Top 9 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners to Buy Online in the Philippines 2018

Using a car vacuum cleaner lets you clean plenty of areas inside your vehicle, like the seats and floor mats. Manufacturers like Shopvac, Maxhealth, and Goodyear offer different types and models of vacuum cleaners.

Now, we’re going to help you choose the best car vacuum cleaner in the Philippines by giving you important points of information along with a ranked list these products. Please take a look at our guide and list to give yourself a car vacuum cleaner worth your time and money.

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How to Choose a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Philippines

If you can’t properly clean your car, then dust, dirt, and debris can and will accumulate in the numerous gaps inside your vehicle. It’s safe to say that nobody wants to get inside a car that looks and smells dirty. Dirty cars will also be given a low appraisal value if you’re planning to sell the automobile.

In this segment, let’s look at three points to help you choose the best car vacuum cleaner to help eliminate all the dirt and trash inside your vehicle.

Check the Power Supply

Check the Power Supply

There are car vacuum cleaners with rechargeable batteries: those that plug into the cigar socket, and some that go directly to a wall outlet.

Cordless rechargeable models allow for greater flexibility in cleaning since you’re not limited to the length of the cord. However, many cordless vacuum cleaners can’t deliver similar power outputs with their wired counterparts to save on battery.

Vacuum cleaners that go directly to a cigar or wall outlet are ideal for fast and powerful cleaning sessions, but users might get tied down because of the length of the cord. Nonetheless, wired vacuum cleaners tend to deliver powerful suctioning prowess.

If you still want to buy and use a car vacuum cleaner with a cord, then check the length of the cord first before purchase. If you have a large car, then it’s wise to buy a model with an excellent cord length.

Check the Attachments

Check the Attachments

Different vacuum cleaners come with varying attachments. There’s no dire need for getting many attachments for one vacuum cleaner, but it’s always a good idea to get a model with a clearance nozzle and an extended hose.

There are some situations wherein a gap nozzle may be necessary, but some users may think that using this attachment won’t require an extended hose. Using an extended hose attached to a clearance may make cleaning difficult since it requires both hands to properly use it.

However, there are also times when cleaning with the extended hose makes the task easy. As a result, it’s great to have the accessory for those times of need.

Check the Suction Power

Check the Suction Power

Buying a vacuum cleaner for your car is similar to purchasing a cleaning device for your home in a sense that you need to pay attention to its suction power.

There are cyclone type vacuum cleaners that offer strong suction power so cleaning can become quick. However, this type requires plenty of power to operate.

Still, it’s a good choice to get a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction power to properly get rid of small debris and wet stains. Wet and dry cleaners are ideal for families with small children since spills tend to occur inside the vehicle.

Top 9 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners to Buy Online in the Philippines

In this portion, we’ll introduce our top recommended car vacuum cleaners on the Philippine market by way of ranking format. Use our list to help you choose the right vacuum cleaner to always keep your car clean.

9. Redex Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

10. Redex Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Visit Shopee for more details

Price: ₱499

Keep Your Car Seats Pet Hair-Free

If you like to bring your pet dog or cat on road trips, then this is the perfect car vacuum cleaner for you. It has brush and flat suction nozzles to help eliminate unwanted pet fur from your car’s seats, dashboard, and other areas.

However, it only offers 3.5 watts of power so don’t expect it to do any heavy-duty cleaning. Nonetheless, it’s a compact and power efficient option for pet owners to keep their cars free of unwanted hair.

8. Maxhealth Handy Heavy Duty Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner MH-1013

9. Maxhealth Handy Heavy Duty Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner MH-1013

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱ 1,195

Strong Suction Power Traps Tiny Particles

Unlike other car vacuum cleaners that prioritize on power efficiency, this model assures you that no dust or dirt can escape its sucking power. It has a cyclone filter that can trap particles all the way down to 0.3 microns in size.

It even comes with an extension tube so you don’t have to kneel or crouch to get to those hard-to-reach areas. Even though it does require more power than other portable vacuum cleaners, it’s a great choice if your car is now the home of hard-to-deal-with dirt and garbage.

7. J&J Multi-Functional Vacuum Cleaner JK-8

8. J&J Multi-Functional Vacuum Cleaner JK-8

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱972

Washable Filter Offers Cost Efficiency

There are vacuum cleaners on the market that require you to replace the filter once it’s deemed unusable. However, all you have to do with the filter of this unit is to clean it to use it again.

It’s not the most powerful car vacuum cleaner on the market, but it can still get rid of most dust, dirt, and small debris. This unit is great for you if you no longer want to be troubled by replacing vacuum filters once it gets really dirty.

6. Rechargeable Car Vacuum Cleaner JK-008

7. Rechargeable Car Vacuum Cleaner JK-008

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱748.60

Cordless Operation Presents Excellent Ease of Use

Many car vacuum cleaners on the market offer a wired operation, but this cleaning tool presents a cordless way of getting rid of dust, dirt, and debris. It packs a rechargeable battery that allows 6 to 8 hours of continuous use per full charge.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have plenty of attachments and accessories included in the package. Still, you can get this model if the idea of not being restricted by a cord with a finite length pleases you.

