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10 Best Home Garden Plants in the Philippines 2023

As a result of our health consciousness and the growing desire for longevity, many people prefer to grow their vegetables and fruits in their own backyard garden or condo space. In some urban supermarkets, rural street stalls, and vegan online stores, you’ll find a wide variety of seeds and seedlings such as tomatoes, lettuces, onions, radishes, kale, and many more.

Allow us to introduce some of the best ways to select homegrown crops that even beginners could go along with the best home garden plants you could purchase online. All prices are affordable, which makes it easier for you to buy as much as you require. Read on to find out our buying guide, recommendations, and some planting tips!
Last updated 03/03/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Start Home Gardening

Some people decide to hire an expert gardener to make the necessary arrangements for their garden. But even as a beginner, there are ways for you to start gardening without paying a specialist to do the job.

Pick the Perfect Place

Pick the Perfect Place
It would be wise to note that almost every vegetable and flower requires about 6 hours of sunlight. It’s important to know this because you’ll need to provide a location for these plants to absorb ample sunlight.

Therefore, the best location in your residence would be right next to your windows or outside the back door if there aren’t any tall buildings or houses blocking the sun’s rays.

Consider the Type of Soil

Consider the Type of Soil
If you’re considering to dig for the purpose of loosening the soil and for the roots to penetrate more easily, keep in mind that digging soil that is too wet or too dry could ruin its structure. Make sure that the soil has balanced levels of moisture and dryness.

Keep in mind that the soil is supposed to have 25% water and 25% air to keep the balance of moisture and dryness. To test its level of balance, pick up a small amount of soil. Make sure that the soil feels loose enough to fall apart when pressed.

Give the Right Amount of Water

Give the Right Amount of Water
Seeds are like human babies. They have tons of needs which require full attention all the time. They have to be watered daily while they are small. But as they grow larger, they require less water.

Afterward, the frequency of watering them would depend on your chosen soil and the climate changes in your area. When you notice the plants wilting slightly under intense heat, water them gradually to ensure that both the soil and the plants fully absorb water.

Prepare the Necessary Tools

Prepare the Necessary Tools

Some of the basic and most important tools to use include a hand trowel, pruners, shears, a garden hose or water sprinkler, and some gloves. A hand trowel comes in handy for digging small holes for planting and weeding with its scoop-shaped metal blade.

Both pruners and shears are used for cutting. But the main difference between the two is that pruners could cut smaller plants and shrubs while shears are meant to cut long grasses and small hedges.

Finally, you’ll need a water hose or water sprinkler to nourish the plants with ample water. While doing the dirty work, wearing gloves could help to protect your hands.

How to Choose a Home Garden Plant – Buying Guide

From experience, I’m sure you know the hassle of huge time consumption and expensive prices when going to the supermarket or outdoor stalls. Therefore, here are some pointers to keep in mind when purchasing a home garden plant through online stores.

① Select Veggies That Are Easy to Cultivate and Grow

Select Veggies That Are Easy to Cultivate and Grow

Cultivation involves plowing the land for growing crops which takes dedication, time, and labor. But remember that cultivation could be simplified by selecting a crop that can be harvested in a short period of time.

Your main goal would be to add your crop as the main ingredient or supplementary ingredient of your daily meals. Therefore, it would be best to choose home garden plants that are easy to plant and harvest.

② See How Much Space You Have and Need to Grow the Plants

See How Much Space You Have and Need to Grow the Plants
Before you decide on the plants you would like to grow at home, make sure to consider the amount of space you currently have in and out of your residence.

If you live in a condo unit with a narrow space, planting herbs that are shallow-rooted would be highly recommended. The advantage of planting herbs or edible flowers in pots is that you could keep them in the kitchen or display them on a table next to a window or below a painting. You could easily monitor their growth and harvest them when the time is right.

If you live in a house with a wide garden, you can plant deeply rooted crops with a larger distance between seeds. Its advantage is that you can grow various kinds of plants and harvest them in a large amount.

③ Choose Veggies That Can Be Harvested Abundantly

Choose Veggies That Can Be Harvested Abundantly
You’ll have to ensure the high possibility of mass producing your chosen crops. Although it’s necessary to consider the length of time it takes to grow them and to harvest them, it’s also important to consider how much you and your family would likely consume.

It would be wise to choose a plant that could be propagated in one pot. The seeds could be scattered profusely on the soil inside the pot before you begin to water them thoroughly.

