Top 7 Best Baby Cribs to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

2. Joie Commuter Change & Snooze

Baby cribs are an indispensable item when it comes to raising a child. At a time when the baby’s growth and health are important, they need a safe and comfortable place to sleep. That’s why choosing a good baby crib is important.

Not all baby cribs are created the same, so we’ve prepared this guide to help you pick out the best baby crib for you and your child.

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How to Choose a Baby Crib in the Philippines – Buying Guide

Your baby’s safety and comfort are of top priority, so we’ll be tackling what specifications you need to check and what features to look out for in a baby crib.

Choose the Size of a Crib According to How Much Space You Have

Check Your Room and Choose the Size

The most common crib sizes are 120x70cm (regular size) and 90x60cm (mini size). You probably already know this, but you need to check how much space you have in the room where you plan to use it, and then choose a crib from there.

Both sizes can accommodate babies up to 24 months, but at 4 months old, the smaller size might be a little cramped for babies that start to toss and turn. Keep in mind that choosing a smaller size might mean that you won’t be able to use it for a long time.

Choose a Crib that Makes Child Care Easier

Of course, you do need to prioritize your baby’s comfortability in choosing a crib, but also make sure to choose a crib with features that will help make your life easier.

Crib with Wheels: Move Around Your House with Ease

Move Around the Room with "Wheeled Cribs"

A crib that will let you move around the house while the baby sleeps will come in very handy. It allows you to keep your baby in sight even while you do other chores around the house. You won’t need to rush to another room when your baby cries for you and you’ll be able to check on your baby regularly.

Height Adjustability for Easy Diaper Changing and Co-Sleeping

"Adjustable Height" to Prevent Back Pain and for Co-Sleeping

Babies will need diaper changes quite frequently, so to make life easier for you, we recommend getting a crib with an adjustable height. Basically, these are cribs in which you can adjust the mattress’ position to move it closer to you or the floor. Many moms suffer from back pain from trying to reach down, so a height adjustment will help lessen the burden on your lower back.

When your baby starts to toss and turn, make sure to lower the height of the mattress to prevent any accidents. There are also cribs with mattresses that you can lower down to the floor and railings that you can change, so you can use them even until your baby starts to stand up. If you can find a crib that can be set to the same height as your bed, it will also let you co-sleep.

Convertible Cribs that You Can Later Use as a Playpen, Desk, etc.

Convertible Cribs that You Can Later Use as a Playpen, Desk, etc.

There are some baby cribs that can still be used even after your child has grown. These cribs, with a little adjustment, can turn into a playpen, desk, storage rack, etc. Baby cribs don’t come cheap, but if you choose the right one it can serve as a great investment.

Foldable Cribs for Easy Storage and Portability

Foldable Cribs for Storage and Portability

There are cribs that can be folded into a compact size, without having to disassemble them. Foldable cribs are easier to store, plus there’s no risk of losing any parts. These are great for families planning to have more than one baby as you can store them while they’re not in use and just take them out when needed.

It’s also more convenient if you plan on moving or going on trips with your baby.

Top 7 Best Baby Cribs to Buy Online in the Philippines

Let’s take a look at the best baby cribs you can find online.

7. Goodbaby New Zealand Pine Cribs

7. Goodbaby New Zealand Pine Cribs

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱9,999

Use the Bottom as a Storage Area or Detach the Mattress to Use it as a Playpen

This classic wooden crib has a simple but stylish thanks to its high-quality New Zealand pine wood. It has two levels, with one of them being detachable so you can turn it into a playpen. On the other hand, if you don’t detach it, you can use the bottom part as a storage area for your baby’s things.

Size 118 x 68 x 96 cm Foldable No
Capacity 30 lbs Height Adjustment Yes
Features Co-sleeper, Playpen Wheels 4

6. Baby Trend Play Yard Nursery Center Playpen Floral

6. Baby Trend Play Yard Nursery Center Playpen Floral

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱2,999

Baby Crib with a Mobile to Keep Your Baby Entertained

This baby crib has a built-in mobile with 3 plush toys, so you won’t have a problem keeping your baby entertained. You can also use this crib as a playpen by detaching the bassinet. The mesh sides make sure there’s good ventilation, so your child can breathe easily.

