Erika's Top 10 Pet Care Essentials

Erika's Top 10 Pet Care Essentials

Your pets are a part of your family and just like any member of your household. As a pet owner and lover, Erika (@erikakristensen) is sure that you would also want your pooch or your feline to have and experience only the best. 

For this reason, Erika came up with this budget-friendly (nothing over Php1,000) list to help you give your pets what they deserve or to kickstart your preparation if you're planning to welcome one to your family!

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Erika Kristensen
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  • Hateli
    Pet Fan

    Erika Kristensen

    This is the fan that I bought for my furry babies. I set it on the floor where my pets can enjoy it, and it does the job well by keeping them cool during hot weather. It is also small and portable, so I can place this wherever they are.

    Living in the Philippines, the sun is always out to get us, and our pets are not an exception to that, too. It's important to have a fan that is especially for them because a lot of pets suffer heatstroke easily, and of course, we don't want that. 

    The body of this fan is made of plastic, plus the holes are not big enough for your pets to reach inside, resulting in injury. Based on my experience, I would say that this fan is safe to use.

  • Interplas
    Cat Scratcher

    Erika Kristensen

    Naturally, cats love to scratch, and they do it for many reasonsー to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and scent, and stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws. 

    Whatever the reason is, it's very important to have something that they can freely scratch on. Otherwise, they may find somewhere else to do it on, such as your couch or other pieces of furniture! This is where a scratch tower comes in handy. 

    This scratch tower is a great find because it definitely minimized scratches on our furniture, and the fuzzy toy ball it came with kept my cats entertained

  • Virbac
    Nutriplus Gel

    Erika Kristensen

    Any good vet will always recommend to a pet owner to include multivitamins in their pet's diet. There are thousands of supplements that you can purchase; of course, it's always best to consult your pet's vet for this, but the Virbac Nutriplus Gel was the one that worked for me and my pets. 

    It was so easy to give them their daily dose because my dog enjoys the taste, and my cats love the texture of the gel. A trick that I learned is that if you essentially have a hard time giving this to your pets, put the product on your pet's paws. Naturally, they'll lick it off, resulting in them consuming the supplement!

  • Paws Up
    Dog and Cat Nail Clipper with LED Light

    Erika Kristensen

    It's so important to maintain your pet's hygiene which includes their nails! Overgrown nails can result in hurting your pets and other humans, too, so it's best if you keep their claws in good length and shape.

    Our pets' nails grow fairly fast, so I highly recommend you learn how to take care of it yourself. There's a proper way of cutting your pet's nails, and a quick search on Google or YouTube will give you plenty of resources. You should study it very carefully, otherwise, they might get hurt!

    This specific nail clipper will help you cut your pet's nails easily and comfortably because it has an LED light attached to it. Remember that when cutting nails, you must see what you're working with clearly to avoid any mishaps. 

  • Bioline
    Ear Care for Dogs and Cats

    Erika Kristensen

    A lot of pet owners overlook ear maintenance in their fur babies. You'd be surprised at how dirty their ears can get! In worst cases, they may also be a breeding place for bugs, so it's important to check and clean your pet's ears every few weeks.

    I love this product because it effectively cleans the ears of both my cats and my dog. A huge plus is that it is also very easy to use! All you need to do is put a few drops into the outer ear, and you and your pets are ready to go!

  • Pet Bed

    Erika Kristensen

    The perfect bed for your fur baby highly depends on their preference and their personality, too! As for my dog and my two cats, they all love a cozy place to sleep on.

    The bed that suits them is one where they can snuggle and rest their neck onto, which is why they love this bed! The fabric of the bed keeps them warm, and the cushion is very soft to sleep in. I'm sure that this is one of the most comfortable pet beds out there! 

  • Cindy's Recipe
    Bentonite Cat Litter Sand

    Erika Kristensen

    I love this brand so much, and out of all the cat litters I have tried, I keep coming back to this brand because of how great they smell! My favorite scent is definitely the Coffee! 

    Over time, the cat's pee will smell a little bit like acid, which may be strong on the nose, so it's better to get a cat litter that is scented as compared to the regular ones. I find this cat litter to be quick-absorbent, and it clumps really good for easier litterbox management.

  • 20-Piece Pet Cat Toy Combination Various Toy Sets

    Erika Kristensen

    Cats are naturally athletic, so it's important for them to get their daily exercise, especially if they just stay indoors. Invite them to play with the feather teaser or the toy stick, and you definitely have hours of fun together.

    If you're busy or won't be at home, cats can easily entertain themselves, too! Just leave them the spring toys, balls, and mice toys for them to play with. This complete set will surely be your cat's perfect playtime companion.

  • Flexi
    Retractable Dog Leash

    Erika Kristensen

    I personally think that it's better to invest in a retractable dog leash than a regular one because it will make walking easier for both you and your dog

    This specific dog leash has a 5m cord leash. This is suitable for dogs that weigh up to a maximum of 120 lbs. It's comfortable and has a short-stroke braking system. I highly suggest you pair this leash up with a harness instead of a regular collar for extra security.

  • Pet Fur and Lint Remover

    Erika Kristensen

    Of course, as a pet owner, expect that you and your home will be covered with lots and lots of fur! This is nothing to be afraid of, though, because there's a simple solution to that, and it is this product! 

    I love this because it is non-adhesive, and it doesn't have a sticky tape design, which is great for the environment and your wallet because you don't have to constantly have it refilled! This was an easy "add-to-cart" for me because there were many positive reviews about it, too.