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  • 10 Best Vapes in the Philippines 2023 | Voopoo, Relx, and More 1
  • 10 Best Vapes in the Philippines 2023 | Voopoo, Relx, and More 2
  • 10 Best Vapes in the Philippines 2023 | Voopoo, Relx, and More 3
  • 10 Best Vapes in the Philippines 2023 | Voopoo, Relx, and More 4
  • 10 Best Vapes in the Philippines 2023 | Voopoo, Relx, and More 5

10 Best Vapes in the Philippines 2023 | Voopoo, Relx, and More

Whether you're trying to quit smoking or exploring new ways to puff, a vape can be your go-to buddy. It's like your companion cigarette, but with a lower risk of acquiring lung diseases and other related illnesses. If you're ready to make the switch to vaping, this article shall provide you with the know-how. 

Our buying guide and top 10 list will help you determine the best products that will match your style. The best vape for heavy smokers? We got it here! Wondering if Lazada has a vape kit? We got you covered! Read on to know why vaping is for you and why most smokers opt for vape products.

Last updated 03/03/2023
Ace John Tabuzo
Ace John Tabuzo

Ace John is a freelance writer and editor who joined the myBest PH team in September 2022. He is interested in anything technology-related that shapes the lifestyle of consumers. An avid reader, he can be found in nooks and corners with a book that usually discusses performance efficiency, systems productivity, or the future of work. He also has a degree in Education and is pursuing a Master's in English.

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Why Make the Switch to Vapes?

Why Make the Switch to Vapes?

Many are replacing their cigarettes with vape products because people are becoming more conscious about their health. Here are the benefits of vaping:

  • Vaping is a much better alternative to smoking as there are no current significant studies showing its long-term harmful effects.
  • You can enjoy a variety of e-juice flavors that contain no artificial colorings or other harmful compounds.
  • Vaping leaves little to no smell, and users actually feel more refreshed after using it.

How to Choose a Vape - Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Choose the device type that suits your needs and style.
  2. Consider more options to personalize your vaping experience.
  3. Pick an easy-to-operate device with good battery life and replaceable coils. 

For more detailed information, read through our buying guide below.

① Choose the Device Type That Suits Your Needs and Style

There are a lot of vape devices type in the market. With this guide, choosing one that fits your preference will be easy.

Craving the Feel of Real Cigarette? Try E-cig or Cig-a-Like Types

Craving the Feel of Real Cigarette? Try E-cig or Cig-a-Like Types

If you're a beginner, choose E-cigs to simulate the feel of a real cigarette stick. This device is draw-activated, which means that it will only work when you inhale from it. Inside are a built-in battery and a cartomizer, which powers the e-cig.

Additionally, most E-cigs have a red LED light that provides the impression that you're smoking a real cigarette. One downside of this type is it doesn't have much power to last the whole day. You also need to refill the device multiple times

Want to Keep It Low-Key? Vape Pens Make Smoking Discreet

Want to Keep It Low-Key? Vape Pens Make Smoking Discreet

Enjoy smoking by keeping it lowkey but classy with a vape pen. This is a personal vaporizer that combines the shape of an E-cig and the electronics of a variable box mod. Most variations of vape pens have an internal rechargeable and removable battery for convenient charging.

This is best for those who want a higher nicotine hit but prefer a portable device. Some minor issues with vape pens are e-juice leakage and battery longevity. To address these issues, you should always clean the tank and bring a charger or extra battery with you.

Switching From Cigar Smoking to Vaping? Choose Pod Mods

Switching From Cigar Smoking to Vaping? Choose Pod Mods

The best starter for anyone who wishes to switch to vaping is a pod mod. This is an updated version of the cig-a-like type and is preferred by those who want to produce more vapor than vape pens. Pod mods have a pre-filled e-juice pod that is often refillable—however, some manufacturers also produce disposable ones.

Another benefit of pod mods is the use of nicotine salts, which are absorbed by the body faster, providing a satisfying hit even in small amounts. The primary drawback with this type is that vapers can only use pods and coils built and distributed by the manufacturer for the specific device they bought.

② Consider More Options to Personalize Your Vaping Experience

For longer battery life and more vapor, you may check out box mods, where the mod means "modified." Currently, there are two types in the market—mechanical and variable. But for a more personalized experience, All-in-One (AOI) devices are self-contained vapes. Instead of assembling a mod from various pieces and parts, in AOI, you’ll just purchase an e-juice to start your vaping journey.

