Top 7 Best Windbreaker Jackets for Women to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

Top 9 Best Windbreaker Jackets for Women to Buy Online in the Philippines 2018

What do you do when you need to go out, but there’s a chill in the air and maybe even a drizzle of rain? The go-to apparel on days like this is the windbreaker – a usually light jacket made of synthetic, made to withstand chilly winds and light rain. If you’re a girl on the go dealing with unpredictable showers during the summer months, you might need a windbreaker of your own.

There are some factors that need to be considered when looking for a windbreaker jacket. We’ll help you out by giving tips on how to choose your windbreaker and our top ten recommendations for women’s windbreakers available to buy online. Let’s go!

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How to Choose a Windbreaker Jacket for Women in the Philippines – Buying Guide

There are many different kinds of windbreaker jackets out in the market today. You need to pick the best windbreaker jacket for your needs, so here are some points for consideration to help you decide on what to get later on!

Different Windbreaker Jackets Based on Function

Windbreaker jackets can be divided into two types: soft shell windbreakers and hard shell windbreakers. The materials and functions of each type are more suited for certain situations than the other, so keep that in mind when choosing your windbreaker jacket.

Soft Shell for Easy, Breathable Movement

Soft Shell for Easy, Breathable Movement

Softshell windbreaker jackets are made of stretchy synthetic fabric material, which makes it easy to breathe and move in for long periods of time. Some have an added thin layer of fleece or mesh underneath to keep you warm.

They’re not entirely waterproof, but most can keep you from getting wet during very light rainfall.

These kinds of windbreakers are good to wear for intense outdoor activities on cool, dry days. While it may protect you from getting wet during a drizzle, it won’t stand very well against harder rainfall.

Because of the material and the extra fleece/mesh layer, they aren’t very easy to pack.

Hard Shell for Tough, Enduring Protection

Hard Shell for Tough, Enduring Protection

Hardshell windbreaker jackets, on the other hand, are made of a harder and more durable synthetic material. Most have hoods.

These kinds of windbreaker jackets are made to be waterproof, so it’s better to wear them for heavier rain showers. They’re usually only made of one layer, making them easily foldable and portable.

That being said, since hard shell windbreaker jackets are made of heavier material, they’re not as breathable or as easy to move in as soft shell windbreaker jackets.

Furthermore, if a rainy day is very cold, the chill can still seep into your jacket and make you cold if you don’t have any layered clothes underneath.

Aside from Function, Let’s Think About Comfort

Aside from Function, Let’s Think About Comfort

If you’re going to be wearing a windbreaker jacket for a long period of time like while you’re hiking or camping or simply being outside for most of the day, of course, you’ll want to feel nice wearing it.

Regardless of the form or function of your windbreaker jacket, it isn’t any good if what you’re wearing makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when the weather and the surroundings are involved.

Think about where you’re going to wear your windbreaker jacket. If you’re going to wear one on a cool but sunny day with very little to no rain to be expected, or if you’re going to move a lot throughout the day, then a light, soft shell windbreaker jacket is best.

If you’re going to wear one on a rainy day, or if you’re going to be in an environment where you’ll want to be protected from the elements (like a campsite), then it would be better to bring a hard shell windbreaker jacket.

Also, make sure to get a windbreaker jacket that isn’t too loose or too tight! Some windbreaker jackets have adjustable cuffs and drawstrings to help tighten or loosen the jacket.

Ventilation to Keep You Cool Underneath

 Ventilation to Keep You Cool Underneath

Sometimes, when your windbreaker jacket is completely closed and tightened to avoid the wind and rain going in, it causes heat to be trapped inside of it, which then makes your body sweat a lot. This is especially true when you’re doing an intense physical activity. It can be very uncomfortable!

Because of this, some windbreaker jackets have a ventilation function – usually some zippers placed in strategic areas of the jacket, or small holes on the side.

It allows the heat trapped inside the windbreaker jacket to leave and for air to circulate within, but still keep your body away from the wind and rain.

Where Can I Place My Things? Jacket Pockets

Where Can I Place My Things? Jacket Pockets

You’ll sometimes need to bring essentials like your phone, wallet, house keys, rosary, etc. If you’re only bringing a phone or a small wallet with you, two small pockets at the front would be enough. However, if you carry a big wallet or a phone, a windbreaker jacket with a kangaroo pocket in front would be the best choice.

It’s important to take note of the size and depth of the pockets that come with your windbreaker. Consider what you usually bring with you when you choose a windbreaker.

I Want to Look Cute! Stylish Windbreaker Jackets

I Want to Look Cute! Stylish Windbreaker Jackets

Form and the function may be the most important thing to look for in a windbreaker jacket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable with it!

Women’s windbreaker jackets especially come in all kinds of colors, designs, and even patterns. Feel free to show off your personal style even when you’re outdoors on a cold, drizzling day with a variety of fun and creative designs available.

