Top 9 Best Workout DVDs to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

Top 10 Best Workout DVDs to Buy Online 2018 (Latest Edition)

There are different forms of exercise, each of which is effective in obtaining a particular body image. It can be in a form of dance, yoga, boxing, stretching, and so on. The key to knowing which exercise fits your body’s needs is determined by your body goal or the type of fitness you want to achieve. Manufacturers are aware of this, so they have created different types of workout DVDs to fit everyone’s needs.

Here, we will discuss the differences between workout DVDs sold on the market today and which type is the right one for you. We will also give you some helpful points you should take note of before your purchase. Lastly and most importantly, we have listed the top 10 best workout DVDs of 2018 that will serve as your reference.

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How To Choose Workout DVDs in the Philippines – Buying Guide

To start off, we will first discuss the important points when purchasing workout DVDs. This guide will aid you in learning the essentials of what to look for in a workout DVD.

Your Goal

What is your goal for working out? The answer to this question will lead you to what type of workout DVD is fit for you. Your answer to this question may vary, so we have chopped down below the possible goals and discuss each one so everyone knows which way to go.

I Want To Get Rid Of My Excess Fat

I Want To Get Rid Of My Excess Fat

Getting rid of excess fat is a common reason for many individuals to start exercising. If you are one of them, you should choose a workout DVD that will make you sweat really hard. A good example is a DVD that contains aerobic exercise like aerobics and dance workouts.

It is, however, significant to remember that aerobic exercise is more effective if done for more than 20 minutes. This type of exercise uses fat and carbohydrates as your main sources of energy. As you continue at around the 20th minute or over, your body starts to use your fat and carbohydrates. It slowly decreases your carbs and increases the usage of fat.

So what happens within 20 minutes? Your body will only use sugar as the source of energy. Therefore, exercising for 20 minutes only is not enough. It would also be better if you do train muscle 10 minutes before doing the aerobic exercise as it will help burn fat faster.

I Want to Be Muscle Fit

I Want To Be Muscle Fit

Let’s say you are already fit and you have achieved the weight you desired. But you still want to develop muscles and tighten it. What exercise would be best for you? A stoic exercise is recommended! This exercise comprises muscle trek that trains your muscles to tighten, giving you a hard and solid body.

Most women think that muscle exercise will give you muscles like those of men, but this is wrong. Women have lower testosterone levels than men, so excessive muscle development should not be an issue unless you train intensely like a female bodybuilder.

In terms of which body part develops muscle mass faster, the lower body does because it has a higher muscular volume than the upper body. The good thing about this is that stoic exercise requires great calorie consumption as an energy source. So all those gathered calories from unhealthy foods will be gone.

A well-rounded hip, for example, is best with a workout DVD that focuses on exercising the lower body. But to help you develop more muscles effectively, you should start eating foods that are rich in protein.

I Want to Have a Good Posture and Correct Pelvic Alignment

I Want to Have a Good Posture and Correct Pelvic Alignment

If you want to achieve good posture and correct pelvic alignment, you will need to look at yoga and pilates that exercise your inner muscles. Yoga aims to relax your mind while stretching your body while focusing on abdominal respiration. Pilates, on the other hand, improves body stretching while performing costal respiration. The combination of these exercises is effective in achieving a good posture and correcting your pelvic alignment.

The Time of Your Convenience

The Time of Your Convenience

It is always convenient to do your exercise at your convenient time. If you are a very busy person with only little free time, but still want to exercise, you need a DVD that you can commit to at your convenience. A 60-minute exercise may be too long for you, so get something you can do on a separate basis.

If you need a 30-minute exercise, for example, a workout DVD that has 10- and 20-minute sessions would be best. Every session is just right for your busy schedule.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Warm Up and Cool Down

Don’t get too excited, okay? Relax and don’t do the workout activity directly. It’s not advisable to directly go into the exercise without any warming up because if you do, you’ll only end up straining your body.