Aiming for Simplicity? Mechanical Box Mods Are Your Best Bet

Aiming for Simplicity? Mechanical Box Mods Are Your Best Bet

Mechanical box mods have a simple and straightforward approach in terms of internal wiring and connections. Vapers can make their own mods and tweak the copper wirings inside, allowing their devices to draw huge clouds. This type became an instant hit for cloud chasers and is preferred in vape cloud competitions. 

However, this device is prone to accidents and battery leakage due to faulty wirings, inferior mechanisms, or unintentional long presses on the switch. Users should utilize mech mods with great care and attention as they are unregulated and don't have built-in safety features.

Want More Control and Flexibility? Try Variable Box Mods

Want More Control and Flexibility? Try Variable Box Mods

For a customized vaping experience, variable box mods are the answer. Users can control the values in terms of wattage, volts, or ohms because this type has a circuit board inside, which regulates the flow of energy into the atomizer. This device comes in different versions, such as high wattage, DNA mods, squonk mods, and other regulated mods.

It uses a rechargeable battery that is removable and sold separately. And there are safety features in this device that automatically shut it down before overheating, when it's low in power, or when you accidentally overpress the switch. At first, users might find this device difficult to operate and maintain, but once they familiarize themselves with it, that's when the fun really starts!

Reeling to Experience Everything? All-in-One Kits Are Versatile Devices

Reeling to Experience Everything? All-in-One Kits Are Versatile Devices

For those who want more, this type is the catch-all device for them. An All-in-One (AOI) vape device offers a reusable pod-like experience with the variability in power use and the compact size of vape pens. In the long run, they are much cheaper than E-cigs and pod mods, as you don't need to throw away the cartridge after use.

AIOs can either have a built-in or a removable battery. However, a number of them have a USB port, so you can charge them even without removing the battery. By using this device, you have the option to choose your preferred coil size, which could dictate battery life and vapor production.

③ Pick an Easy-to-Operate Device With Good Battery Life and Replaceable Coils

If you're searching for user-friendly devices, opt for ciga-likes, pods, and vape pens, which are easy to operate and very straightforward to use. Most models have a press-and-draw approach, while others are draw-activated. On the other hand, advanced users who are fond of experimenting with various coils, e-juice, battery-type, or airhole configurations would wisely choose a box mod or an AIO. 

Invest in Built-In and Easily Rechargeable Batteries for Convenience

Invest in Built-In and Easily Rechargeable Batteries for Convenience

For vapers, there is nothing more frustrating than having an empty battery while in the middle of vaping. Worry not, because vapes nowadays have a built-in USB slot, which means that you can charge it in any USB-compatible device like your smartphone or power bank.

For some box mod users who want to be certain they won't be interrupted by an empty battery, they bring an extra pair of 18650-sized batteries, even if their device can last the whole day.

For Flexibility, Choose a Vape With Replaceable Coils

For Flexibility, Choose a Vape With Replaceable Coils

If you're the type of vaper who wishes to produce more vapor clouds and explore a variety of flavors, you can opt to use modified coils made from different metals such as nichrome, stainless steel, nickel, or titanium

Do note that the number of loops per coil and the correct coil calculation will affect the vapor production and the taste of the e-juice. Just a word of caution—different types of mods require specific kinds of metals, so you must be careful in installing DIY coils to prevent accidents.