Size 100 x 70 x 70 cm Foldable Yes
Capacity 30 lbs Height Adjustment No
Features Playpen Wheels 2

5. Sweet Multi-Function Wooden Crib

5. Dream Cradle Sweet Multi-Function Wooden Crib - Adam

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱8,400

Multi-Function Crib that Converts to a Co-Sleeper, Rocker, Diaper Changing Station, or Desk

This crib has quite a lot of features packed into one. It comes with 4 wheels that you can lock in place or fold away to use the crib as a baby rocker. It has retractable sides, so you can use it as a co-sleeper or a diaper changing station. Your child can even use it as a desk once they grow up.

Size 104 x 60 x – cm Foldable No
Capacity Height Adjustment Yes
Features Co-sleeper, Desk, Rocker Wheels 4

4. Apruva Woodland Co-Sleeper Playpen PP 710

4. Apruva Woodland Co-Sleeper Playpen PP 710

Visit Lazada for more details

Visit The Baby Store PH for more details

Price: ₱3,900

Budget-Friendly Foldable Baby Crib that Comes with a Mosquito Net

Assembling this baby crib is easy! There’s even a youtube video available if you can’t seem to get the hang of it (just google the crib’s name). It also folds into a compact size, so you won’t have any problems storing it. You can use it as a co-sleeper or a playpen too! It comes in 4 colors, so you’ll surely be able to find something that’ll suit your baby.

Size 101 x 71 x 73 cm Foldable Yes
Capacity Height Adjustment No
Features Co-sleeper, Playpen Wheels 2

3. Little Green Baby Mini Bed

3. Little Green Baby Mini Bed

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱6,995

Simple Baby Crib that Can also Let You Co-Sleep with Your Baby

This minimalist baby crib is perfect for households with not a lot of space. It’s compact when assembled and even smaller when folded. It’s lightweight too, so you’d have no problem taking it with you on trips. It also lets you co-sleep with your baby by simply unzipping and folding one side down.

Size 93 x 57 x 87 cm Foldable Yes
Capacity Height Adjustment No
Features Co-sleeper Wheels

2. Joie Commuter Change & Snooze

2. Joie Commuter Change & Snooze

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱10,999.75

Put Your Baby to Sleep or Change their Diapers with Special Crib Toppers

This crib is a bit different from the rest on this list; instead of adjusting the main body of the crib to change its setup, this one comes with a diaper changer and a naptime topper that you can attach and detach anytime.

Size 106 x 70.5 x 80 cm Foldable Yes
Capacity 33 lbs Height Adjustment No
Features Changer & Naptime Toppers Wheels 2

1. Aprica Coconel Air

1. Aprica Coconel Air

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱14,999

Breathable Mesh Sides and Mattress for Ultimate Comfort

It’s no secret that Philippine summers are excruciatingly hot. This crib’s sides and mattress are made of breathable material to make sure your child does not feel stuffy. You can choose to set the mattress in the center for sleeping or on the bottom to use the crib as a playpen.

It also folds compact and comes with a travel bag you can easily take with you. What’s more; the mattress is machine washable, so you won’t have any trouble keeping it clean.

Size  104 x 74 x 95 cm Foldable Yes
Capacity 28 lbs Height Adjustment Yes
Features Playpen Wheels 2

Avoid Drop-Side Cribs for Safety Reasons

Avoid Drop-Side Cribs for Safety Reasons

Drop-side cribs are cribs in which you can adjust the height of the railing by sliding it up or down. In the US, manufacturing and selling drop-side cribs have already been banned because of safety risks. The mechanism can malfunction causing a gap between the mattress and the side rail where a baby can get stuck and suffocate.

Although in the Philippines, there is no definite law that forbids it, so there are some drop-side cribs that are still available. Be sure to check how the railings of your crib are adjusted and make sure they don’t slide down.


A good night’s sleep is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and it’s no doubt that choosing the right baby crib is essential for you and your baby. Remember that your baby’s safety always comes first!

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