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Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse to Buy Online in the Philippines 2020

Unlike the traditional computer mouse, a gaming mouse would have high-performing features and specifications. This device should have additional features to accommodate the avid gamer. Button customizations, macro settings, and high reaction speeds are some of the factors that make a gaming mouse one of the best on the market.

Gamers are always on the lookout for the best gaming mouse they in the market. Some of the factors they look for include the brand, type, weight, price, and its purpose. Read on to find out which gaming mouse matches your gaming style to ensure optimum performance.
  • Last updated: 12-06-2019
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Gaming Mouse Performance

Buying a gaming mouse from an online retailer can become a challenging task, since there’s no shop clerk to assist you. Hence, you need to compare the performance of the device through diligent research. To achieve this, it’s important to know the terms that will help you separate the bad from the good.
Let’s understand and evaluate the performance of gaming mice properly by reviewing some important terms.

The Lift-Off Distance

The Lift-Off Distance
Look at the back of your mouse, and you’ll see light coming from underneath the device. This is the sensor, which optical mice use to read movement and convey them to your computer through a light or laser.
The lift-off distance is the distance that makes the mouse react to the surface. The shorter the distance, the better. Many computer mice will start to move when it “floats,” or when they’re lifted from your mouse pad or any flat surface. The action can ultimately lead to errors, and it can even result in a major loss in your games.
Optical mice are now the go-to computer peripherals for gaming. Some models will even allow you to adjust the lift-off distance by taping the sensor area.

The Tracking Speed (IPS)

The Tracking Speed (IPS)
The tracking speed (IPS) is a number that states how fast the gaming mouse can perceive movement. Computer mice with low IPS don’t respond to movement quick enough; on the other hand, mice with high IPS allow the cursor to move smoothly and freely even if you’re randomly moving the device around. High IPS gaming mice are a necessity for gaming, especially for first-person shooter games (FPS) as fast reflexes are necessary.
Bear in mind that there is a limit to the tracking speed of a mouse, so trying to move the mouse beyond that limit will not improve its performance.

The Tracking Resolution (DPI)

The Tracking Resolution (DPI)
The tracking resolution (DPI) is a term that might be a bit difficult to understand. It refers to the movement speed of the mouse. However, the movement heavily relies on a computer’s resolution. Users can adjust the DPI of their computer mouse on their computers. Consequently, some manufacturers put dedicated buttons or switches on their peripherals for gamers to easily change the DPI.
Choosing the suitable DPI is important for different types of games. Changing the numerical value of the peripheral’s DPI can spell either defeat or victory in video games.

The Report Rate

The Report Rate
The report rate is the number of times information is sent to your computer per second. The higher the figure found in the report rate, the faster the operation. Computer gaming mice with a low report rate have low input lag. In other words, if you click on the mouse button to shoot, there’s no visible lag from the click to when your character starts shooting.
FPS games require a computer mouse with high report rates and low input lags. It’s because opponents are constantly moving around. Hence, timing is everything; miss one millisecond and you could lose the game.

How to Choose a Gaming Mouse in the Philippines – Buying Guide

Using a gaming mouse that matches your gaming style is necessary for a great in-game performance. We’re going to explain some points of choosing the right gaming mouse below.

Choose the Right Shape and Size

Choose the Right Shape and Size
It’s important to choose a gaming mouse that has the right shape and size to suit your way of holding the device.
Start by using a technique called “cover holding.” It’s when you hold the mouse with your entire hand and try to move the device with your wrist or arm. Check if the size of the mouse comfortably fits in your entire hand with this method.
You can also use another method known as “knob holding.” To do it, don’t grasp the mouse using your entire hand. Instead, try to move the computer peripheral with your index and middle fingers. If it’s too big or too heavy to use while you’re trying out the knob holding method, then chances are your hands will easily get tired.
Lastly, you can also choose to use another holding method called “grasp (grip) hold.” Make use of grip holding by grabbing the left and right sides of the gaming mouse. Rest your thumb and pinky finger while trying to operate the left and right mouse buttons with your three remaining fingers. If you can use the device with no problem, then you may have already found your device.

Choose the Right Number and Position of the Side Buttons

Choose the Right Number and Position of the Side Buttons
There are many things to do in a game, and the number of side buttons becomes an important aspect of some. Massive multiplayer online (MMO) games require different button inputs, so having just two will not be enough.
When you’re choosing a gaming mouse for MMOs, then choosing a peripheral with the right number of buttons at the right position are a necessity. At the end of the day, your choice heavily depends on the game. If there are many command inputs you want to register, then you ought to consider getting a gaming mouse with 12 additional buttons found on its sides.
However, many manufacturers position the extra buttons on the left side of the mouse. In other words, these devices are ideal for right-handed people. There are also some gaming mice that have additional buttons at weird and hard-to-reach places. Hence, choose a device that allows you to easily navigate through these buttons.

Choose a Mouse by Its Weight

Choose a Mouse by Its Weight
You can’t disregard that weight is also an important factor, especially for online games. Chances are you’re going to play for extended periods of time without taking a break; and over time, the mouse might become heavy. Hence, you’ll find yourself missing shots, jumps, and quick time events (QTE) more frequently than when you first started playing.
In this regard, the lighter the mouse, the easier you can operate the peripheral. Once again, it does depend on the game as there are some titles and video game genres that don’t require constant mouse movement.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse to Buy Online in the Philippines

We’re going to introduce our top recommended gaming mice at this point. We’ve already taken a look at the various characteristics, features, and specifications of each mouse as we separate the best from the rest.

10. Corsair Sabre RGB


9. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum


8. Razer Naga Hex V2


7. Corsair M65 Pro RGB


6. Corsair Glaive RGB


5. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum


4. Razer DeathAdder Chroma


3. Razer Ouroboros


2. SteelSeries Sensei 310


1. SteelSeries Rival 700



Now that you’ve reached the end of our post, we hope you’ve decided on a gaming mouse to purchase? Even though some gaming mice are found in the high-end of the market, they still excel in more ways than one.
At the end of the day, it all depends on personal preferences. Make sure to take note of the size and shape of the mouse to ensure the fit will match your hands.

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