10 Best Vapes to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Drag X Kit

Voopoo  Drag X Kit 1枚目

The Best Vape Kit for Vape Starters and Veterans




Relx Infinity 1枚目

An Elegant Pen for Vape Starters



Nord 4 Kit

Smok Nord 4 Kit 1枚目

A Two-Pod System That Gives Users a Better Vaping Experience



Aegis X

Geekvape Aegis X 1枚目

An Advanced Variable Mod for Tweaking and Exploring



Zero 2

Yooz Zero 2 1枚目

Recommended for Cigarette Smokers Who Want to Switch to Vaping



Caliburn A2 Kit

Uwell Caliburn A2 Kit 1枚目

A Pocket-Friendly Vape Pod for All-Day Use



Aegis Legend 2

Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 1枚目

A Sturdier Model for Advanced Vapers



XXL Disposable Pod Device

Puff XXL Disposable Pod Device 1枚目

The Best Disposable Pod on the Market


Lost Vape

Centaurus Q200 Set

Lost Vape Centaurus Q200 Set 1枚目

Perfect for Those Who Want the Next Level Vaping Experience



Heavy Hitter

Timesvape Heavy Hitter 1枚目

An Innovative Mechanical Hybrid Mod for the Optimal Vape User

Product details

Voopoo Drag X Kit

From ₱2,599

The Best Vape Kit for Vape Starters and Veterans

The Voopoo Drag X Kit is a favorite among beginner and veteran vapers who love its masculine look and feel due to its leather and alloy build. It is very similar to its Drag S predecessor, but it is bigger and comes with more customizable airflow design models with its sliding function. 

It also comes with a bigger and more readable OLED screen as well as newer designs and limited edition variations. The kit has an integrated USB-C port for faster charging—a great feature for vapers who are always on the go. This product sells out quickly so you have to purchase it ASAP! Reviewers consider it one of the best pod systems in the Philippines.


An Elegant Pen for Vape Starters

Newbies to vaping should check out this sleek vape pen from Relx. The Relx Infinity is a unibody vape with a metallic aluminum covering that is smooth to the touch. The company also is known for its optimum ceramic atomizing technology, which produces the most authentic flavor for the vaper.

Aside from that, it has an ergonomic mouthpiece that's designed to fit your lips for ultimate comfort. It has an LED indicator, too, which serves as a reminder to charge your device. Most importantly, this leak-resistant vape pen is very simple to use and easy to charge via a USB-C cable or a charging dock.


SmokNord 4 Kit

From ₱1,300

A Two-Pod System That Gives Users a Better Vaping Experience

An upgrade to the famous Nord series, the Nord 4 kit is equipped with RPM and RPM2 coils that will change the way you experience vaping. Coupled with the two airflow control rings, it gives you a satisfying hit with every draw. This new model has a better OLED screen, higher battery capacity, adjustable wattage, and added safety features. 

When you purchase this, you have a lot of variations to choose from in terms of designs. You can keep it simple with neutral-colored shades or go all out with fun patterns. Some reviews we came across mention that Nord 4 is the most advanced pod mod in the series, considering its performance, large battery and e-liquid capacity, and high-power output.


GeekvapeAegis XWith Geekvape Z Sub-Ohm Tank

From ₱2,299

An Advanced Variable Mod for Tweaking and Exploring

Vapers who love to explore and experiment will surely love the Aegis X box mod kit. A new series by the powerhouse Geekvape, this product features the famous Aegis X box mod and a sub-ohm tank for an optimized flavor and vapor output. It also comes in three different vivid display styles, thanks to its 2.4-inch TFT screen. 

Users can choose to configure its output wattage, resistance ranges, and type of coil materials. Armed with dual 18650 steel shell lithium batteries, the product is also waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. This variable box mod is the best pick for its range of features—some buyers even consider it the best Aegis variant so far.


YoozZero 2

From ₱799

Recommended for Cigarette Smokers Who Want to Switch to Vaping

Still craving the feeling of smoking a cigarette? The Yooz vape pen is the best for you! This product is known to have a nicotine level that resembles that of a cigarette stick. The upgraded series features a new intelligent heating technology for better and more satisfying vapor production. It also has a vibration indicator that lets you know when you need to refill the pod.

Built and enclosed in an aluminum shell, the Zero 2 fully protects the lithium-ion battery, a circuit board, and a pressure sensor inside, which are all separated from the vapor path and liquid. Users will certainly experience a premium throat feel and enjoy richer flavors with this convenient-to-carry vape pen!


UwellCaliburn A2 Kit

From ₱695

A Pocket-Friendly Vape Pod for All-Day Use

Never worry about checking your e-juice because the latest Caliburn A2 Pod system has a visible window in front! This makes it convenient to refill the e-juice before it runs out, perfect for whole-day use. And with its built-in ohm coil system that uses PRO-FOCS technology, this pod gives you the real flavor.

Made with aluminum alloy, this durable device looks and feels premium—and it fits right inside your pocket! It has a top-filling, magnetic cartridge that automatically connects to the body, as well as anti-leaking and circuit protection features that guarantee a clean and safe vaping experience. Moreover, it gives you the option for auto-draw or button vaping.


