Top 7 Best Dehumidifiers to Buy Online in the Philippines 2019

Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers to Buy Online in the Philippines 2018

When rainy season hits, humidity levels rise like a flood during a storm. Philippine weather is already very humid, so owning a dehumidifier will help protect your clothes from smelling musty and your things from getting moldy.

But with different brands and models to choose from, it can prove challenging. To help you, we’ve prepared a few guidelines to make sure you choose the right one for your home. We’ve also included a list of some of the best dehumidifiers online, so make sure to check that out.

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How to Choose a Dehumidifier in the Philippines – Buying Guide

Different types of dehumidifiers each serve a different purpose.

Choose the Type Based on the Season and Place of Use

There are 4 types of dehumidifiers: compressor, the desiccant, hybrid, and Peltier type. Find out what makes each of them unique to determine which one will suit your needs best.

Compressor Dehumidifier for the Summer and Rainy Season

Compressor Dehumidifier for the Summer and Rainy Season

The hotter the weather, the more effective a compressor dehumidifier. Compressors humidifiers take in hot humid air and condense it on cool metal coils. These tend to be bulky and noisy, so you might want to think twice about where to place it.

Disposable, Rechargeable, and Full-Size Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant Dehumidifier: Rooms Tend to Get Warmer When in Use, So They're Best for the Ber Months

There are different types of desiccant dehumidifiers. First, there’s the disposable desiccant humidifier which uses silica gels to absorb moisture from the air. It’s used for tiny spaces like a kitchen cupboard or closet. They have to be thrown out once they’re full of water.

Then there’s the rechargeable desiccant dehumidifier which functions similarly to the disposable type, except that once it’s full it can be recharged and used again. Although this type doesn’t need electricity to function, it will have to be plugged it for you to recharge it.

The last type is the full-size consumer grade desiccant dehumidifier that sucks in the air, heats it up, and cools it down to take out the moisture. It has the tendency to warm up a room, so it’s best used for the cooler ber-months. It also uses up more electricity than the compressor type, so keep this in mind.

Hybrid Dehumidifier for Use it All Year Round

Hybrid Dehumidifier for Use it All Year Round

Hybrid dehumidifiers combine the benefits of a compressor and a desiccant dehumidifier. You can use this all year round and in any place. It uses a compressor, so it’s a bit bulky and can be pricey. It’s extremely convenient though, so we’d recommend it if you can afford the splurge.

Peltier Dehumidifiers: Compact and Silent But Not as Powerful as the First Two

Peltier Dehumidifiers: Compact and Silent But Not as Powerful as the First Two

Peltier dehumidifiers are smaller, so are used to dehumidify smaller parts of a room like a closet or a cabinet.

They use a Peltier type cooling device similar to that found in computers, which makes it less effective than compressor or hybrid dehumidifiers. They’re also small enough to take on-the-go.

Get a Dehumidifier with a Coverage Area Suitable for Your Space

Get a Dehumidifier with a Coverage Area Suitable for Your Space

All dehumidifiers have the coverage area they can dehumidify. Smaller sized 4-6L dehumidifiers are best for 20-25 sqm rooms, while larger 6-8L ones are best for 25-30 sqm rooms.

Though you need to remember that concrete rooms and wooden rooms will have different effects on a dehumidifier’s performance. Wooden rooms tend to reduce its performance by 50%, cutting the actual coverage area in half.

For those who hang their laundry inside the house, it would be best to choose the product with a larger coverage area than the said room.

Get a Dehumidifier with a Coverage Area Suitable for Your Space

Get a Dehumidifier with a Coverage Area Suitable for Your Space

A dehumidifier collects the moisture it draws out from the air into a tank. These tanks can have different capacities, which means the larger the tank, the less frequent you have to throw the water away.

Once a tank fills up, the dehumidifier stops operating. If you plan on using a dehumidifier while you’re asleep or out of the house, then make sure to get a dehumidifier with a large tank. Do take note that dehumidifiers with bigger tanks will be heavier and bulkier. Some models are designed with a hose to help you easily drain the water from the tank.

Choose a Dehumidifier with a Tank and Filter that’s Easy to Clean

Get a Dehumidifier with a Coverage Area Suitable for Your Space

Just like an air purifier, a dehumidifier should be cleaned once every 2 weeks. More specifically, you will need to clean its filter and tank, so make sure to select a model with an easy to remove filter and tank.

Mold can grow quickly inside dehumidifiers, so pay careful attention. There are dehumidifiers with an auto clean function, but these will be more expensive.

Look for Additional Features According to Your Needs

Dehumidifiers can also come with extra features to help make your life easier. Let’s look at some of them.

Clothes Drying Function for Hanging Laundry Indoors

Clothes Drying Function for Hanging Laundry Indoors

It’s especially difficult to do your laundry during the rainy season. It’s unbelievably humid and cloudy, so it’s almost impossible to dry your clothes. Some dehumidifiers offer this specific function that not only sucks out the moisture in the air but also blows air towards your clothes to help it dry quickly.