④ Pick Fruits or Vegetables That Can Be Used in a Variety of Dishes

Pick Fruits or Vegetables That Can Be Used in a Variety of Dishes

In order to become a credible gardener, you may have to consider the type of meals that would be healthy and sumptuous for your family on a regular basis. By knowing them, you’ll be able to maximize the number of plants you’ll be growing and harvesting.

All it takes is a bit of imagination and experience. Other than salads, veggies and fruits could help improve the level of sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness of soup, steaks, and noodles.

⑤ Grow Various Kinds of Vegetables

Grow Various Kinds of Vegetables
The only way to perfect your gardening craft is to gain a lot of experience. Therefore, don’t hold back and experiment with all kinds of veggies and fruits that you could plant in your own backyard garden or condo unit.

Each crop has its own period of growth, space requirements, and other particular needs which have to be fulfilled. By becoming flexible to various needs, you become more skillful as a gardener.

10 Best Home Garden Plants to Buy Online

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the mybest team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide.
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Cherry Tomato Seeds

Plantfilled Cherry Tomato Seeds 1枚目

One of the Best Sources of Lycopene



Malunggay / Moringa Seeds

Plantfilled Malunggay / Moringa Seeds 1枚目

A Superfood at Your Backyard!



Red Onion Seeds

FarmChoice Red Onion Seeds 1枚目

Strong and Easy to Grow for Beginners



Basil Seeds

Halamanan Basil Seeds 1枚目

A Flavorful and Easy Herb to Grow



Eggplant Seeds

FarmChoice Eggplant Seeds 1枚目

Fiber-Rich Vegetable with Many Ways of Cooking


Fine Vegetable

Cherry Radish Seeds

Fine Vegetable Cherry Radish Seeds 1枚目

Juicy and Pungent


Known You

Peppermint Seeds

Known You Peppermint Seeds 1枚目

Keep Your Breath As Fresh As Ever


M's Garden

White Oyster Mushroom Ready to Grow Kit

M's Garden White Oyster Mushroom Ready to Grow Kit 1枚目

Easily Grow Mushrooms with This Kit


Sunflower Seeds

 Sunflower Seeds 1枚目

A Plant with Tons of Benefits for Your Health and Beauty


Wheatgrass Seeds

 Wheatgrass Seeds 1枚目

Quick to Grow and Harvest

Product details

PlantfilledCherry Tomato Seeds

From ₱22

One of the Best Sources of Lycopene

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant linked to numerous health benefits. To name a few, lycopene helps in keeping the heart healthy, boosts digestive health, and keeps the skin young and youthful.

Tomatoes are present in so many delicious dishes such as kalderta, afritada, and sinigang. You can add it to your salad, sandwich, and pizza too! Even if you harvest tons of tomatoes, you won’t worry about the way of consuming them.

It only takes a few days for tomatoes to germinate in pots or in garden soil. If you read this article from November to February, it is the best season to start growing tomatoes. If you like cooking, tomatoes will be a must plant you should grow.

PlantfilledMalunggay / Moringa Seeds

From ₱19

A Superfood at Your Backyard!

Moringa or malunggay is considered as one of the best superfoods that Mother Nature has to offer. It is a popular ingredient in many Filipino foods from tinola to ginataan, and even pandesal

It is rich in calcium, vitamins A, B, and C, iron, magnesium, potassium, and many more healthy compounds. Malunggay is beneficial for the skin and hair and if you're an expecting or breastfeeding mom, malunggay will help increase milk production!

Malunggay is easy to grow because it does not need a lot of maintenance.  However, when planting, do make sure that the soil is loose, light, and a little sandy. Also, do take note that the tree can grow more than 20 feet tall.  Plant this in your backyard and there's no need to get out of your way to ask you kapitbahay for some malunggay for your tinola!


FarmChoiceRed Onion SeedsRed Hawk Variety

From ₱64

Strong and Easy to Grow for Beginners

Onions are present in almost every dish from breakfast to dinner time due to its distinct flavor. A must for ginisa! Onion is also believed to purify the air. You can cut one in half, put it on your bedside table and let it do its magic in absorbing the toxins in the air.

Since some varieties of onions make deep roots, you should grow them on the ground, not in pots. It takes a couple of weeks for them to sprout, which is longer than other vegetables. However, they are strong for heat and cold, so you can grow them easily even if you are new to home gardening.