GeekvapeAegis Legend 2

From ₱1,699

A Sturdier Model for Advanced Vapers

An excellent device for advanced vapers, the Aegis Legend 2 is an upgrade from the best-selling starter kit of Geekvape. Compared to previous models, this product offers a sturdier build and quality, an improved battery life, and a high-quality tank. And it has the signature Aegis Tri-proof technology with A-Lock features to prevent overheating and to also protect its users from burns.

The tri-proof feature also ensures that the device is resistant to water, dust, and shock. Plus, with its high power output and USB-rechargeable batteries, users will enjoy its longevity. Even better, its 1.08-inch TFT color screen is one of the best in the industry. You wouldn't go wrong when you choose this box mod!


PuffXXL Disposable Pod Device

From ₱139

The Best Disposable Pod on the Market

Need a vape that's simple and convenient to use? The Puff XXL is the newest and best disposable pod you can find! Pre-filled with 5.5 ml of nicotine salt, this on-the-go device features an adjustable airflow system to regulate vapor. It also has a compact design that conveniently fits inside your hand. 

The advantage of this disposable device is that it won't require refilling, charging, or maintenance. Thus, it's great for outdoor trips or traveling. The fun in choosing this type is that you'll get to enjoy a lot of awesome flavor choices like mixed berries, watermelon cherry, strawberry watermelon, and more.


Lost VapeCentaurus Q200 Set

From ₱1,650

Perfect for Those Who Want the Next Level Vaping Experience

Get the ultimate personal vaping experience with the Centaurus Q200 Box Mod, featuring an advanced Quest 2.0 Chipset that provides a 5-200W output range and an extensive temperature control suite. Plus, it has a strong protective chassis made from zinc and stainless alloy. Combined with its dual rechargeable battery and circuit protection feature, this box mod is a catch!

If you are a vaper who loves to build their own device, this model is great for you. It proposes a simple menu for several modes of vaping. These tweaks and customizations are displayed on a 0.9-inch screen that contains all the important information. With this product, your vaping experience will surely be filled with relaxation and comfort!


TimesvapeHeavy Hitter

From ₱2,995

An Innovative Mechanical Hybrid Mod for the Optimal Vape User

Vapers who want to achieve optimal use of their device will surely love the Timesvape Heavy Hitter Mech Mod. It is an innovative and unique mod that looks gorgeous, is well-machined, and is definitely hard-hitting. Its hybrid design is the first of its kind.

Compared to other mechanical mods, the Heavy Hitter features an innovative button assembly and a notched lock function to prevent accidents. It also boasts an awesome ball and cup contact pin that ensures optimum conductivity for every puff. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions on the web answered by the mybest team.

Is Vape Allowed in Airport?

There are no established unified airport policies on this, so it's always a good idea to contact airline representatives or airport personnel. Some airports allow vaping in designated smoking areas, while others do not allow this on their premises. In general, vapes are not allowed in checked baggage but are allowed in your personal hand-carry or travel bag. 

Can Vape Cause Acid Reflux?

Little is known about the direct effect of vapes on acid reflux. Initial studies indicate that it may cause inflammation in the esophagus or other internal injuries from nicotine, chemicals, and toxins. Vaping can also worsen symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Further investigation on the harmful effects of vaping is still underway for conclusive judgment.

Can Vapes Explode?

To ensure that your vape devices are safe, only purchase from credible brands and trusted sellers. These manufacturers ensure that the products they sell have gone through stringent electrical safety standards and legal business processes. Buying legitimate vape products will reduce the chances of accidents or injuries from sparks, shocks, or explosions.

More Vape Products for You

For vape enthusiasts, make sure to check out the following links to ensure you have the best vaping experience. In these articles, we've listed down the best vape atomizers, vape mods, vape pods, and vape juice that you can purchase online.

Author: Chafi Lacson

Re-editor: Ace John Tabuzo

How We Chose and Ranked Our Product Recommendations

Our buying guide was carefully researched and crafted by the mybest team of writers and editors. We used the buying guide as a basis for choosing and ranking the product recommendations, and we looked at reviews and ratings from different E-commerce sites like Lazada, Shopee, and more.

Top 5 Vapes

No. 1Voopoo Drag X Kit

No. 2RelxInfinity

No. 3SmokNord 4 Kit

No. 4GeekvapeAegis XWith Geekvape Z Sub-Ohm Tank

No. 5YoozZero 2

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