Drying clothes indoors can also cause a stuffy smell. Some humidifiers can also come with an option that keeps bacteria from multiplying, thus keeping the smell at bay.

Auto Shut-Off or Timer Feature for Busy Individuals

Auto Shut-Off or Timer Feature for Busy Individuals

Dehumidifiers with a fully automatic mode can automatically detect the humidity levels in a room and work accordingly. Those with a night operation mode can work quietly so as not to disturb your sleep.

If you’re busy to turn off your appliances, then make sure to get one with an auto shut-off function or timer. Lastly, to be able to take advantage of these features, make sure a dehumidifier is easy to operate.

Top 7 Dehumidifiers to Buy Online in the Philippines

Let’s now take a look at some of the top humidifiers available online.

7. AIRPLUS 2.5L Home Air Semiconductor Dehumidifier

10. AIRPLUS 2.5L Home Air Semiconductor Dehumidifier

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱3,889

Doubles as an Air Purifier Using UV & Anion Technology

This affordable dehumidifier operates quietly which makes it perfect for any room. It’s durable and strong against impact thanks to its anti-skid rubber pads. It also has a large air outlet and a photocatalyst filter that cleans the air that passes through.

Type Peltier Coverage Area
Tank Capacity 2.5L Extra Features UV & Anion Technology

6. Dorosin Dehumidifier Ionizer DR-680

4. Dorosin Dehumidifier Ionizer DR-680

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱62,450

A Low Maintenance Dehumidifier with a Built-in Pump

This dehumidifier has a built-in pump which can pump the water upward to drain out a sink or a window, so you won’t have to keep emptying its tank. It can operate in cold or warm temperatures (5-38 degrees), plus it has an adjustable humidity control ranging from 30%-90%.

Type Compressor Coverage Area 70-200sqm
Tank Capacity 7.5L Extra Features Pump

5. Unbranded Wireless Home Office Dehumidifier

7. Unbranded Wireless Home Office Dehumidifier

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱1,378

Mini Dehumidifier that Doesn’t Need Electricity to Operate

This affordable and compact humidifier is perfect for small spaces like your office desk. It uses silica gels that can absorb up to 250mL of moisture from the air. Once it’s filled up (around 1-2 months), you’ll need to plug it in to recharge it.

Type Desiccant Coverage Area
Tank Capacity 250mL Extra Features Wireless

4. Evergreen Co Household Dehumidifier

6. Evergreen Co Household Dehumidifier 

Visit Shopee for more details

Price: ₱11,530

Whisper Quiet Operation Great for Bedrooms or Small Offices

This mid-sized dehumidifier can remove up to 10L of moisture in a day. It also has a number of safety features to make sure your device is kept in tip-top shape. It turns off automatically when its tank is full and it has a 3-minute delay start function to protect its compressor.

Type Compressor Coverage Area 15-20sqm
Tank Capacity 1.5L Extra Features Auto Shut-Off

3. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Dehumidifier

5. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Dehumidifier

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱2,900

Wireless Dehumidifier with Silica Gels that Turn Pink at 100% Saturation

This dehumidifier uses renewable silica gels that adsorb the moisture in the air without needing batteries or electricity, but you will need to plug it in to recharge it. You’ll know it needs a recharge when the silica changes into a pink color. You’ll need to do this roughly every 2-4 weeks.

Type Desiccant Coverage Area 4.5sqm
Tank Capacity Extra Features

2. AUGIENB Mini Portable Electric Dehumidifier

2. AUGIENB Mini Portable Electric Dehumidifier

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱2,264

Inexpensive Dehumidifier with a Clothes Drying Function

This dehumidifier can remove up to 300mL of water in the air, so you’ll have to empty the tank every other day. It also has an overflow sensor that makes sure to shut-off the device once its at full capacity. It’s compact, saves space, and is perfect for out-of-town trips.

Type Peltier Coverage Area 20sqm
Tank Capacity 700mL Extra Features Clothes Drying, Auto Shut-Off

1. Ivation Powerful Dehumidifier IVADM45

1. Ivation Powerful Dehumidifier IVADM45

Visit Lazada for more details

Price: ₱11,074

Convenient Humidistat to Make Sure Humidity Levels are Kept Low

This dehumidifier allows you to set your desired RH (relative humidity) level, so the machine can turn on once the RH levels in the room go over your settings. Its tank is transparent, so you’ll know exactly when to empty it out. It also has a built-in handle, which makes it easy to transfer to other rooms or spaces.

Type Peltier Coverage Area 3sqm
Tank Capacity 2L Extra Features Auto Humidistat

Save Electricity by Turning Your Humidifier On and Off as Needed

Turn On/Off from Frequently to Save Electricity - Try to Use it in Combination with Air-Con!

If you’re worried about your electricity bill, never leave it turned on for long periods and only use the device when needed–especially if you’re using the desiccant type as this consumes much more electricity. You can also use the timer to effectively lessen your electricity consumption.


Dehumidifiers can be convenient to have at hand especially in a humid country like the Philippines. You won’t have to worry about your books turning brown or your closet smelling funky. Just make sure to check whether or not your dehumidifier’s specifications match your needs.

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