HalamananBasil SeedsGenovese

From ₱40

A Flavorful and Easy Herb to Grow

Basil is known to be one of the easiest herbs to grow both indoors and outdoors. It grows very quickly and could yield an abundance of fresh leaves all year round. The seeds begin to sprout within a short period of 5 to 10 days in pots or boxes and become ready to harvest after 75 days.

It can be used in various kinds of dishes like salad, pasta, stir-fried chicken, grilled tuna, and even desserts like ice cream and yogurt. It also contains oils and ingredients called flavonoids, which protect your health. If you are going to start home gardening, there is no reason not to include it on your buying list.

FarmChoiceEggplant Seeds

From ₱33.54

Fiber-Rich Vegetable with Many Ways of Cooking

Eggplant seeds sprout quickly in garden soil and you could harvest quite a lot of them within a month or two. Although they aren’t as common as tomatoes, you can use it in popular Filipino dishes like tortang talong, ensaladang talong, or fried eggplant which you could dip in soy sauce.

What’s great about eggplants is that they are rich in dietary fiber, which regulates bowel movements. If you’re a gastronome and you eat tons of food, having an eggplant in your garden would be preferable to help you lessen the fat.

Fine VegetableCherry Radish Seeds

From ₱143

Juicy and Pungent

If you’re a fan of the famous sinigang which is a popular Filipino dish that is known for its sourness, you’ll definitely know that radishes are some of the most important ingredients in this meal.

The best thing about cherry radishes is that they could sprout very fast both in pots or in garden soil, germinating within 7 days only, and are harvested once the root of the plant is 1 inch in diameter. If you love cooking traditional Filipino food like ginisang labanos or kilawing labanos, then you may want to plant cherry radishes.

Known YouPeppermint Seeds

From ₱75

Keep Your Breath As Fresh As Ever

If you’re worried about bad breath, taking mint is a natural way of getting your confidence back with their cool, menthol flavor. A great thing about mint is that the more you pick them, the better they grow. The better they grow, the more abundant they are. Therefore, you could harvest as much as you desire.

Mint can be grown even in a small pot. Even if you don’t have a large garden in your home, you can grow it in a kitchen or veranda. Mint also can be used in many dishes and drinks. You can make an herbal tea for your relaxation time or step up your cocktail game by making your own mojito with fresh mint!

M's GardenWhite Oyster Mushroom Ready to Grow Kit

From ₱95

Easily Grow Mushrooms with This Kit

Mushrooms usually grow within 2 to 3 weeks in boxes or cans and could be harvested within 3 to 5 days after the mushrooms have formed. You could harvest as much as you need and use them to add creaminess to most vegetable soup meals. If you don’t like to wait many months to harvest a crop, this mushroom might be a good choice for you.

People who bought this kit left good reviews and even posted photos of their growing mushrooms! This kit also comes with instructions or a guide to ensure a fail-proof and satisfactory mushroom-growing experience.


Sunflower Seeds

From ₱100

A Plant with Tons of Benefits for Your Health and Beauty

You may think that a flower is grown only for the ornamental purpose in your garden, but that is not true. You can eat not only the seeds of this sunflower but also all parts from seedlings to leaves and stalks. The leaves and stalks are good for salads and stews.

Sunflowers usually sprout within 7 to 10 days in fields and fully mature within 80 to 120 days. You could harvest as many as you want when the petals become dry. If you want a beautiful decoration of flowers in your garden and enjoy tasting them at the same time, this can be an ideal plant for you.

Wheatgrass Seeds

From ₱179

Quick to Grow and Harvest

The great thing about wheatgrass seeds is that they reach maturity only in 6 to 10 days where tons of wheatgrass become ready for harvest. Usually, wheatgrass is consumed as a fresh juice. If you drink it on a daily basis, it will give you the benefits of detoxification, which improves your overall health.

It can be grown in a small pot, so if you put it on the kitchen shelf, you can watch its growth even when you are cooking. If you are aiming to maintain or improve your health, wheatgrass would be good for you as a beverage if washed properly before juicing.

Top 5 Home Garden Plants

No. 1PlantfilledCherry Tomato Seeds

No. 2PlantfilledMalunggay / Moringa Seeds

No. 3FarmChoiceRed Onion SeedsRed Hawk Variety

No. 4HalamananBasil SeedsGenovese

No. 5FarmChoiceEggplant Seeds

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