even shown effectiveness against disorders like ADHD. Just remember that this is not a substitute for medicine or a balanced diet. It's also best to stick to the recommended dose as it can cause digestive problems if consumed too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Can I Take Multiple Vitamins at Once?

It's generally recommended to avoid taking multiple vitamins simultaneously unless specified safe by your doctor. While it's true that some combinations enhance each other's nutritional effects, it's just as likely that two vitamins will hamper one another. For instance, taking vitamins C and B12 reduce the benefits of both unless taken hours apart.

If you do need multiple vitamins, consult your doctor about the optimal schedule when to take each one. You can also research for professionally-backed sources if you can't schedule an appointment.

What Vitamin Is Best for Improving Memory?

Currently, there are no definite answers to what vitamins best increase memory. However, three have shown promise in the area, namely: omega-3 fatty acids, D-vitamins, and vitamin B12.

Each nutrient has shown improved brain function in people who take them. They have also been linked to relieving symptoms of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. That said, their effectiveness varies depending on the person, dosage, time taken, and other situational factors.

Will Vitamins Keep Me Awake?

Yes, in fact, many vitamins potentially cause sleepless nights. Some examples are vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, C, D, and K. This is why most professionals recommend taking vitamins in the morning.

That said, there's no scientific consensus on why they keep you awake. Some scientists say that vitamin pills stimulate the digestive tract, which can make it harder for you to relax. Others theorize that many of the said vitamins directly affect melatonin and serotonin production, two chemicals that dictate when we feel sleepy.

Get the Most Out of Your Vitamins!

To take vitamins or not? Although this may be a no-brainer question for some, we're sure that there are people who are still unsure. Read some of our tips below to know whether you or your child needs vitamins.

Do Elementary School Children Need Vitamins?

Of course, you want to protect your little one, and that means being mindful of what they eat. We mentioned earlier that students need vitamins because of their hectic lifestyle, but for those in elementary school, their lighter workload may not require them to take supplements yet.

Just be sure your child is getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet. For picky eaters out there who can’t stomach some food groups, they may need to take supplements to supply their missing nutrients. The same applies to children who cannot process food normally. Ultimately, to fully protect your kids, we recommend getting advice from healthcare professionals.

Do I Need Vitamin Supplements if I Eat A Balanced Diet?

Generally, a balanced diet is the best way to get all the nutrients you need. That said, many are unable to accomplish this, whether it's because of a busy lifestyle or the high demand of daily tasks. After all, eating five portions of fruits and veggies alongside your daily meals sound like a recipe for stomachache. As such, most people need vitamins to fill their nutrient deficits.

However, if you believe that you are able to consume a balanced meal on a day-to-day basis, we recommend visiting your local dietitian to confirm these claims. They can also give professional advice on whether you're okay with abstaining from vitamins.

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Author: Dane Lozano

Editor: J. Cuizon

How We Chose and Ranked Our Product Recommendations

Our buying guide was carefully researched and crafted by the mybest team of writers and editors, in collaboration with the expert featured in this article. We used the buying guide as a basis for choosing and ranking the product recommendations, and we looked at reviews and ratings from different E-commerce sites like Lazada, Shopee, and more.

Top 5 Vitamins for Students

No. 1ThorneBasic Nutrients

No. 2Nature's WayAlive! Max6 Potency Multivitamin

No. 3CentrumFresh & Fruity Chewable Multivitamins

No. 4Webber NaturalsTimed Release Vitamin C

No. 5P&G HealthNeurobion Vitamins B1+B6+B12

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