Top 7 Best Windbreaker Jackets for Women to Buy Online in the Philippines

Now that you know what to consider when looking for a woman’s windbreaker jacket, here is a list of our top ten choices for the best ones available online.

Our choices are based on each jacket’s features, functions and prices, so hopefully you’ll be able to find what you need and want in the list below. Happy deciding!

7. GUDUZHE Women’s Outdoor Mountaineering Windbreaker Jacket and Pants Set

9. GUDUZHE Women's Outdoor Mountaineering Windbreaker Jacket and Pants Set

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱1,97o

Best Windbreaker Set for Comfortable Mountaineering

If you are looking for not only a windbreaker jacket but also nice pants, this product is a good choice for you. Its material is thicker than other windbreaker jackets, so it is recommended for mountaineering and trip for a cooler place.

It has a ventilation on its back and it has a Velcro cuff, so it gives comfortable warmth to you. It has 4 colors for the jacket and 2 colors for the pants. You can choose your favorite pair.

6. Adidas Women’s Windbreaker Jacket Real Blue BJ8377

8. Adidas Women's Windbreaker Jacket Real Blue BJ8377

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱6,602

Double Drawstrings for Double Tightness

This windbreaker jacket comes in a cool blue color, with polka dots all around and the official Adidas logo at the back. There are not only one, but two drawstrings – one for the hood and one for the bottom of the jacket. These will help ensure that no wind or light rain enters the jacket when they’re pulled tight.

The jacket also had two pockets in front, though they’re only really big to put your hands in them and nothing else. We recommend this jacket to girls who want to look and feel oh-so-cool while working out!

5. New Balance 90s Run Windbreaker for Women

6. New Balance 90s Run Windbreaker for Women

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱4,886

Easy Breathability and a Good Pocket for Storage

This tri-colored windbreaker jacket has a layer of mesh lining the hood and upper body areas, making it breeze to wear while on the move. Aside from the color scheme and mesh, the most notable thing about this jacket is the kangaroo pocket and zip pockets at the front.

The pockets are big and deep enough to keep your small belongings inside. Consider this windbreaker if you want a convenient way to keep your essentials close to you while outdoors.

4. tebu Outdoor Super Windbreaker for Women DGD-F16102

5. tebu Outdoor Super Windbreaker for Women DGD-F16102

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱958

Mesh at the Sides for Cooling Ventilation

Made of nylon, this windbreaker jacket is decently water-resistant and breathable. What adds to the breathability of these jackets is the mesh fabric located at the side of the jacket, underneath the armpit area.

The mesh fabric contains small holes through which air can enter and exit, circulating air inside the jacket to keep you cool. There are extra zippers to open close by if it’s not enough. If you get hot and sweaty easily while outdoors, this windbreaker might just be the answer.

3. Columbia Outdoor Protection Clothing for Women KR1013

4. Columbia Outdoor Protection Clothing for Women KR1013

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱6,917

Mesh on the Inside for Your Comfort

This windbreaker is made of a thin synthetic material on the outside, but on the inside is lined with a layer of mesh. The mesh layer allows for more breathability, as well as to keep you warm. There are also two pockets at the front where you can keep small essentials in.

Being water resistant, light and airy, it’s good for when you need to go outside on a windy or slightly rainy day. You can get this if you live in a place that gets regular drizzles of rain for certain periods of time.

2. PUMA Women’s Explosive Jacket

2. PUMA Women’s Explosive Jacket

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱5,963

Sweat-Free Shininess

If you often do a physical activity outside and hate getting sweaty, this jacket might help you out. It’s made of dry cell material that absorbs sweat and keeps you dry and airy on the inside. The outside is water resistant as well, which would help when unexpected drizzles happen.

Speaking of the outside, the material is shiny and the colors shift around under light. This adds a bit of colorful fun to this already functional jacket.

1. OEM Lightweight Rainwear Windbreaker

1. OEM Lightweight Rainwear Windbreaker

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱628

Multiple Features for Ultimate Dryness

These windbreaker jackets are made to withstand light rains, and it contains a lot of small but convenient features to help you keep dry during a rain shower. For example, it has both a hood for the top of your head and a high-rise collar for your neck.

It has elastic cuffs that hug the wrist and drawstrings both at the hood and at the bottom of the jacket, to really keep the rain and chill out. It even comes with its own small portable bag. For ladies who hate to get their clothes wet even during the lightest rainfall, this windbreaker is perfect for you.


Windbreaker jackets differ based on their function, what features they have, and even what their designs look like. The kind of windbreaker jacket you get should depend on your environment, your activities and what makes your body feel comfortable. Personal style isn’t a bad thing to consider, either.

Have you found the right women’s windbreaker jacket for you in this list? Remember your needs, and have fun shopping!

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