Jessica's 10 CrossFit Starter Pack Essentials

Jessica's 10 CrossFit Starter Pack Essentials

Actress, TV Commercial Model, CrossFit AthleteJessica Marco

Former full-time actress that was turned into a full-time CrossFit Athlete cos of the pandemic. A huge fan of consistently making herself better by doing the sport. Always willing to try the difficult things and polishing movements by training everyday.

I know that just by mentioning the word "CrossFit," it somehow comes off intimidating, but I promise you, no matter what your fitness level is, you will learn to love this sport. The workout for each day is diverse and unpredictable, which makes it fun and exciting. What I love more about CrossFit and its classes is that no matter what age group you belong to, you are very welcome to participate. 

Movements are being modified or as we call it, “scaled down”, depending on your fitness level, thus not making you feel left out and adjusting to your own capabilities. As you become stronger, workouts become more challenging and because of this, you are more motivated to train even harder. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move toward your fitness goals.

I used to be that girl who had zero knowledge about lifting weights or even exercising. After trying out a session at Avant-Garde (CrossFit Box), it forever changed the fitness game for me. I became more disciplined and motivated because I was eager and excited enough to learn and start doing what the other CrossFit athletes were doing. I even considered joining a competition. 

I never realized working out could be so much fun until I came across CrossFit. Without further ado, let me share with you the essentials when starting out with the best exercise in the world. 

  • Last updated: 03-31-2021
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Jessica Marco's mybest

Boom TwinsFitness Coaching Program

From ₱1,200

RPMRope Session 4.0

From ₱4,700

ReebokNano X Training Shoes for Women

Cold Grey

From ₱5,836

All Out Hex Dumbbells 1

All OutHex Dumbbells

From ₱2,998

Carbon Comp Grips 3holeBear Komplex

From ₱3,600

Harbinger5 Inches Foam Core Belt

From ₱1,599

DMN8 Active Lifestyle Wear Freedom Shorts

From ₱750

Jessica Marco's mybest Summary

CrossFit isn't just about losing weight, and that's just one of the great parts about it. It's an actual recognized sportーyou master different Olympic weightlifting movements, at the same time, learn gymnastics and perform high-intensity workouts. 

Another notable and probably one of the most important aspects of this sport is the community. I gained a lot of friends who are equally passionate about unlocking new skills or finding your personal bests on different movements. Everybody here loves to motivate their fellow athletes to become stronger. You will get a lot of encouragement, cheers, and even tears, all the while finishing the workout. 

With these in mind, I would like to share a quote from BoJack Horseman - “Every day it gets a little easier...but you gotta do it every day̶ thatʼs the hard part. But it does get easier.” I fought through all the muscle pains and the ripped palms but still continued with the workouts, and it made me into a brand new person. 

I am a tiny girl who can now do back squats with 155 lbs weights while weighing 116 lbs. Talk about the strength that I never knew I had if I did not try this sport!  

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