Shyleena Herrera-Santos' Top 10 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

Shyleena Herrera-Santos' Top 10 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

Uncluttered, clean lines, simplicity, "less is better". These are some terms that immediately come to mind when thinking about minimalism. A minimalist design incorporates open spaces, lots of light, simple decorative accessories, and monochromatic color which is used as an accent. 

Shyleena Herrera-Santos' (@shyleenaherrera) list for a minimalist home interior is simple and straightforwardーcombining clean lines and natural materials with neutral tones of handmade objects.

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Shy Herrera-Santos
Kapampangan Chef, Mom Influencer
  • ilaw atbp.
    Single Drop Light

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Light is abundant in minimalism. I love how ilaw atbp's Scandinavian pendant lamps create ambiance, save space because of their modern minimalist design, and give off that beautiful lighting I have always wanted at home especially inside my kitchen and dining area. 

    There are many ways to utilize this. Depending on the purpose and the area you'll place this, you can use this as task lighting, accent lighting, or even ambient lighting. What's more, you can even use it as art! This is why these pendant lamps are at the top of my list!

  • béton planter
    Air Plant Kit in Collina Planter - Andreana

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    This Beton Air Plant with a unique ceramic holder can be placed literally anywhere inside the house! But I personally suggest putting this on your dining table, shelves, or on your work desk. 

    The resulting effect is to draw the eyes' attention to a beautiful space or to fill in some of the negative areas. What I love about Beton is that they have this kit that includes all needed care items for the air plant such as lava rocks, bottle spray, and plant care guide as well.

  • Plant Parenthood
    Stephania Erecta

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Plant minimalism brings out a sense of calmness and a little breathing space into your home. Like this little stunner, Stephania Erecta produces vertical-growing vines that are very thin with delicate dark green leaves, almost cartoonish, which adds to the plant's appeal. 

    If you find taking care of plants to be quite challenging, it might be a good idea to start with minimal care plants like Plant Parenthood's Stephania Erectas that can survive "neglection" fairly well. These are the perfect thriving plants for busy mommies like me!

  • Kandilarium
    Jumbo Jar Scented Candle

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    The perfect accessory to any home is these beautifully crafted scented candles! Who doesn't love a nice-smelling home? Kandilarium is all about carefully curated, 100% soy wax with no additive candles that boasts very fragrant and inviting scents.

    These are homemade and hand-poured with love! It comes in different sizes and relaxing scents like After Bath, Greentea+Peppermint, and my personal favorite, Fresh Bamboo. I normally light these candles after I use the kitchen to rid of any smell.

  • Serene Manila
    Kelia Mirror

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Illuminate the living room, kitchen, or even your bathroom with a frameless or minimal-framed mirror for a simple yet elegant interior. I love Serene Mnl because they give you the freedom to choose and customize your own mirror

    From the mirror's style, size, frame material, to the color, you can add your personal touch to it. I like that the mirrors are copper & lead-free and have machine-polished edges. Wooden stands are also available. These are great if you want to add accent and support for the mirror.

  • Minimalist Clay Pots

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Having the right clean-looking plant pots are ideal for a minimalist living space. Furn and Fern's matte finish pots and plants bring a sense of calm that so many are missing in their stressful life. 

    Their design combines form and function and follows the Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism philosophy. In general, Furn and Fern is an online local store for all your plants and curated interior. They are also accepting clients for green interior needs. 

  • Home22
    Scandinavian Folded Metal Shelf

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Warm up the Home22's Nordic shelf with a simple vine plant, a group of mementos for a fresh and functional wall, or with a good book that fills the space with just enough visual interest. 

    This minimalist Scandinavian shelf keeps the design of my wall light and casual to look at. You can also purchase a bunch of these and make an accent wall. 

  • Crate & Barrel
    Olind 23" Pillow Covers

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Throw pillow covers serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose in my bedroom or living room. They can also be used to give a more relaxed feeling by looking as though they were thrown onto a piece of furniture.

    These Crate & Barrel's neutral-colored pillow covers add a tasteful and stylish touch to my sofa. You could either just add one pillow or, better yet, layer them together to add more depth and color. The quality of these pillow covers is top-notch, and I love how that the fabric is beautifully crafted.

  • Pottery Barn Kids
    Moroccan Waves Rug

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Imagine lying down on a comfy rug while reading books to your child, wouldn't that be a perfect day? This rug for Pottery Barn Kids is the perfect companion for that! 

    This soft and cozy rug that's tufted from 100% cotton is the perfect choice for my daughter River Aletheia's room. I recommend this because the rug's minimal yet fun design also fits in with any decor inside the living room.
  • Arturo Arsega
    Artline Painting

    Shy Herrera-Santos

    Minimal lines and line art is an easy way to bring more trendy art into your home. This drawing can look simple to make but capturing the true essence of the shape in just one line can be quite a task

    I love how Arturo Arsega's style is very smooth, and you will hardly see any sharp turns. His work usually involves human faces and emotions caught in the intersection of lines and abstraction.