5. Dyson V7 Trigger Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

6. Dyson V7 Trigger Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱21,500

A Powerful All-in-One Beast of a Portable Vacuum Cleaner

This compact vacuum cleaner has 15 cyclones working together to suck up dirt and debris as small as 0.1 microns. There’s even a Max Power button to boost its sucking power beyond its limits for hard-to-remove dirt and stains.

All that power does come with a very expensive price tag. However, if you want total cleanliness for your car, home, and other areas, and if you don’t mind the heft in its price then this is the vacuum cleaner for you.

4. Goodyear Car Vacuum Cleaner GDY2110

5. Goodyear Car Vacuum Cleaner GDY2110

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱1,999

Low Noise Operation for Peaceful Cleaning

One problem area for many car vacuum cleaners is the loud noises they make while they suck dirt off of surfaces. This vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, has a low noise motor so you can still hear your smartphone ringing while you’re sucking dirt off of your car’s seats.

It also comes with a cyclone suction power for those hard-to-deal pieces of dirt. If only it had more accessories then it would become even better than what it currently offers. Still, it’s an excellent option if you don’t want loud noises coming from some vacuum cleaners.

3. Shopvac Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 202-05

4. Shopvac Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 202-05

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱3,150

Power Comes in a Large Package

Unlike many car vacuum cleaners on the market, this unit delivers a maximum 1,100 watts of suction power. However, it does require more power than your average portable car vacuum cleaner to operate so it requires you to plug it into a wall outlet.

It’s larger than other car vacuum cleaners so storage might become a problem for some. Nonetheless, if you want the necessary power to eliminate those hard-to-clean pieces of garbage and stains, then this can become the next item on your shopping list.

2. OEM Cordless Wet Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

2. OEM Cordless Wet Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱1,130

Easily Clean Your Car and This Vacuum Cleaner

It can become tough to clean a vacuum cleaner after you’ve used it a lot; thankfully this model allows you to disassemble its part for easy cleaning and storage. It even comes with enough accessories to suck dirt, debris, and wet stains from nooks and crannies.

However, there are other models on the market that carry more sucking power even at this price point. Nonetheless, it’s a decently-priced unit for users who want to assure they always use a clean vacuum cleaner for optimum efficiency.

1. Willkey Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

1. Willkey Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Visit Shopee for more details

Price: ₱592

Flexibility Defined

The market offers many car vacuum cleaners, but many models don’t offer a flexible extension tube. That’s where this vacuum cleaner comes in. It has a flexible extension tube to help get rid of dust, dirt, debris, and wet stains from small crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

The package even comes with a decent amount of accessories like a hair brush, two flat nozzles of different sizes, and a hose joint. If you’re troubled by cleaning tight or uniquely-angled areas in your car, then this product is for you.

Points to Consider When Cleaning Car Interiors

Randomly using a car vacuum cleaner won’t help you get rid of all the dirt, debris, and garbage inside your vehicle. Now, we’re going to take a look at some common overlooked points when cleaning car interiors. You can always refer to this guide to help you get the most out of your car vacuum cleaner.

A Car Vacuum Cleaner Can Only Do So Much

A Car Vacuum Cleaner Can Only Do So Much

There are some dirt and stains that a car vacuum cleaner can’t suck. For instance, eliminating garbage stuck between small spaces is easy, but removing dirt found on the dashboard or door lining can prove to be a difficult task for the device.

Don’t depend too much on your car vacuum cleaner for every cleaning task for your vehicle. Don’t forget to use other cleaning materials at your disposal for a car that will always look like it just came out of the store.

Don’t Forget to Check the Seat Gaps

Don't Forget to Check the Seat Gaps

Small food particles, paper, dust, dirt, and other debris can get stuck between the gaps in your car’s seats. When cleaning these areas with your vacuum cleaner, make an opening so the device can effectively suck up the dust and other garbage. You can use a gap nozzle to make this cleaning process easy.

Don’t Forget the Area Underneath the Floor Mat

Don't Forget the Area Underneath the Floor Mat

Just because you don’t readily see it doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean it, especially if that area in question is the gap between the floor mat and the floor.

Even food crumbs can enter this gap, and if left alone for too long the spoiled food crumbs can breed odour-causing bacteria. So don’t forget to check this area of your car during your vacuuming session for your vehicle.

Check the Areas Beneath the Driver’s Seat

Check the Areas Beneath the Driver's Seat

You might not notice it immediately, but dirt and garbage tend to collect underneath the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Even if it looks troublesome, you should move the seats to help cleaning become easy. Cleaning the back seats tend to be easier than cleaning the front seats, so most of your effort in this regard should focus on the driver’s and passenger’s seats.


We tailored our guide and list to help our readers choose the best car vacuum cleaners on the Philippine market. The listed items were chosen for their user-friendliness, accessibility, price, and number of features.

Don’t hesitate to go back to this page should you need assistance in looking for the right vacuum cleaner for your car.

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