Warming up will prepare your body for the workout by loosening those lazy muscles. Cooling down is also another important thing. After the intense training, you will need to perform some exercises to relax your body. This way, you won’t force your body to adjust to what you need to perform. Therefore, you should get a workout DVD that has incorporated both warm up and cool down exercises.

Easy to Follow

Easy to Follow

This point is very important for first-timers. Watching the video alone without any explanation or information from the trainer in the video will leave you hanging in the air. It is essential for you to know why you are doing this and what the exercise does to help improve your body.

It’s even better to get a workout DVD that suggests some alternatives that will support or compliment your main workout. For example, the trainer in the video can suggest another form of muscle exercise that you think will work best for you.

The Trainer’s Figure

The Trainer’s Figure

It would also help a lot if you can find a trainer with your ideal body image. This way, you will become more motivated to achieve your goal. If they can do it, why can’t you? With the right attitude towards your workout, you’ll definitely achieve the same figure as your trainer.

Top 9 Best Workout DVDs to Buy Online in the Philippines

We have now reached the point where you deserve to know the list of the top 10 best workout DVDs. The list will narrow down your search and will make buying a workout DVD best suited for you much easier.

9. Stott Pilates Sunrise Workout DVD

10. Stott Pilates Sunrise Workout DVD

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Price: ₱300

The Perfect Workout DVD to Start Your Day

This workout DVD focuses on enhancing your inner muscle. It’s great for people who already have their desired weight but still want to get into good shape. The DVD is ideal to start your day because the exercise is set to be performed during the early morning.

The invigorating program allows your torso, legs, and arms to work just the right way to achieve a good posture. It lasts for about 22 minutes that will let you feel refreshed and brand new. It’s a DVD that prepares you to face the challenges of the day!

8. Beachbody Insanity Base Kit

9. Beachbody Insanity Base Kit

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Price: ₱15,713

Be Challenged By Alternate Aerobic and Anaerobic Intervals

Beachbody introduces an insane set of a 60-day DVD workout that effectively eliminates excess weight to let you develop abs. It is excellent for people who want to lose weight and achieve a certain body figure. The set does not only include the proper exercise routines but also some nutritional guides to track your progress, a great way to know your weight status.

It has 10 DVDs that each contain intense workouts. The program will start with a 30-minute exercise for the first week that increases to 40 and up to 60 minutes as you continue on with the workout, which is great for increasing stamina as well. Shaun T, the trainer, shows you plyometric drills that help you increase speed strength in each DVD. It ensures that you are constantly challenged by alternate intervals of aerobics and anaerobic workout!

7. Beachbody Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

7. Beachbody Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

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Price: ₱3,643

Shape Your Abs Sexily

Here’s another set of 3 workout DVDs from Beachbody that makes sure you get those flat and sexy abs. It’s effective for people who are already fit and slim but want to have a set of defined abs. The set comes with 10 workout routines such as abs flattening for 13 minutes,  fat-burning cardio for 30 minutes, and ab shaping for 25 minutes.

It also includes a step-by-step nutritional guide to monitoring your progress. You’ll receive great bonuses as well with 3 additional workouts and 3 workout dance with trainer Shaun T! It is a workout DVD set that grants your wish of achieving a sexy you!

6. X-TrainFit Circuit Burnout 90

6. X-TrainFit Circuit Burnout 90

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Price: ₱3,802

Lose Weight While You Build Long, Lean Muscles

The amazing workout DVD from X-TrainFit wants you to achieve your goals, that is, to remove excess weight and develop long, lean muscles. This is a wonderful helping workout set for people who want to eliminate excess fat and improve muscle build-up at the same time.

The set includes 10 DVDs with challenging exercises, with total body toning for 32 minutes, lower body toning for 34 minutes, and upper body toning for 22 minutes, from the trainer herself, Dr. Monique St. Pierre. It promises to transform you into a lean and fit shape in just 90 days. It basically lets you burn fat and tone your muscles to get the shape you desire. Each DVD has easy-to-follow exercises that make your activity challenging but fun!

