Trina's 10 Useful Home Organization Finds from Shopee

Trina's 10 Useful Home Organization Finds from Shopee

I love organizing things. Although I am not yet at Marie Kondo’s level, I am still happy to bring out my creativity whenever I have to sort, arrange, and design things inside my home.

This is why I am fond of buying products that put things in order as it relaxes and calms my mind to see our place tidy and clean. It’s true what they sayーtidy room, tidy mind. On top of this, having a clear space is also a form of self-care that encourages me to declutter and keep everything in its rightful space.

Here are the affordable products that help me keep our space organized.

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Trina Candaza
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  • Multi-Function Space Aluminum Blower Frame

    Trina Candaza

    This product made my life easier whenever I have to get ready to go out because I don't need to ramble around my hair tools anymore. Now that my tools are organized, I don’t have to struggle in unplugging, folding the wires, and keeping them in the drawer each time I have to use them. 

    I like that this is very sturdy and compatible with almost all types of hair dyers. Installing or mounting this on the wall is fairly easy, too! Just note that you'll have to drill holes. 

  • Sink Drain Rack

    Trina Candaza

    Right off the bat, the first thing you'll most likely notice about this in-sink drainer is that it comes in different eye-pleasing colors that will definitely make a statement in your kitchen sink! 

    This item is especially helpful for when I wash baby bottles, toys, and feeding necessities like plates, cups, and spoons, that my daughter, Mithi, uses. But aside from that, I also use this to wash and drain fruits and vegetables.

    This in-sink drainer is retractable, so you can easily adjust it depending on the size of your sink. It is also made from a thick plastic material that is non-toxic and heat-resistant up to 230°C

  • Stainless Steel Sponge Holder

    Trina Candaza

    If you're still using a plastic sponge holder in your kitchen sink, check out this one that's made of stainless steel. It is small, sleek, and non-bulky, which is a huge plus for space-saving. It is also corrosion

    Unlike most sponge holders that come with a suction cup, this one has a sturdy adhesive which makes it easier to stick on any surface. The use of this item is not just limited to a sponge holder! This can also be used to organize other everyday items that you wish to hang.

  • Baseus
    Cable Clip Organizer

    Trina Candaza

    Tangled wires can be an eyesore, and not to mention, they can also be one of the reasons for decreased productivity level or even small accidents. This is why a cable organizer is a handy item to have in our homes.

    What I like about this product is its self-adhesive surface, which lets you stick it virtually anywhere! Be it on the side or top of your desk or on the walls. Each pedestal can accommodate up to 3 wires, plus, it is also compatible with different-shaped wires like flat, round, or braided ones.

  • Toilet Seat Lifter

    Trina Candaza

    This, surprisingly, was an instant add-to-cart item. One of the most shared spaces in our home is the toilet, so to keep it clean and to protect the hands from germs, this toilet seat lifter is a handy tool.

    My husband always lifts the toilet seat when he pees (don't worry, he washes his hands afterward!). But now that we have this nifty item, he doesn't need to touch the toilet seat anymore, which makes it more sanitary.

    Installing this is a breeze, too, since you only need to peel the adhesive cover and stick it to the bottom of the toilet seat. 

  • Towel Holder

    Trina Candaza

    I recommend this wall-mounted self-adhesive towel holder for those who have a small space in their sink area. Just like in our bathroom which has a narrow space beside the mirror, this tiny holder fits perfectly and leaves extra space for other essentials to fit in

    This can also be used in the kitchen and any other area where you need to mount different types of towels such as tea towels, hand towels, bath towels, clothing, and more.

  • Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Hook

    Trina Candaza

    Thanks to this self-adhesive stainless steel hook, our bathroom is now more organized! I like that there's no need to drill holes on the wall because this has a very durable adhesive. You can count on it even if it gets soaked with water.

    I personally use this to hang our body scrubbers so that it's easily accessible and it also helps the scrubbers dry out, ready for next use. This can be virtually used anywhere in the house that needs some organization. For example, you can use this in the kitchen to hang your pots, ladles, and spatulas, or use this in your room to hang bags, caps, and more. 

  • Rechargeable Removable LED Light Magnet Adhesive

    Trina Candaza

    Here’s a rechargeable light that you can literally stick on any surface! It is very convenient because you don’t have to plug it in all the time, which makes for a more organized space because of the absence of wires

    You can use this in your study or work area for a properly lit space, you can put this beside your bed and use it as a night light, or even bring this for outdoor activities like camping! Another cool thing about this is that you can switch the light color from white to warm and also adjust its brightness.

    Ultimately, I would say that this purchase was a great steal! Not only is it affordable but it is also very functionalーit was a very useful item for us during power outages!

  • Kalia
    Jewelry Stand

    Trina Candaza

    Hello, team white and wood! This jewelry stand will blend in perfectly with any minimalist interior design. It is also very convenient because you can now effortlessly leave your jewelry without having to open or close lids. 

    I placed this in our bathroom so that I can take off my accessories before washing my face or taking a shower. This also saved me from misplacing my precious jewelry! I also recommend using this for storing or organizing other small items that you need on the go such as keys.

  • Handwoven Gallon Cover

    Trina Candaza

    This beautiful gallon cover will beautifully hide the unappealing blue water containers that ruin the vibe of interiors. 

    With this simple addition to your kitchen, you can instantly get an aesthetically pleasing look for your home, whether you are going for a boho, rustic, wood, or minimalist theme. It is also specially curated by architects and is made from pandan leaves.