5. EFLT-online DVD Workout

5. EFLT-online DVD Workout

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Price: ₱4,452

Learn Kickboxing from Scratch

It’s a DVD for learning kickboxing regardless of age and skill level! This is fantastic for people who want to learn kickboxing and for those who want to tighten and strengthen their muscles. And guess what? You don’t have to secure any equipment, and you have the freedom to choose your own time. It’s perfectly created for use at home!

The DVD contains Muay-thai workout plus different exercises for a wide range, from beginners to advanced Filipinos. The kickboxing exercise here teaches you about the basic principles of elbow work, legwork, and punches in just 25 minutes. You will also learn about the typical mistakes in kickboxing and how you can fix them. You’ll definitely find a future for kickboxing here!

4. Beachbody Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body DVD Workout

4. Beachbody Shaun T's Rockin' Body DVD Workout

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Price: ₱3,643

Burn Those Stubborn Calories

If you want to burn calories for up to 1,500 a day, you’ll surely want this DVD from Beachbody! It’s perfect for people who want to lose weight and attain a body that makes everyone jealous! This is also a set of 7 hot workouts such as a calorie-burning dance for 45 minutes and ab tightening for 30 minutes.

It also includes easy-to-use tools such as diet and quick start guides for a maximum result. There’s more to this package! You’ll be receiving gifts: a party guide, a 3-day slim down activity, and 2 bonus workouts. This is a workout DVD that’s always on the go!

3. X-TrainFit Personal Trainer: 90-Day Workout Program

3. X-TrainFit Personal Trainer: 90-Day Workout Program

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Price: ₱4,570

Exceed Your Health and Fitness Goals

With an expert trainer, Stephanie Oram, you’ll confidently exceed your health and fitness goals! It’s a workout DVD for people who want to get rid of excess weight and who want to become fit and slim. It’s a set that includes 12 DVDs with different workout activities that will burn all those unwanted fats.

The goal here is to achieve a boastful body in just 90 days with a 35-minute workout each day. Aside from chopping down your weight, the program also helps your body develop a lean muscle for a better shape. You’re provided with a meal plan as well to take control of your nutritional diet. With this workout DVD, you’ll be more motivated not just to achieve your goals but to exceed it!

2. Nia 24 “U” Class Experience Workout DVD 2016

2. Nia 24 "U" Class Experience Workout DVD 2016

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Price: ₱2,644

Get That Shape You Always Wanted

This workout DVD from Nia 24 allows you to perform yoga and pilates in one activity. It’s an exceptional choice for people who want to have a well-rounded hip and for those who want a great overall posture! Although it’s a 2016 edition, this DVD is still hot in 2018! It basically contains a well-choreographed fusion fitness workout for 50 minutes.

The program is easy to follow where beginners are welcome and won’t have a hard time. It exercises your sensory-based movements, which lets you get in touch with your whole body. The program boasts with “gentle” movements that slowly takes level 1 to level 3. This DVD assures you that you’ll have a great bond with your body!

1. XTFMAX One on One: 30 Day DVD Workout Program

1. XTFMAX One on One: 30 Day DVD Workout Program

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱2,571

Triple Your Treat to Your Body

Our number 1 on the list treats your body triple time! It’s a wonderful workout buddy for people who want to shed fat, tone their body, and build lean muscles. With Stephanie Oram as the trainer, you’ll achieve the fitness your body deserves!

The DVD aims a one-on-one class with the trainer 25 minutes every day. Within the 30-day period, you’ll be doing five intense circuit training, recorded in two DVDs. You’ll also receive a nutritional calendar for best results. This program ensures you’ll sculpt your muscles and build strength while effectively burning fat!


With the helpful points about the best workout DVDs, you’ll surely know what to look for on the market. Our list also gives you a good idea of which products should be on your checklist. So before you do anything after reading this article, know what is your goal first!

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